1987 to 1995 Automation Hatchback Championship(with BOP) [ FINISHED ]

The 1987 to 1995 Automation Hatchback Championship(with BOP)

Entries are open for a 5 race challenge.

This is an engineering and design competition, the designated driver(me) will drive all the cars in beamNg.

So what is it?


Starting in 1987, you are asked to design a model according to the rules below,

Then, I hotlap them in beamNG to simulate a race. This is round 1.

According to the end results I will apply BOP(balance of performance) bonuses or penalties to the top ⅖ and bottom ⅖ (will depend on number of entries). You will then facelift your car 2 years into the future(1989) and resubmit the .car file. Again I will drive them all on a different track and update the standings once again. And I guess you’re getting the picture…move 2 years into the future, receive a penalty or bonus and resubmit the car again…

This goes on for 5 rounds (1987, 89, 91, 93, 95) meaning you’ll need to make one model and 4 facelifts in total.

We’re doing the cars in the main branch now that Ellisbury has been finally released.

How it works:

  • Your team submits a car within the rules stated below.

  • Submit the .car file via DM and post a few pics on this thread to show off your car.

  • 5 tracks will be decided by the host and published.

  • 5 races(1987, 1989, 1991, 1993 and 1995) - hotlapping done by me

  • Don’t forget to name your car/team/brand/whatever.

  • Feel free to post as many pictures and text and whatnot about your car on this thread.

    • Important:
      • After each “race” you will be asked to facelift your car to the next race year and you will be given bonuses or penalties according to the finishing position of the current “race”

Submission Rules:

  • Model, Trim, Engine family and variant must be from the same year(1987)

  • Wheelbase must be between 1.9m to 3.0m (values inclusive)

  • Techpool should be set at 0 for everything except Body(should be 5)

  • Body types allowed: Hatchback

  • Engine must be placed in the front(longitudinal or transverse)

  • All quality sliders must be between -3 and +3

  • Speed Limiter must be None

  • Continuous gearbox is not allowed

  • No convertibles

  • It needs to look like a fully road legal hatchback with at least a basic interior(non opaque windows, seats, dashboard, steering wheel).

  • Not a deal breaker but please use automation world license plates.

  • Engine:

    • Max engine PU: 40
    • Max material cost: 1.2K
    • WES 6 compliant
    • Max Loudness: 50.5
    • Fuel type is Unleaded Premium (95 RON) and Ignition Timing Margin must be 0
    • If Turbo, Intercooler must not be 0
  • Trim:

    • Max material cost 4K
    • Min 2 full seats in front and 2 basic seats in the back
    • At least Standard interior and Basic AM Radio
    • Min Safety:35 and at least Standard 80s
    • Min drivability: 55
    • Min sportiness: 30
    • Min reliability: 65
    • Min Practicality: 45
    • Min comfort: 3
    • Max Service costs: 800
    • Max trim ET: 90
    • Max trim PU: 90
    • Aerodynamic fixtures must not be hidden. Wings, spoilers, etc.
    • Max Tire Width: 200(average if staggered)
    • No Race tires
    • No use of Advanced trim settings allowed except to move the engine position Y and Chassis Tunnel Size
    • Max 50 Kg of downforce at 150 km/h on each axle

The Bonuses and Penalties Thing:

  • There will be a list of bonuses and penalties.
    • These will be something like +100 on service cost, +5PU on engine, +5 on safety, can use race tires, -1K max trim cost, +100N downforce Limit, -3 engine loudness, Can use Ethanol, etc
    • There are two types of them:
      • Some are a tweak of the rules, like a different amount to use on trim cost for example. These are applied before full compliance with the rules
      • And others are things that get added after the .car is rule compliant, like use of better tires, different fuel, less seats, etc.


  1. Submissions closed: at least one week after rules are made final
  2. checking if all cars complied with the rules
  3. Round n(this will depend on number of cars and my own time availability
  • Driving the cars on the first track
  • Releasing the list of available penalties/bonuses
  • You submit the list with the penalties/bonuses desired
  1. 1 week to make a facelift with the penalty or bonus you received
  2. Repeat steps 3 and 4

The Driving:

  • First round will be Hirochi short. Other rounds will be in similar short asphalt tracks.
  • For this track I’m aiming at taking each car for 10 hotlaps, take the 5 best laps and average them. This will be your score for this round.
  • I’m not by far a pro sim driver, so yeah, you may yourself be able to get better lap results on your car than I do, but remember everyone is getting the same driver, me.
  • I do drive with a wheel and pedals and do race somewhat regularly on sims like assetto corsa, besides beamNg.

How to Submit:

  • name your model and engine as HBOP-trim or engine_name
  • make a post on this thread with some pics and a bit of description of the car(go all out with ads if you feel like it)
  • send the .car to me via dm

Current registrations list:

Facelifting rules:

For this step, we’re going to do it in the same way it happens in campaign mode. You can change anything except the body, chassis choices and engine family.

Choose clone car trim:

Choose close Trim and Variant:

You cannot change the model or the engine family(or use a different engine that the one you submitted on the previous round):

Don’t change anything on the above or below image

You can change anything that’s here bellow and on the engine variant pages:

including the model trim page(choosing a 3 door layout instead of a 5 door layout)

Don’t forget to advance the trim and variant year 2 years in the future and replace the newly generated ‘clone’ word in the trim and variant name by the year of the current round.

