2016 Fruinia to Archana - Krongrad or Bust! (ON HOLD)

Fruinia to Archana Run No.18 - "Krongrad or Bust!"

in essence this challenge is just the Mongol Rally. Check out this video: The Mongol Rally - unshit your summer - YouTube or their website for more details on how this challenge will likely work.

Over 10,000 miles of roads and mountains. £15,000 to take you there. Nothing but your car and the clothes on your back. This is the spirit of adventure.

The Rules

Rules are simple - you have £15,000 to purchase a second-hand car of any age and an additional £2500 to modify it to tackle the harsh enviroments you and them will be put through. This is all the money you get, so it’s advisable to not spend it all on your car, unless you want all of the money in your wallet to be used for fuel.

The quality of your car is dependant on a dice roll- from 0 (practically mint by ebay standards) to 10 (absolute piece of shit wreck). if you get anything above an 8 you will likely roll again- unless of course you want to run that shitbox, in which case please say. Every 1 extra point is 1% less effectiveness on stats such as reliability, safety, fuel economy, horsepower and the drivability stats. However, you will also get 5% of the cost back, allowing for more modifications to be done.

Once on the road you have any remaining money to spend on things you may need such as food or spare parts, aswell as an additional £1000. Anything else will have to come from your own pocket, and will therefore deduct from your score.

The Rules (In-Depth, read for vehicle and team rules.)

Car Rules
  • Cars may have no longer than a 2.5 metre long wheelbase. Anything under that is accepted.
  • Cars can be any trim/model year under 2016. This includes engines.
  • No more than 1200cc engines may be used. Turbos are allowed, but only with journal bearings.
  • 2WD only. 4WD and AWD cars will be refused entry. This is due to the sheer advantage given by 4 wheel drive types.
  • Shitty cars are preferable, however a more unique car may be allowed to enter if stupid or strange enough.
  • Chunky offroad tires and semi-slicks are banned. No negotiations.
  • Modifications for offroad/explorational use are encouraged. (spotlights, roof racks, extra fuel/tires etc.)
  • No pickups/SUV’s, unless they have a 1000cc engine (or smaller) and are shorter than 2.5 metres.
  • There is an extra desire for reliability/fuel efficiency, as it will increase your chance of winning.
  • A number is required to be painted on the vehicle. No negotiations.
  • 3 wheelers are allowed to enter, but i don’t really see the advantage.
  • RON limit is 91, since that is the highest octane available in Archana. If you want to go higher then you can but fuel availability will be decided by a dice roll.
Team Rules
  • You can have as many team members as you can fit in your car- visually. This means that if you can get 4 seats into the car with fixtures, then you can have 4 members. There is a limit of 5 however, so do keep this in mind.
  • One person will be the designated driver, one will be the mechanic and one will be the navigator. These can be split if a team is just 2 people. If more than 3 people than one person can have another role (for example, a cook or even something like a photographer.)
  • Your team isn’t superhuman - if they don’t get food or rest their efficiency will dip.
Rules about parts and stuff
  • Spare parts can be sparce- a spare you need could range from Uneffective (a radio, or airconditioner) to Catastrophic (like a new engine or gearbox). Depending on your location and car these could be readily available and only slow you down a little or completely wipe you out of the race. This will cost money, unless you find someone generous.
  • However, you can get your car fitted with a lesser spare part that would allow you to continue (for example going from a 4 speed auto to a 3 speed manual) if there are no parts available or you can’t afford the replacement.
  • Food will not be readily available. Your team will have to purchase food or ingredients from local sources and this will cost money, unless you find someone generous.
  • Fuel will be available from petrol stations. There is a 1/3 chance that you will find petrol, and a fill-up will be £10. If there is no petrol then any jerry cans on the vehicle will be used until fuel can be found. Other teams can provide fuel for you.
  • The way the food/fuel will work is that it will be £2.50 for a day’s worth of meals and fuel will be £10 every time you fill (unless you are using premium fuel in which case it will be decided by a dice roll as stated above.)

The winner will be the team who reaches the centre of Krongrad first, or in the case of a tie, the team who spent less money. However, everyone is a winner since this is a charity sponsored event, and will get a sticker to prove bragging rights. The winner will launch the next year’s event.

