2 gas tanks

could we put 2 gas tanks on cars and trucks i know if real life trucks can have 2 but i never seen a car with 2 put it be a cool thing to add for game

jaguar used to have two fuel tanks on some of it’s cars,not sure which probably xj’s and the xjs both of which had v12’s and other large v8’s.more than likely done to give better range,the idea was to fill them both(obviously)and then when one was running low you flicked a switch in the cabin and hey presto you have another tank load.

cool thanks fordford i did not know that

The original Mini Cooper also had two fuel tanks

thats interesting its the last car i would expect to have two tanks. :smiley: i can understand jag doing it to improve range but mini? it was a 900cc upto 1.1ltr or there about.
do you know of anymore T16?

I don’t really no much more than that, seems like it was the early Cooper S that had the two tanks. Why they need two tanks I don’t know, maybe it was the dual SU carbs that drank to much or (maybe more likely) it was for rally/racing homologation purpose.

cool T16 thanks i really want two tanks now lol i never know so many cars had 2 tanks lol

If you guys can give me one or several really good reasons for why having 2 fuel tanks instead of 1 large one would be preferable (when ONLY considering total weight and capacity), then we might consider. :stuck_out_tongue:

they are useful in planes and race cars ,because you can adjust weight distribution. in road cars they are bloody useless.

le: you may be able to fill them faster with 2 pumps at the gas station :smiley:

im not sure if it should make it in to the game as im not sure of the implications of extra work it would mean for the devs.
it’s not something i would lose sleep over if it wasn’t in the game. it appears in real life it wasn’t even a mainstream thing to do.
i can understand jaguar adding the feature to its larger engined cars to give better range(fitting 1 larger tank possibly wasn’t an option due to all the paraphernalia under the car)so splitting it into 2 parts made sense. the statement T16 made about mini doing it for rally purposes also makes sense.
if it’s something thats a piece of cake to add to the game i would say do it but if not forget it. :slight_smile:
hope all above makes sense. :slight_smile:

if i remember correctly then BMW E21 and E30 had a split fuel tank right above the rear axle

and i have no idea what it gives over a single fuel tank, only maybe weight distribution

I had a 998cc mini clubman, that wouldn’t even get 200km out of the 1 20ltr tank, when on forest road.
I used to official the rallies in Queensland with mine and i had to carry a jerry can as a reserve and still fill it up every day.
the rally coopers would have definitely needed the extra tank for competing .

[quote=“xABSOLUTIONx”]if i remember correctly then BMW E21 and E30 had a split fuel tank right above the rear axle

and i have no idea what it gives over a single fuel tank, only maybe weight distribution[/quote]

Nope E30s and I assume E21 are similar have a sort of n shaped tank so it is connected over the driveshaft, although if you look underneath you will see a pipe that goes from one side to the other under the driveshaft so I guess that could make you think it’s two tanks…

Offering dual gas-tanks on your car is something that mainly supercar-manufacturers do these days, if they do it at all. Most modern supercars have highly sophisticated systems for preventing the fuel from splashing around in the tank and some fill the tank with a sort of “sponge” to prevent slushing around of the fuel, getting tiny amounts of air in the fuel due to excessive slushing around or tiny tiny weight-variations can be bad when you are aiming at chasing 1/100’s of seconds on racetracks.

But yeah. Simple and somewhat effective way for old sportier cars to carry more fuel and distribute weight, until they learned that you can place 1 large tank very centrally instead of 2 smaller ones at each side.

Yup, the original Maserati Ghibli springs to mind.

i was thinking if you had two big gas tanks the people you sell the car to could go longer without getting gas for there car :smiley: thats why i think they should be added

well then why not add a single massive tank instead of two medium size ones?
i would prefer 2 tanks just for weight distribution

i not talking about adding 2 med size tanks i talking about adding 2 big tanks :smiley:

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I present to you, the top 2 selling vehicles in the USA for many years running, the Ford f-150 and Chevy 1500, both of which had dual tanks for several years running. During the 70’s and 80’s mostly. Also two tanks were included on the Ford E-series vans for about the same time, so you could cruise without running out of gas every 5 minutes…or something.