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1991 Renault Clio 16V - Now with 100% more Accord!

Oh Jesus what have I done

(I’m slightly tipsy rn so if some of this is incoherent it’s because of alcohol)

There’s a Corolla of some sort in the background idk

So, a Renault. Couple of weeks ago I couldn’t even think about buying a French car and now I own one. I’m not sure if this is a lemon yet, but in the meantime it feels pretty good!

Thanks to @LS-Vehicles for driving this baby home btw. It wasn’t a very easy feat, the suspension is rock hard and we almost went deaf due to the noise inside. The tires are shit and the exhaust note is loud! The exhaust system has been slightly reworked, the exhaust tip is in the middle and there’s a Renault Sport straight through muffler.

So what kind of flaws are there? Well, they’re quite numerous but kinda small. First off, the fog lights have been taped over because the left one has been shattered. The radio can’t find channels when the car is moving, one - or maybe two - of the gauges in the middle don’t work, the left front brake is dragging and some light bulbs are dead. I’m also slightly worried if the engine is burning oil but there’s no blue smoke though.

It’s not all bad though. It feels like it just wants to go and it’s easy to drive when it’s up to speed. When stationary however it’s very hard to turn due to the lack of power steering. The clutch is very easy though.

So all in all it’s very fun, but it’s not much of a daily driver. But it’s my first car. So I’ll drive it daily.

I’m anxiously waiting for winter.

I’ll probably die lol


Stoopid car

That’s more exciting than 90% of cars in my country (Russia)
(I am drunk right now too, BOI
That’s the only way you could live it this country)


Man, that would actually make a sweet jalopy or Gambler here… is this a play toy, or your new daily? (not that there’s always a difference.)

Pardon the bad Google translate… Aina pelaaminen

What engine has it got? Looks a very nice car, there’s not a whole lot better than a mk1 clio… Except besides a 205 of course

It has the 1.8l 16V engine, aka F7P. It’s been slightly modified and should make around 150hp. This means that it’s performance should be on par with the Clio Williams.

And @VicVictory I’m going to daily this but it’s also going to be a plaything, I’m already thinking about a track day :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome car with awesome handling. Take care with the head gaskets!

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HA YOU BLOODY MADMAN god i love you detsi pro homo image this is amazing. Pure amazeballs.


I’m drooling!!!
So sad, there were no Clio selling in Thailand, only R9 from grey importers and notorious “reliability” issue from the dealer and mechanic itself.

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So. What’s happening with this beautiful bastard?

Well let me tell ya.

First off, after taking the pics which are in the OP and driving around for the night we noticed something was… wrong. There were smoke and heat coming from the wheel wells. The brakes were completely stuck. I thought to myself: “crapcrapcrap I bought a fucking shitheap” and briefly thought of selling it forward already.

But I didn’t. I just… repaired the brakes.

We repaired and replaced every single brake piston, 3 of them were salvageable. One of them beyond repair so we bought some spares. Some other repairs include new brake pads all around, new brake lines, a new front brake disc to replace a cracked one and the handbrake cables. I think we replaced a caliper as well.

While working on the brakes we noticed some other somewhat alarming issues. First one was that the oil sump was oily. As I’ve driven the car I’ve noticed that it only leaks oil when the engine is running but luckily it doesn’t burn oil at least when diagnosing the exhaust fumes, they’re invisible and all good. So it just might be a faulty sump gasket. The other issue is that the dumb big-ass central exhaust pipe runs right under the fuel tank and it’s damn hot, so I hope my car doesn’t turn into a Pinto 2.0. Oh and the “Renault Sport” muffler I talked about in the OP? It’s not. It looks like it’s cobbled together from scrap metal.

After the brake problem was sorted I went for a test drive and I immediately noticed another problem. The clutch was slipping. And it was slipping a lot. On 2nd gear and 1/3rd of the way down on the gas pedal and suddenly CVT MODE ENGAGED.

Yes, it said that in a robot voice when that happened. I guess it’s KITT but in a Renault form.

I drove it for a few weeks with the bad clutch, it didn’t slip as long as the engine wasn’t pushed too much.

But this is a rally car. And what do you do with rally cars?

You race them.

So I bought a new clutch. I didn’t install it myself, but there was a friendly lad who was willing to do it for me for a payment. I let him do it, he did the job well and asked for like a third of the price of an actual repair shop. The old clutch was absolutely fried both literally and figuratively, as the clutch plate had slightly burned the pressure plate. But now the new clutch is in place and working nicely.

While I’ve been driving I’ve also been battling with the driver’s seat. The backrest of the seat kept falling back if I put too much weight on it. I fixed it by replacing the hard, uncomfortable, heavy, cold and badly designed aftermarket seats with proper stock seats, which are way comfier, offer better support, are somehow lighter and have heating for the pleasure of my buttocks. They made the car quieter as well so I can drive for longer in one go. (side note: my ears were actually ringing for driving the car at 100km/h for 15 minutes with the crappy seats and my ears hardly ever ring.)


very good and cool:

What else? Hmm… Well, the paint job is in a bad shape. I think it hasn’t been waxed in years. There’s also been some repair painting done with a slightly off shade of gray which can easily be seen in certain lighting conditions. Luckily it isn’t always visible, but when it is…

oh boy.

Other things include the electrics (they’re faulty, what a surprise) and the driving.

