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2016-2021 Small SUV challenge!

As Small SUV’s are taking over the world by storm, I thought we should have a Challenge to see who can create the best one for the modern world we live in.

The rules:
Mods are allowed
Less than 2.7m whellbase
Under $35,000.

How to win!

The cars will be judged in 3 catagories:
Style-5 points available
Sportiness-5 points available
Practicality/ Reliability-5 points available

Post photos and stats for me to see

Can’t wait to see your builds.

Put your creations below!

Signed harry


Do you want the .car files to critique or is this purely an aesthetics exercise?

This is my attempt

Photo please

It’s not even 2016-2021…
(and it has a longitudinal OHC-8 engine, FWD, with a turboed single barrel carb and no cat. coverter).

That’s not even taking into account the styling.


I forgot to mention it can be any body that fits the criteria you just need to change the date a t the top to between 2016 and 2021

Well why don’t you try to make a pretty car that fits the criteria

How exactly will you be quantifying “best”? Will it be strictly market score? Or a combination of stats like practicality and off-road? How important will looks be? Will there be a quality slider limit? I like the idea, but I think there are too many questions to be answered yet.


Just about to add that

ah yes perfect

Fairly sure this car is broken but it might have the stats still.

Yes. Yes I do.

2016 Zephorus Blueberry


my god, thats glorious. could i possibly have the .car file after this challenge has ended?

Of course! Theres also a hot hatch version of this :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds awesome, thanks

Decided to close this competition as I have to much on my mind at the moment and can’t keep up with the challenge.



Dammit Harry!!!


So sorry, if one of you guys would like to take over you can

i’d be happy to take over, unless anyone else would rather do it/has any objections. get better soon man, take care!


sooo… i take it i’m in charge now? i’ll wait till morning (for me lmao) and then decide from there.

continue to work on your entries on the assumption that the rules are essentialy the same, if i do host the competition there will be very minimal change to the rules, with the main change being that i will review the cars. I’ll inform you in the morning.

For now take care, and stay safe out there!

  • void

alright, so slight change in the rules.

everything is the same, except i will be testing and reviewing the cars in Beam, with a maximum of 3 points being available for:

  • driveability
  • offroad ability
  • ruggedness/reliability

please submit the .car files in dm’s for testing!