2018 SEMA Show


Holts x GBSC


Report: Japanese tuning company Saikuda spotted working on a modified 2019 Zenshi Arum

Saikuda Motorsport, a tuning company from Japan, has already worked on the brand-new Zenshi Arum (which will be coming in America soon as the Axia Arum), and is reported to be making an appearance in the 2018 SEMA show.


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The famous high-end Japanese wheel manufacturer, AKUITY, will be attending SEMA to showcase a new lightweight rotary-forged monoblock alloy wheel line named 5PiRiT.


Montes will be in the SEMA, presenting a version of the SSX-R2 with a very unusual engine, fruit of MRP, as well as a version prepared by HKS of the Urban RS.

We’ve been quiet for a while, expanding our infrastructure project for the medium term “reasonable hypercars” plan.

But that doesn’t mean our tuners haven’t been doing what they do best. Which in turn means our driver doing driving things. Think LMP is the fastest thing around Nordschleife? Think electric is the new king of the mountain?

Think again. We have the footage to prove otherwise.



Their new exhaust header range, performance cams and fuel delivery systems will be presented.



Trantec will be showcasing their R2-52500 specifically designed for high horsepower race, drag, and monster trucks. While More information will be unveiled at the show, several specifications have been leaked.

  • 300M Input Shaft with full 1.1875” Diameter
  • Vasco Gear Set - 1.62, 1.64 or 1.82 Ratio
  • Custom 10 Clutch Drum / Clutch Hub
  • Tolerance of up to 3500Hp.

For the purpose of showcasing their R2-52500 tranmission, a specially designed Men 1260X has been fitted with an ACA Dynatorc V10, which produces over 1000 horsepower, as well as a Maine 9 Inch rear end. The Vehicle will be shown, and more specifications unveiled at a later date.



Steinbach will modify the Monolith M140 for off-road and one for performance

AKUITY wheels, the Japanese wheel brand founded 1978, is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a line of 5 new lightweight rotary forged monoblock alloy wheels. We present to you the 5PiRiT line.

The first wheel to be showcased is the 5R0P, a racing and performance-oriented wheel which is available in wide range of colors, diameters, and widths. The car showcasing the wheel is Evan’s 2018 Rennen Angeles R, which has been modified using upgraded Induction Technologies twin-turbos and a multitude of bolt-on parts by KTech. Thanks to this, the Angeles has been boosted to over 500 HP at the wheels. A carbon-fiber factory front lip has been applied.


KinJin Tuning Company

KinJin Tuning Company will offer 3 packages for the Keika Katana Gen 3 1995-1999, a modified drag car of a 2nd generation TSR Kansai and restomodding a TSR Comet Turbo 2 and a TSR Mont Royale Turbo R. Stay tuned.


Dura Motors Automotive Specialty Engineering Ltd. is a leading name in the field of outfitting cars for fleet operators such as taxi companies and police forces and has been contracted to develop the 2019 LaVache Skywarp MPEV. The Product is expected to be revealed at SEMA 2018.

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Central Hall - Racing & Performance

Starting in 2019, GBSC will begin working on Major tuning kits and overhauls for any vehicles. This will be a three tier system.
Each Tier will be a different level of tuning level, with not all tunes available for every vehicle.

These Tunes are
1: Alpha Set
Stock Engine Tune, Sportier suspension tune, Custom Forged Wheels, Brake Change/Swap
2: Beta Set
3.5L V10 Engine Swap [Optional], Street-Race Hybrid Suspension tune, Custom Forged wheels, Brake Change/Swap, Custom Street Body Kit provided by EmptyGrid
3: Gamma Set
6L Cairo V12 Swap tuned to SS Power Levels (1000+hp) [Optional], Race Suspension Tune, Custom Forged Wheels, Brake Change/Swap, Time Attack Body kit provided by EmptyGrid, Drivetrain Swap to AWD [Optional]

On Display at SEMA, we have two Modified Holts H4s. Both of these have been outfitted with a full scale Gamma Set tune.