The event will last a total of 8 weeks (in-game/in RP) and will have multiple meeting points and stops along the journey to regroup. Teams can band together if they so desire to assist each other in this journey.

Submissions will open on December 18th, and close on January 1st. Cars shall be submitted through Discourse PM’s and will follow the following naming convention:

Model/Engine Family Name = FAR1 - yourforumname
Trim/Variant Name = whatever you like

Since this is quite an RP heavy challenge I would preferably like detailed backstories on the cars and characters to help me with the writing. Feel free to contribute by writing some smaller events yourself!

A team may leave at any time and will be disqualified from the rankings. Other than that, this is just a bit of fun so feel free to make the cars or characters as wacky or weird as you like.

Have fun!


I will absolutely join this. When will the deadline be?
Also, how will the cost of car, modifications etc. be calculated?

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it would be preferable to make a base model of car, and the one used for the rally. Modifications will be judged via in-game differences to parts, and visual modifications will be free (i can’t be bothered to search them all lol)

So, will price of the car be equal to the in game price or will it be adjusted for age etc. in some way?

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the price will be in-game, however it will be lowered if the car’s quality is lower (eg. if a car was £10,000 and rolled a 4 in quality the price would be £8000. If a car rolled a 9 it would be £5500. Every quality level is 5% value taken away.

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Thanks for the clarification.

Also, for a 2WD offroad competition, one suggestion is to look at the Fiat 131 body and decide if it should be allowed or not. IMO its ground clearance numbers are totally screwed…

for example like this:


Base Car: 1986 Seneca City Turbo II (£18,500)

FAR1- voiddoesnotknow: “Lucky 7” (£16,800 with stripped seats and other changes)


yes, it would seem so. i will say about banned bodies

This one.

My example car in this case has a ground clearance of 453 mm which gives it an offroad score of 43 with only front wheel drive.

As you can see, that ground clearance is far from a realistic number.

(Sorry for low res and morph reset, just there to prove the point)


yes it is banned

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logical question

why is the wheelbase limit a hefty THREE metres while only allowing 1200ccs of engine?

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idk… i’ll fix that

how will price calculations work?

it is said that it’s condition will affect price

that begs the question
how is price calculated at all?


  1. i don’t get what you mean?
  2. fuel will be calculated by MPG, and the refill will be £10 because i can’t be bothered to calculate that.

the price of buying the car

The quality of your car is dependant on a dice roll- from 0 (practically mint by ebay standards) to 10 (absolute piece of shit wreck). if you get anything above an 8 you will likely roll again- unless of course you want to run that shitbox, in which case please say. Every 1 extra point is 1% less effectiveness on stats such as reliability, safety, fuel economy, horsepower and the drivability stats. However, you will also get 5% of the cost back, allowing for more modifications to be done.

is that base the estimated cost of the car?
oh wait nvm i get it.

which type of fuel are we supposed to use?

I understand how this works IRL, but I’m not sure I get how this works in this challenge form?

I guess the Inline 3 challenge is dead, then; but this one seems much more exciting, so I shan’t complain. (:

Does this refer only to the mechanical components of the car, or for roleplay items as well? For example, if I say I installed a bed inside (or built one out of 3d fixtures) for my characters to sleep in overnight, would I need to budget £500 for said bed, or does it not matter since the bed doesn’t impact the car’s performance?

On a separate note, could I replace the “navigator” role with a satnav system, if I make an appropriate modification to represent it? (e.g. installing a “luxury” radio).

I am tempted to enter, but the characters will not be human if I do. However, they still follow the usual human standards, so for all intents and purposes, they won’t upset the calculations, they just look different.

I like shitbox challenges like this. Now to find a car with a 1200 cc engine and under 2.5m long… I think I may have an Ishu in that range…

Anyway, expect Team Racing Stripes to be here soon.

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fuel is anything really - probably best to go low octane however since fuel will likely be poor quality.

in answer to the first question, no, it is only mechanical items. Roleplay/visual is kind of free-range, within reason of course.

as for the second question, sure, go ahead.