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2000 Toyota Altezza

So, the photos are two years old, and such. I’ll update the photos when I get her working!

Sadly she’s currently not in the best shape, having been off the road for four years. I’m looking forward to driving this “little” machine.

Current to-do list:

  • Replace or Reinflate tyres
  • Replace or Charge Battery
  • Get Warrant of Fitness
  • Re-register the car (Which means losing the original plates :frowning:)

Will end up using this as my daily once I get my restricted, which should be soon!


Cool thing :slight_smile: One of really few Toyotas I’d actually like to drive. What’s the engine in it?

The BEAMS. Can’t remember the specifics off the top of my head.

Loved my parents’ IS200 when they still had it, except for the horrible throttle deadzone, but I looked up the BEAMS engine of the Altezza: 5th gen 3S-GE, 207 HP from a 2.0L inline 4, damn. No wonder Altezzas are so sought after.
Is it just me or is the rear wheel under quite a a camber angle?

I’ve not had a good look at the car for about a year now, but I think it was just the ground it was sitting upon.

If it have been standing for four years, don’t do a Microwave and just assume the brakes will be fine because they won’t be.


Don’t forget the 1G-FE straight 6 that came in a lot of them. Was an older engine but still had about 150-160 hp. Most of the altezzas here have this engine.

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Any particular problems with it? I really might pick one of these up in the summer, the 2JZ GE version at least.

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Like I said, my parents had an IS200 for 10 years. Really never had any issue with it whatsoever, just normal maintenance. The clutch was quite worn when we let it go though after 150k km ish

Since the car has sat for a while, I’d recommend checking the timing belt before starting the car up as it may have cracked with time.

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######For the record I never assumed the brakes would be fine, it’s not hard to tell when brakes are fucked