1993 Third World Supercars Challenge

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Third World Supercars challenge! In this challenge, you will be making cars from 1993 from places which are not as fortunate as for example the USA, Japan or Italy. In fact, far less fortunate. You will be making cars from countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Cuba and many more (which is not a good thing).
Of course, these cars were fast there but not as fast as when exported to different countries.

By the way, this is our first ever challenge which was worked on by a team. Thank you Organizers!


RULE 1: The challenge is happening in 4.2. (Open alpha/beta)
RULE 2: The car must be from 1993.
RULE 3: All car bodies are allowed except open-wheelers. 3d fixture bodies are no problem, but please do not use an open-wheeler body as the original body.
RULE 4: 30000 is the max final cost, and the max service costs of the car are 1500. This rule might slightly change due to updates, bugs and finding out that stuff gets ridiculous. Sure, that might be a lot for third-world countries, but only people with a bit of money will be buying them anyways.
RULE 5: Ah, turbochargers. Those little guys caused a complete cancel in our last challenge, so in this challenge they are completely banned.
RULE 6: Your car must use 85 RON fuel. You most likely are not getting great fuel in these countries, so this is there to simulate it.
RULE 7: Your car must have a catalytic converter and at least 1 muffler. Its 1993, you cant get away with a bad exhaust!
RULE 8: Only FWD and RWD are allowed, no 4x4 or AWD!
RULE 9: Your car must be road legal/fit with the challenge. (No racing parts, no semi-slicks, must have power steering, must have at least 2 full seats, 2 wings max)
RULE 10: Your car must have at least 40 drivability, 10 comfort, 28 prestige, 30 safety, 55 reliability and 16 US mpg.
RULE 11: Quality sliders are allowed to go from -5 to 1.
RULE 12: All advanced trim settings are banned except making transmission tunnels smaller.
RULE 13: 2 entries per person are allowed. (You can enter 2 cars, but you can also just enter one.)
NOTE: If you ask, you might get an exception to a rule if you need it.

Please send your cars in either to me in a private forum post, you can post it in this discord Brad Lee Garage or DM me on discord (You can find me in the previously mentioned discord server). I myself prefer DM’s on discord but you are allowed to do it in any of the ways that i have listed.


The amount of races and where we go is always dependent on how much entrants we get. Usually our goal is 3 or 4.
Most likely we will be using a top 10 points system or a top 6 point system depending on how much entries. If we get an unexpectedly large amount of entries, we will do something else.
Styling is out of 10. Don’t worry, we aren’t super strict. Your car doesn’t have to particularly beautiful, it just has to fit with the topic well.
Just because your car has a lot of detail does not always mean that you will get a high score. It does play a big part though, if your car manages to fit well, look good and have high detail that usually a 10.
Low scores usually happen due to a car not fitting well into a topic, so keep that in mind.
If you write a story/ad for your car, you might get a few bonus points.


Make your car uniquely designed, it doesn’t have to be incredibly beautiful but it has to be something different. Something based on American cars in particular could work well.
Questionable styling works too, its your choice!


The deadline for this challenge is the 6th of March at 12 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
This challenge will be streamed on bradleegarage Twitch.
Round 1 will be streamed on the 6th of March at 2:30pm PST, round 2 on the 9th of March at 9:00 AM PST and a possible round 3 on the 11th of March.
Delays might happen, time delays can be quite common. I will announce if anything is going on or if we have to start slightly later. Starting around 15 to 30 mins late is not super uncommon.

Oh yeah, i forgot a rule… Have fun!!!


Remember to ask any questions that you have! I am not always here, but i try to respond as quickly as i can. If you want to ask questions to the whole team, you can ask that in the discord server.

That is an odd requirement, especially for 1993. I had a 1997, hmm, second world car (Korean, built and sold in Poland) without it. And those car will probably be light, which further lowers the need for that (on the other hand, wide tyres might counter that). AND drivability is already a separate requirement.

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That is quite a good point, i’ll think about removing it. My point of view is that these cars will have wide tires and can be quite heavy. We still need them to be drivable in beamng without issues, but i see your point.

Anyway, to potential participants:

I’m not gonna participate in the challenge personally, as the format is inconvenient for me (livestreams instead of text, Beam focus), but since I really like the theme I’m gonna make a car (without styling) for it anyway - and then I can give it away to anyone interested. Also I’m open to cooperation in which I’d help with engineering. Mostly, I’m an engine wizard :wink:


Sure, go ahead! Its not against the rules!

i could probably whip something up for you, if you wanted. i don’t have anything to do currently, except a small bit of admin on FAR so i could use a project

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Are interiors a part of styling? Given how much this is focused on beam, it’d be nice if they were not.

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Dont worry, interiors are really not needed. 1 point makes basically no difference and i have never seen a challenge lost due a single point. If you dont want to make one, thats completely fine!

Cool! It’s just that I’ve made so many, I almost never make interiors outside of challenges in this forum.

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Any ET/PU limits for trim and/or engine? If not, why not?


That explains why my first 4.2 builds (when I get around to making them) will most likely be normally aspirated as well.

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What does ET/PU stand for?

Engineering time and production units, respectively.

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Nope, no rules regarding that. We dont need them, price covers everything we did in testing


Yeah ET isn’t very relevant when your supercar has to fit under 30k and be fast. My current prototype’s trim et is like 100 if not under iirc

Oh actually, question of my own. Advanced trim options are banned because Beam, right?


Yes, most advanced trim settings are banned because of beam.

So, I have a prototype:
240 km/h top speed
0-100 km/h in 5.2 s
ATT in 2:24.55
Fun facts: 5-pot, 24.5 MPG, pushrod suspension, exceeds both comfort and drivability requirements by a few points. So, can be faster.


Ive made a small change to the rules, the Peugeot body recently released as a mod is banned. The reason for this is that it has 0 drag, which is completely unfair.

EDIT: This rule has been reversed.

Peugeot 505 car body modified this morning. :wink:


Got you beat by 6 seconds despite a 5.5 acceleration. Fuel econ sucks tho