Round of 1991 available bonuses and penalties:

bonuses penalties
extra 500 for trim material cost minus 100 on trim material costs
extra 300 for trim material cost minus 250 on trim material costs
extra 150 for trim material cost minus 350 on trim material costs
+ 10 engine max loudness minus 4 engine max loudness
unlimited max loudness minus 8 engine max loudness

Current Standings:


There are no Dalluhan plates I’m aware of. I made this blank that you can use with custom materials, however. Make sure to download the full image (1024x256), not just the preview, for it to export properly.

ATS are way too restricted. Camber and rim diameter should be off-limits, full stop. Width, overall diameter, and offset should be allowed if already maxed-out in engineering. Ride height and wheelbase adjustments should be allowed to finetune rake and correct wheelwell centering. Everything else should be unrestricted.

Tire width is too narrow IMO.

Fewer rules minutiae in general would be preferable, but it’s not the end of the world.

Otherwise sounds good. I’ve got something sorta-ready.

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Is this not the Dalluha plates?


I was about to reply that they’re Archanan, due to the Cyrillic, but now for the first time I see Arabic there too. I don’t know, but apart from language clues, there’s no insignia or national markings of any kind on that plate.

let’s not get hung on the license plates, it’s a absolutely minor detail. Updated the rule text to automation world plates instead.

I was looking first at 210’s but there are two reason for going max 200:
it already makes it the most defining thing about the handling of the car. I would like the rest of the car to play a bigger role in the handling.
early 90’s hatchbacks did not come with tires so wide. The max on a late Saxo would be 195; normal would be 165. Same for for example the Honda Civic from the early 90’s

We’re not making race cars, it’s

FUN marketable cars that we end up taking to the race track.

ATS in my opinion should not be part of the game(if you want them, make them work with the whole game, not like a cheatcode). However since they’re there, I allow people to fix glitches related to the engine placement and that’s about it.

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ATS has no bearing on in-game stats but some parts do affect Beam exports. Other things (brake rotation, rim concavity) are pure esthetics and there is no reason to ban them. As for the former group, is it cheating if everyone’s allowed to do it? Or if there’s no way to do it in engineering? Engine longitudinal position is just one of many glitches that ATS can fix, yet it’s one of the ones that -is- engineerable (unlike vertical and lateral position). Why single it out?

Just to note the Archanan plate is in latin characters :wink: so Даллуъа and Arhana would be the appropriate renderings.

Before? Shouldn’t we have time to adjust after rule changes?

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Why haven’t you specified an ET limit for the engine?

lol, sorry, it’s after. That sentence of mine makes no sense at all. I meant to say after I set the rules as final there will be at least 1 week before deadline

I feel PU and material are already enough. I did not find while testing that ET makes much of a difference and I do not want to discourage engines with more than 4 cylinders

ok, just realized the last update really messed with the market scores after I was done testing them…that requirement will surely change as it seems nearly impossible now to achieve it

First major rule adjustment:

I replaced the market scores rules with these:


  • Min 2 full seats in front and 2 basic seats in the back
  • At least Standard interior and Basic AM Radio
  • Min drivability: 60
  • Min sportiness: 30
  • Min reliability: 65
  • Min Practicality: 45
  • Min comfort: 3

Also added that if engine is turbo, intercooler must not be 0.

Also changed challenge title since Dallula does not play a role in the competition anymore

Edit: Max Downforce has been increased to 50kg at 150 km/h

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After gathering feedback I’ve decided to lower the Min drivability requirement to 55.

Also a couple of clarifications:

  • Downforce max is per each axle. So you can have max 50kg on the front and 50kg on the rear.
  • If you decide to use a manual diff or 4x4, I will not be using them while driving the car on beam, so I strongly discourage you from using them.(not illegal since there were some cars from that time period that used them)

Tomorrow around 12GMT I’ll make the rules final, open up for submissions and set a submission deadline.

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Material cost limit is a little low imo.

Yeah, this ruleset seems way too restrictive. I’ve been trying to build a pretty generic FWD hot hatch for the last two hours and I keep running either over costs (both material and service) or under the minimum for stats.

Now, if you allowed techpool to be default +5 across the board, it would give enough leeway to meet all the rulings. Upping the costs or TP or lowering the minimums would likely make this challenge something people are capable of entering.

@Vento @Maverick74

It is supposed to be challenging. It may be difficult to find a way around sometimes but eventually you see there’s more than one way to approach this assignment.
And the way this challenge is set up, after the first round, the ones who did better will get even more difficult rules while the others will get more relaxed rules so remember it’s not a one hit wonder kind of thing. So far I’ve seen quite different approaches working but one thing is clear: one cannot have it all in one car and must make compromises in the design.

Relaxing rules would lead to the entries becoming more like race cars than fun hatches.

Does one have to enter at the round one, or can you jump in for subsequent rounds? And can you change cars between rounds?

At round one you enter the Car and Engine model. This is in 1987.

For the next rounds you will facelift the car and engine two years into the future at a time. At this point you are allowed(and expected) to make changes to the car.

In theory one could join midway but only if there are not many competitors, and I think there will be.

Submissions are open!

If you are planning on submitting let me know so I can get an early idea of how many competitors we will have


I’d like to if I get time :slight_smile:

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