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2000 Toyota Altezza & 2010 BMW Mini Cooper

So, sure I posted about this car Here back in 2017, but it’s been so long, I might as well make a new post with the other car, right?


Finally got the Altezza, RS200 spec with the 3S-GE 2.0 i4, road certified and running after inheriting the car 6 years ago. Literally came home as of an hour of this post being new.

It’s been a long six years, but the 'tezza is back up and running, ready to take for a drive tomorrow, probably.

and for the other one

I dunno if I ever posted this shitbox, but this is an oil burning 2009 or 2010 Mini Cooper made by BMW. Had it for like 2 years, previously a company car for a construction company, came to us in pretty dogwater conditions.

It’s dogshit, and technically my Brothers, but we share the car.


Had the straight 6 200, I regret it

at least its a coupe so when it starts going awry you can strip it and hoon it around lol

A very short turn around on an update

Because, well, I think this picture shows it best.

There’s a missing belt here. That’s not good. My brother took it out last night, and it died. His friends thought it was a shredded belt, we were not so sure.

Turns out they were right. Currently waiting to hear back from the mechanic on whether they can take the car, so currently she’s sitting half way across town technically dead.

Did meet some ducks tho.