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2010 Cross-Country Racing SUV Challenge [Finished]

MegoCom Balst, The Gward


2010 F&S Seax (SP08) Rally Raid

Prototype #43 during testing…


Armor Roma Rally:

We’ll see how well it does. Looks like the competition is already pretty tough.


You’ll still probably be faster than the Gila Monster. It is under one of my brands, after all. Sinistra in the 70’s shitbox challenge, Bricksley in the analog supercar challenge, now Storm in the Rally SUV challenge. I doubt mine’s that quick.


Which class will it be running in? Mine will be in class II (2001-2250cc)

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Mine is the class up to 3000 cc. 3.0 liters exactly, 359.9 hp and 1675.8 kg. I’m pretty sure most people are maximizing their stats so it may all come down to suspension tune. I’m very interested to see how it goes.


3000cc class as well, 2995cc engine, 357.6 HP, 1675.1 kg. I’m shit at tuning suspension, but… I may be able to be somewhat competitive here.

I’ll enter my car in a bit, but i also might not. I might enter the unfinished version without interior, ive been super busy.


Presenting the Kumos Mountaineer, with its high revving 2.5L V6 and 1605kg, it can be thrown around like a much smaller car and inspires confidence.


Really proud of the design on this one. Presenting, the Etherea T1 NRC (New Racing Concept).


2010 Mara-AMM Kanyon X-Race

To promote the facelifted 3rd generation of the Kanyon SUV and the all-new Efektyv I4 2.0 engine family, Mara’s performance division AMM developed a competition entry for the lowest weight class in the International Cross Country Racing League.

The AMM Kanyon X-Race in the early morning hours before a test in the rocky Archanan/Dalluhan border region


2010 WMD (Wells Motorsports Division) Rally1

Class II


This is Omanom, and she consumes continents.


Honestly really love how this has turned out.


Submissions are now closed! There were no DQs this time, so we will have 16 competitors in this first race. How many will remain afterwards?
First race is in 1 hour from now on my Youtube channel, I’ll link the stream once it starts


Race 1 is about to start! You can watch live here: 2010 Cross-Country Racing SUV Challenge - Race 1/3 - YouTube


The first race is finished! If you missed it you can rewatch it here: 2010 Cross-Country Racing SUV Challenge - Race 1/3 - YouTube We have a winner who won by such a massive margin that the knockout threshold had to be altered from 5 to 6 seconds. Now all eyes are on @LennoxV10 for the remaining 2 races

The WMD Wells Motorsport Division R1, the Vizmo V62R Customer, the Etherea T1 NRC and the F&S Seax SP08 Rally Raid got knocked out, so these cars will not be appearing in the following races.


Hey, I’ll gladly take being not last, not eliminated, and somehow not the ugliest thing on 4 wheels. Even if I did name my car after a particularly ugly-looking venomous lizard.

I… wise action live have sub. Cuz I’m Deaf

Sucks to be eliminated, but then again Lennox made a ridiculously amazing run! All the best for the future races. You got any tips for making better rally cars? Hopefully I can make a better one in the future for another submission.

(Also, I’m very James May about keeping a “standard” aesthetic. I’d happily take my 5 rather than a higher score for styling because even one decal would give me a stroke and ptsd!)