Oh my god, the driving feels so good :weary:

This thing is absolutely amazing to drive, you can feel the road and the borders of the grip so well, the acceleration is damningly quick, the brakes feel direct and powerful and are able to lock all of the wheels on dry asphalt. Even the shifting feels good even though the throw of the shifter is quite long. It has the perfect balance of power and lightness. The engine is preppy, loves to rev and it seems very healthy. I heard from a buddy of mine who was driving behind me when I accelerated hard that the almost-straight pipe spits flames.

I told you this is a rally car.

A few days ago snow started falling and I got winter tires installed just in time. I think that the black steelies fit it pretty well. It’s winter car capabilities is surprisingly good, it keeps you on your toes at all times. If there’s ice under the front wheels, you can feel it immediately through the steering. Rack-and-pinion ftw :stuck_out_tongue: It needs some kind of a heater though, it has an Eberspächer installed but surprise, it doesn’t work. Some wires could just be faulty or the whole heater is fucked and if the latter is true, I’m not repairing it. That’d cost probably around a grand and I don’t feel like doubling the car’s purchase price. I’m better off with a traditional electric heater installed to the engine block.

I think that wraps it up nicely. This old girl has many kilometers ahead of her and she’s not even near the end. She still has many sunrises left to see.

Oh and did I ever tell you how much it’s been driven?


So if someone still tells you that French cars aren’t built to last, shut them up.


Only reason my buddy sold his Peugeot 405 Mi16 at 160k-ish miles is because of the utter lack of parts in the US. He needed suspension bits for the right rear, and the only way would have been to order them from France. Between taxes, export duties, and shipping, it would have cost him nearly $1200 for a part that would have cost $150 had it been a Honda or Ford. We were all bummed to see it go.

On the other hand, your recent experiences with your car are the living embodiment of why I want to pimp slap every little rice boy who claims his car is MORE valuable because of the random crap he’s done to it. Nope… the next owner is going to have to undo most everything at some point either because of abuse or cheap aftermarket crap.

Keep up the saga, it’s a fun read!


You utter legend.

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Stop sucking up to me dude, I’m getting embarrassed :stuck_out_tongue:

or continue, I really don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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very nice renault

I knew that this would come back and bite me in the ass at some point.

The gearbox is fucked. It just went yesterday.

It started whining first, which was alarming but I decided to keep driving so I could get home. Soon the whining stopped for a second and came back, but this time it was worse. The 3rd gear didn’t want to go in anymore and popped out as soon as I lifted the clutch. Shifting became harder, but gears 1, 2 and 4 seem to be working, but it still whines loudly. Didn’t test the 5th since my speed wasn’t high enough.

I read some information from the Internets and the first thing that every page says is: “don’t drive.” The real issue could be a number of things: it could be the bearings, synchros or some shafts… or a combination of those. Supposedly this can even happen when a bolt drops loose from the shifter but I doubt that it’s that easy.

I’m not sure what to do.

I could try to repair it myself and risk bricking it even more, take it to a shop, take it to the guy who did the clutch replacement, buy a used box, (about 300-350€ iirc) or… sell it.

I don’t wish to do that. It’s the “if all else fails” option.

Actually, no. The crusher is the final option.

Yeah, fuck my life basically


damn, +f


Any local shop you know that would take a look at it (mostly) free? At least then you can make a decision knowing what is wrong and what it would cost to repair?

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There’s this one place that has some chill dudes, probably there… However the place is somewhat expensive and still one of the cheapest near me. Could be worth a shot though.

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Waddup everybody, is Detsi here with the forum’s favorite broken hatch with an update

It’s still broken.

It hasn’t fixed itself. Weird. I thought that they do that.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the current box isn’t worth repairing as I can’t do it myself and shops have absolutely astronomical prices. I think swapping the box is the most sensible action right now.

HOWEVER, I can’t find a box.

Lemme explain.

This thing has a JB3 083 gearbox. All JB3s have the same construction and whatnot and is a really common box, it’s variants were installed in most Renaults through the 90s and until the mid-00s. Only differences were gear, diff and speedo ratios and some of those were standardized. Here’s our problem: the 083 variant is bolted on to the oil sump with two bolts so there are fewer vibrations and it’s more stable overall. This is rare for JB3s, it seems.

There are no 083s for sale. There was one in Poland, but that’s an old ad. Idk which variants bolt on to the oil sump.

Now I don’t really care if the gear ratios differ (especially if they’re longer, the 5th is way too short) but it needs to fit and make the car go forwards. Backward is a plus.

So if anyone has a clue which ones fit or can say that I’m talking out of my ass, please let me know! I’d love to… Drive.

Walking is dumb.

Now you must be thinking: “Detsi you lazy wanker, it took you two weeks to decide to swap your tranny? If this would be my car I’d have swapped the tranny and turboed it and fucked it up the exhaust pipe” Well… you’re not wrong, I am a lazy wanker. It’s just been pretty hectic, there are final exams and some other important shit going on so I’ve tried to just enjoy my free time.

Oh and btw it drives, if anyone was wondering. I just try to minimize the mileage so something else doesn’t break because of the tranny. The engine is as happy as ever, it’s just coupled to a lethargic POS that threw a massive fit because it couldn’t get the newest Power Rangers figurine.

But yeah, if anyone knows, let me know.