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2004 Analogue Supercar Challenge [Finished]

The early-mid 2000s produced the best supercars of all time, in my opinion. While it is true that today’s supercars are faster, more fuel-efficient and more technologically advanced, 15-20 years ago the cars still had more charme, more character. Not least because they had a lot less electronics distracting you or interfering with the driving experience.

You could argue that there should be a separation between different classes of “supercars”, even in 2004. For example, the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCX stand far above, say, a Ferrari F430. Both in terms of price and in terms of performance. The Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo also basically represented the “entry-level supercar” market whereas the Murcielago or the Enzo, along with the Porsche Carrera GT and McLaren SLR represented the flagship supercars of their respective manufacturers.

However, another breed of supercars that still somewhat exists today but is definitely dying is the analogue supercar, which has a manual transmission, RWD and very few (if any) driver assists. This typically makes these cars less expensive than other, more “sophisticated” (or complicated) cars of comparable performance, while offering a much more old-school and puristic driving experience. No need to turn your 5-way adjustible suspension selector to “Sport” if the suspension is always sporty, after all. And no need to navigate the (by today’s standards) crude and complicated infotainment system to a hidden submenu in order to turn your exhausts to loud if they’re just always loud. And let’s be honest, if you buy a supercar you want those exhausts to be loud, don’t you?

Of course, what else you want from your supercar is a striking exterior. People might hear you from a mile away, but when they finally see the car they should still be just as amazed by the looks as they were by the noise. And last, but definitely not least, the car has to be fast. Really fast.

  • Year: 2004
  • Body type: coupe or convertible from the last 10 years (aka the body can’t be older than 1994)
  • wheelbase: 2.45m-2.75m
  • Chassis: Monocoque, Space Frame or Semi Space Frame
  • Engine type: any
  • Super Unleaded fuel
  • must have three-way or high-flow three-way cat.
  • max. loudness 70 (just so that it’s still road legal)
  • Drive type: RWD
  • manual transmission
  • Tyre compound: no Semi-Slicks
  • max. tyre width 305mm
  • max. rim size 19"
  • Interior: at least 2 full seats, standard interior or better, Standard Entertainment or better, standard 90s safety or better
  • Quality sliders: up to 20 positive quality allowed, no more than +5 in a single category. No limits on negative quality points
  • price: up to 150.000$
  • No invisible/hidden wings, lips or other aero fixtures. If the car has downforce, it has to show it!

This time, rather than restricting power/weight, I set some performance targets which all submitted cars must meet. This is to give everyone a bit more freedom for creativity, because let’s face it, if there’s a maximum allowed power/weight ratio, everyone will try to get as close as possible to that limit so most of the cars will feel very similar to each other. This here is an attempt to allow for a bit more variety in terms of how you approach the challenge, while still making sure nobody runs away or lags behind significantly.

Performance targets (in Automation):

  • 0-100km/h 3.5-3.9s (anything faster than 3.5s or slower than 3.9s will be disqualified)
  • top speed 300km/h+ (anything slower will be disqualified)

Car must meet both of these targets!


Fort GT:

Noble M400:

TVR Tuscan S:

Judging criteria:

To get the Nürburgring and Spa tracks to show up in BeamNG, download the zip folders linked above and copy paste them into the following directory on your PC:
C:\Users\ (your username here)\AppData\Local\BeamNG.drive\0.23\mods

For styling, each car will get a subjective score from 1-10
In the races, first 10 places will get points. 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points, … 10th place = 1 point. 11th place and below = 0 points

Overall score = (Styling Score * 2) + Race 1 score + Race 2 score + Race 3 score
Tiebraker: West Coast Drag Strip (fastest quarter mile time wins the tiebraker)

Depending on how many entries we get, I might eliminate the bottom X cars after each race, to make subsequent races more interesting. If we get 30 submissions, for example, the bottom 5 after each race will be eliminated, so only 25 cars would go through to race 2 and only 20 to race 3. If we get 40 entries, I would eliminate the bottom 10 after each race. If we get 50 or more I don’t know what I’m gonna do lol.

First valid submission counts. If your car breaks one or more of the rules (including performance targets), I will ping you as soon as I notice the flaw and you will get one resubmission. If your car fails again, you’re out.

I strongly prefer submissions through my discord because that way it’s much easier for me to track who submitted what, how many people submitted while I was gone from my PC, etc. Join my discord here: Tom Henks Chillout, then drag and drop your car file into the “community-challenge-files” subchannel.

However, if you don’t have discord and can’t install this free desktop app for some reason, you can also submit your car by sending me a PM here on the forums. Since I typically only check the forums once or twice a day, I might not get back to you as quickly as I would on discord.

Deadline: October 24th, 2021 at 5pm CEST
Race 1: October 24th, 2021 at 6pm CEST
Race 2: October 30th, 2021 at 6pm CEST
Race 3: October 31st, 2021 at 6pm CEST

The races will be streamed on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEazrZkjQcCxLaMmj79c62Q

I hope you’ll enjoy this challenge as much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy testing all of these cars! Happy building, and good luck to everyone!

(PS: You can fit traction control to your car if you want, but I’ll turn it off in the races anyway, as is tradition. No need for me to ban it as a result)


300+ means it HAS to be 301 and over, or it can be exactly 300?

