2005 Best in Class [Review 3/9]

Best in Class Power: Boss Stump Puller
Best in Class Safety/Comfort: Luton DaVive Turbowagon
Best in Class Sportiness: Armada Motors Manta Xtream

Best in class’ the key advertising words of all marketing heads, it doesn’t matter what the others can do, all that matters is that your car excels over the others in the field(s) you deem important.

The goal here is to create a well rounded vehicle, but the prize is to receive the ‘Best in Class’ award.

All entries who receive a ‘Best in Class’ will be reviewed. Any vehicle which does not earn a best in class will only get a snippet.

Must have a Muffler of some kind.
Must have a Catalytic of some kind.
Medium Compound tires only.
No Negative quality in safety.
Total Cost: 15,000 +/- 2,500

MODS: I am running the Steam version, so only use workshop mods. (No VMO mods)

The Class in this case, is the 30,000$ car class, every car submitted will be priced at TC*2 for the sake of this competition.

Best In Class:
Affordability (TC*2 + Maintenance)
Reliability (Engine + Vehicle + Corrosion Resistance)
Family (Utility + Practicality)
Jack of All Trades (Above MEAN in the most categories.)

You counted it, I signed myself up for 10 reviews this time.

Submission deadline: Sep:12 2015

Using 2nd post for entries and updates:

MODS: I am running the Steam version, so only use workshop mods. (No VMO mods)

Entries: 19/?

Is there some kind of balancing mechanic at play here, in terms of offsetting the values per class with the cost, or otherwise? I forsee amazingly skewed marketing ploys as entries, no prizes for guessing how I’d build mine :laughing:

Yes, I would also like some more details. Maybe you should also specify the year = 2005 in the rules?

That is the entire point of this competition :laughing: marketing ploys.

But I will add a 10 position to the list: The Jack of all trades (Above Mean in the most categories)

That should be self evident.

FYI the next patch (at least the beta version) MIGHT (BIG KEYWORD THERE!!) hit before your challenge runs its course, may want to state something to the fact that only entries from the current pre-patch version are permitted etc.

I was afraid that might happen, and it has prevented me from hosting a competition thus far, but I decided to just try anyways.

The next beta patch will take* at least* two weeks to go into open beta phase, so Lordred will have plenty of time until the release is pushed to everyone.

what do you send in now?

i’m kinda confused with the new system

Anything, just make a car that costs between $17,500 and 12,500. That is it, you can focus on a particular area or go for the best you can do on all areas :slight_smile:

let me rephrase that - what files do you send in?

Just click the “EXPORT” button and send the folder the game creates.

EDIT: Which should look very similar to this “C:\Users*yourusername*\Documents\My Games\Automation\Export”

[quote=“BlastersPewPew”]Just click the “EXPORT” button and send the folder the game creates.

EDIT: Which should look very similar to this “C:\Users*yourusername*\Documents\My Games\Automation\Export”[/quote]

thanks a lot!

and wow is it easy now…

No Negative quality on safety is a big punch in the gut, but I’m working on something that I expect should need high safety anyways.

Personally I like my airbags without shrapnel inside :stuck_out_tongue:

Airbags? What airbags?

To me, marketing ploy is the excuse. Now I can finally make something as balls-out as I want, and no executive board is going to stop me with their sensibility MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA :smiling_imp:

Ah, I may as well try putting something in on this one. Looks to be a good challenge, and I may actually be able to compete in this one.

Come the mid-noughties, and characteristically UK ‘cars banged together in a shed’ company Armada Motors was enjoying a long-awaited renaissance. The most crucial of their investments proved to be the smartest one: entering the hot hatch market in earnest. The Fore ‘Eagle’ GTi Gen.2 of the mid 90s proved to be a smash hit, wiping away decades worth of struggling bottom line and festering debt and replacing it with a flood of sweet cash. Suddenly, Armada was on the cusp of being able to further their tech development and push into the frontiers of their original dream: the affordable supercar.

2005 was the year of the Gumpert Apollo, Porsche Carrera GT, and Bugatti Veyron. A promised new land of insanely fast, razor edged, prohibitively expensive supercars. On the other end of the car budget scale, news of the 2005 Best In Class contest was received with much anticipation and not a little heated debate. Surely this was the perfect time to debut the already overdue Fore Gen.3, complete with even newer valvetrain and fuel injection technologies? It would surely make for a strong contender across the board and show the world that Armada was growing from strength to strength.

The final decision was: Actually, no, fuck that. If the competition wanted a marketing exercise, they were going to do it properly and show the world what Armada was truly capable of. How about debuting the supercar on a budget idea?

The result is the Manta Prototype (designation: Xtream). Powered by a V8 BFT (short for Big Fucking Turbo) which produces way too much power to be considered proper, it also sports rear wheels so wide they would never have been allowed in F1. As a direct response to the styling, erm, idiosyncrasies of the Apollo, this car has real impact, real presence, evoking an immediate visceral reaction and causing the viewer to involuntarily utter: ‘My word, that’s ugly!’

Go on, I dare you to disagree.

Every thing about this car was built specifically to feel as race-like as possible. Actually, that’s just marketing speak for, if you bump the car, the plastic panels will probably fall off. Also, the seat’s really hard and there’s no air-con or radio or anything like that. Also the engine may be technically muffled but it’s still Loud As Hell. As for safety, well, there’s a seat belt and then good luck to you! But hey, Best In Class, right?

(Note: this is about as sporty as I can get the car, minus a few decimal points, before the car flicks off into terminal oversteer or goes a lot slower on the track because the front wheels are too wide. I mean, I could have made it even sportier, but making the car go slower around the track in order to achieve that? Hell no.)

:laughing: Strop, I like the way your car looks and I think it’s a realistic looking design. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


:laughing: Strop, I like the way your car looks and I think it’s a realistic looking design. Keep up the good work! :smiley:[/quote]

Yeah, I actually like the front, reminds me of a Mosler.