(1990) 24 Hours of Automation - Race 2 Underway

*I still need a working copy of your cars.

(Depending on the amount of people that enter this, this may become a series)

The year is 1990. You and a couple of mates are watching the Le Mans races on TV, cars whizzing by the camera and all. You imagine yourself in the Jaguar XJR-12, flying down the Mulsanne Straight, twisting through the chicanes, then reality hits. You’re just a young lad who works for his Father’s shitty dealership. You and your mates get together and decide to start your own little endurance race with the clapped out cars in the back of your Father’s dealership. You use the little money and resources that you have and bring these cars back from the dead, and maybe even a little more.

[size=150]Basic Idea[/size]:
The whole concept of this race is fairly simple. You have a choice of two cars, the 1980 Solstice Buxton or the 1980 MM Carbon, both of which are *relatively* shit cars. You have $15000 and the total cost of the car that you chose will be deducted from your starting money of $15000. Which means that if you choose the Buxton, you're only going to have $9981.91, because the total cost of the Buxton is $5018.09 and if you choose the Carbon, you're only going to have $10032.77, because the total cost of it is $4967.23. You can use the money that you have remaining to do almost anything to the car...
The cars: <a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8c5aff082f7d675d2faa5907cebc578d8084322f.zip'>24 Hours of Automation.zip</a> (29.8 KB)
The Buxton will require the following grille: []( If you are unsure on how to install it, just ask.

The tracks will go as followed:
21th December: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve download/file.php?id=8306
22th December: Shanghai International Circuit download/file.php?id=8294
23th December: Silverstone download/file.php?id=6824
24th December: Green Hell download/file.php?id=4914
26th December: Circuit De La Sarthe (with chicanes, of course) download/file.php?id=6431
The results may not be on time on all 5 days, but patience is key. These circuits are radically different and you’re going to want to make your car good in all aspects and suitable for all tracks, not just for a particular one (though if you wanted to, I guess you could do that and hope for the best).
Credit to the people who made these tracks (07CobaltGirl, oldgreg, Der Bayer).

[size=150]Things You May and May Not Do:[/size]
You may:
Swap the engine out,
Modify the current engine,
Change anything you want in the "chassis" tab,
Change any of the fixtures,
Change the colour of the car,
Use positive and negative quality sliders,
Use modded fixtures,
Use engines from any year up to 1990, the car MUST stay in 1980.

You may NOT:
Modify the car with Lua and all that,
Re-make the car entirely (re-morph the car, in other words).

[size=150]Car rules:[/size]
You must have headlights, tail lights and fog lamps,
You must use standard 80s safety at the very least,
You are recommended to have at least 65 reliability, anything under will result in you having an extra 10 seconds per pit stop.
Pit stops will work like so:
Each pit stop will take 30 seconds (adds 30 seconds to your track time), and will be judged on your fuel economy (all units are in UK MPG),
<15 MPG = 5 pit stops
15-20 MPG = 4 pit stops,
21 - 25 MPG = 3 pit stops,
26 - 35 MPG = 2 pit stops,
36> MPG = 1 pit stop.

[size=150]How I expect you to send your car in:[/size]
Please send your car in using the following format:
Car you started out with:
Car nickname:
How much money you have left:
Nationality (doesn't have to be real):[/code]

[size=150]Naming your car:[/size]
Please name the car using the following format:

Username - Original car model name - Car nickname Example: Microwave - Buxton - V8

The deadline to enter your car is on the 20th of December at 23:59 (GMT), though this can be changed if it isn't enough.
If your car does not work on my computer or it does not conform to all the rules, I will tell you in advance.
If you want to send me an updated version of your car, feel free to do so before the 15th.

(Also, I would prefer if you didn’t post too many things revealing your power ratings and such in the thread.)

may want to add a link to the cars or attach the files to the post.


also as this is a endurance race should we have a high reliability? If we do not is there a penalty? What about the economy, will we be having pits added on to our time?

See, I’m stupid and this kind of stuff doesn’t occur to me when I’m writing the post :laughing:
I’ll change the restrictions.

It’s no problem, I like the concept. So there are to be strictly race cars with no thought of road going right?

Added a rule or two, read the “car rules” section.

Added a “tracks” section.

so question on how the costs work… we rebuild the car and the total cost figure has to be under 15k? Or is it that we pick a car and that the budget (total cost figure in the trim tab) has to be $15k MINUS the car’s price?

You’ve got 15 grand, choose which car you want to use and deduct the total cost of that car from your 15 grand, perhaps I’m making it sound complicated but it’s as simple as that :smiley:

Edit: I’m an idiot. You’ve got $15000, make sure your cars total cost isn’t any higher than that.

another challenge to keep my busy :mrgreen:

anyway,in case anyone have problem loading the solstice buxton,you can download the pyrlix4 grill here and unpack into your /assets/meshes/carparts/grilles folder

This is like 24hr of lemons. Awesome!

Now if only I could build a radial engine…

I have submitted my entry for this competition…

Introducing the 1980 MM Carbon Monte Carlo!!!

Tucked away in the back of my Dad’s dealership is this little gem. A direct import from Japan, the Monte Carlo was a homologation special built for the 1980 Monte Carlo Rally. :sunglasses:

It WAS going to be called the 24 Hours of LeMons, but it didn’t exist in 1990 soo yeeee
Also, I completely forgot about the modded grille on the Buxton! I’ll link it in the post.

Centauri has entered in our own unique style :wink:

Ardent is in. Probably a little less style and more “drunk bees coming from the tailpipe”.

Will check the entries after school :smiley:

Oh I didn’t muck with the buxton’s style much, just added the big tail pipe, a pair of huge air scoops to feed a very CPV style engine, and the wings needed to help out the adorably small and skinny tires.

I’m glad that I finally found a use for that car :smiley:

I am turning the Buxton Into a frankenstein with 4467 cc