What about stability control? Can we fit that to our entries? If so, I’m expecting it to also be toggled off for the timed runs.

you can fit it if you want, but it’ll be turned off in the races

Noble M400 (one of the provided inspiration pics) would be instabinned as it does 0-62mph/0-100km/h in 3.2/3.3 seconds…

Depends which source you go for. Some sources say 3.2/3.3, others say 3.6 or 3.7, so it averages out to 3.5


I think I can come up with something for this! It’s a little bit outside my usual wheelhouse, but I don’t mind the idea.

It’ll have to be a Bricksley, though. Sinistra is FWD, Storm is AWD, Bricksley is RWD. Not entirely sure what a Bricksley supercar would look like… Or whether it’ll be high-displacement I6 or mid-high displacement V10. I know it’ll likely be the only pushrod engine in the lot.

Edit: So, this is what I came up with.

2004 Bricksley Banshee V10 THR

Mid engine, V10, rear wheel drive: The winning combination for many high-power supercars.

Our design team was excited to play with new materials, and we turned the car over to Twin Hearts Racing to tune the engine. True to form, the engine uses pushrods, even though we broke traditions and used aluminum alloys for the block and heads.

Armed with a six speed manual gearbox and a limited slip rear differential, the Banshee should be fast. Equally armed with a potent, naturally aspirated V10 and space-age materials, the Banshee should also be able to handle a few pesky corners.

Fuel is handled through dual side-mounted fuel tanks, protected from the heat of the exhaust by heat shields near the exhaust headers. Fill it up on either side. We won’t mind.

While the driving experience is purely analog, with only ABS and variable hydraulic power steering to help you, the interior is not. A rear view camera replaces the traditional-and-typically-useless windshield-mounted rear view mirror. Gauges are provided by a combination of an analog tachometer and a digital screen displaying speed (available in MPH, km/h, or m/s at the push of a button), current gear, and remaining fuel. The steering wheel is a carbon-fiber framework wrapped in leather, making it exceptionally light, yet sturdy. Entertainment is a typical CD player with cassette deck. Yes, we’re not ashamed to admit that it’s the same module used in our sedans, just dressed up in carbon fiber.


2004 F&S Parryi Turbo R


That rule, Is between 1994 to 2004 car model year allow?

Model and trim year must be 2004, but all bodies with an unlock year between 1994 and 2004 (inclusive) are allowed.

I have to admit, I don’t normally make mid-engine cars, so I have no clue if the styling I did is even remotely decent. Couldn’t find anything I liked body-wise that was front engine, so I had to wing it.


Bewarned! The 2.2L I6 engine can rpm up to 11500!



At first this may look like a ripoff Honda Accord or something.


Because underneath this steel bodywork is a semi-spaceframe chassis and an 8L Twin Turbocharged V10 making 611 Horsepower, connected to the rear magnesium wheels by a manual transmission.

Don’t be fooled; there’s nothing sensible about this car at all. And that’s why you love it.


And here I was looking forward to a Bazard creation


Surprised anyone would ever want a Bazard creation. O:

As it happens, my first ever automation car was a Bazard sports car from this era. It was a mess…


Wells Vendetta Ver.2


Submissions are now closed! The first race will take place in 1 hour from now, and it will be on the Automation Race Circuit.

A sincere thank you to everyone who participated, the line-up couldn’t be more diverse! There are 20 valid submissions and 2 DQs this time. We’ve got front-engined, mid-engined and rear-engined cars. We’ve got anything from 6 cylinders up to 16 cylinders, ranging in displacement from 2.9L to over 10L. I feel like the performance target numbers worked better and created more variety than the power/weight limits did so I’m happy with that, though of course this is the first time I used this method of trying to control power outputs and it needs a bit more work but it’s a good start.

Meet the Contenders:

Miranda Cosmopolitan RSZ40 GT3 Package Aikawa Special by Yewnos100

Bricksley Banshee V10 THR by Madrias

F&S Parryi Turbo R by Tez

Never Gonna Give You Up by ImKaeR

Osuny Max-Q by Edsel

Centuri Prometheus SuperSport by TCup

Falcon Hellfire by Logoris

Wells Vendetta Version 2 by DuceTheTruth

Ultratica Veria X 2004 by Costco

KPS KR12 GT by abg7

WMC Denai V8S by TallTrini Guy

Wohlhabend Tourenklasse Sport Cabrio V12 by Hugo Oyon

Mayvo-MR Five-KR by Djadania

Buchi Djinn by ErenWithPizza

TMC Taipan GT by Luke T Da Bawss

Ibis Banshee LM-H by Capt Cracker

Micron V6-T by Harmless

Marussia MA4 S by Random41

Gilbert 539R by Cherrypie

UMC Sidewinder NEO 04 Special by Eggspac

Disqualified cars:

Geroug Renual RL v2 by LennoxV10

Reason: exceeded quality points per category limit (+14 in aero)

Halpin Straus 0416 NA by AnimatedGaming12

Reason: exceded total quality points limit (25 instead of 20)

The races will be streamed on my Youtube channel as always, I’ll post the link once I go live. Hope to see you there :slight_smile:


The stream is going live now, and race #1 will begin shortly! Analogue Supercars Challenge - Race 1/3 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube

Race #1 is now over! To those who missed it, you can watch the VOD here: Analogue Supercars Challenge - Race 1/3 [Automation/BeamNG] - YouTube

Don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed it! The stream was so long because not only did we have a lot of cars and a relatively long track, but also… well… let’s just say I didn’t finish first try with every car :smiley:

These are the standings after the first race, and it looks like ImKaeR is running away with this one. Can anyone catch him?


Im still impressed with how im doing, im not expecting to hold p3 but the p4 is definetely something im going for, especially with the gaps.