The First is with a Standard Gamma Set. This Features the regular Twin Turbo 6L V12 making over 1000hp to all four wheels. It features a Custom made Time Attack body kit made in partnership with EmptyGrid Body Kits.

This Tuning kit pushes the H4 beyond what is considered normal for these cars.

The Second kit is an Uprated Gamma Set, which has become known as the NEON. The NEON features a slightly different Aero Kit and some removal of Chrome and Plastic accents, instead adding the bright green colour to more of the car.

The NEON features a more powerful version of the Standard Gamma Set’s Cairo V12, making over 1200hp. It’s revised aero kit allows for more downforce as well, creating a more grippy car overall.

The NEON kit is an extra option ontop of the Regular set for an added price.

Both are available to the Motoring press or other automotive media coverage teams to drive and get a taste for.

Special thanks to @Holts for the base car


Atlas Automotive appears at SEMA with the Velocity performance parts division. Included is a special edition created specifically for the show using the latest Atlas Stealth S.

Atlas Stealth VPP(Velocity performance parts) edition concept

The VPP edition is basically a Stealth S with parts taken directly from the Atlas Velocity Performance Parts catalogue. These parts(also shown next to the vehicle, some on a wall and an engine on a stand) include updated performance suspension, Carbon fiber titanium hybrid retro style rims, modified exhaust and intake systems, aero parts(including a wing, canards, and front clip), and a VX35 DE motor. Several of the parts shown were put into the VPP edition concept car.


Engine: 3.5L FSI V8 DOHC Transmission: F8 Sequential Paddleshift
Horsepower: 462 hp @ 8500rpm Torque: 323 lb-ft @ 7000rpm
Weight: 3417 lb Skidpad: 1.21g
0-60(mph): 3.9s Top speed: 186 mph(drag limited by aero)
1/4 mile: 12.1s MPG: 13.2 mpg

Stealth(V2) - VPP edition.car (35.4 KB)

The rest of the Atlas Stealth models shown at SEMA 2018:

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November 1st,The Revival


Passetto Da Corse performance

(an italian performance division and transmission supplier.)

We present the 2012 Atlas Stealth 4S:

Some guys at Atlas wanted us to make a more “exclusive” and more “pushing” version of their entry level of their known Lineup called “Stealth”, the Atlas Stealth S.

We had decided that instead of making a “Hardcore Turbocharged Hillclimb monster” we made a fun, Everyday use and very easy to drive Road car. Which is not very expensive, So everyone can enjoy a decently tuned car.

That’s how the “Stealth 4S” was born as a Un-official trim for the Stealth lineup which you can buy.

On the Aesthetic side, We have a Gosso-Sport bodykit, Giving it a more consistent design ( Which is very notable on the rear end). an Active wing (Which is hold open here so everyone can see it) carbon fibre painted stripe which connects the front with the rear. “4S” badging on the rear end and sides of the car.

this car is sitting on 19’ TRU RS Dual 5 Spoke Forged rims.

Extra features:
4S: Features a Bored and stroked 3.2L 440HP Flat-Plane Aluminum V8 (The normal Stealth S featured a 390HP 3.0L V8), Sport-Street Suspension Setup, Forged 19’ TRU Dual 5 spoke rims, Wasco 4 piston brakes, Recaro 4 harness Bucket seats, Glass sunroof, Custom hand-made Race Exhaust, Gosso-Sport body kit, Active Aerodinamics.

Despite being a Rear-Mid engine Rear-Wheel drive Supercar, The 4S is surprisingly easy to drive. It is so easy to drive that you can drive it with only one finger.

Again, The purpose of this car is to make an enjoyable, easy and fast car to drive, which doesn’t require a lot of skill to push it to it’s limits.

Extra Shots of the car

The Stealth 4S is open for test drives if anyone interested.

Special thanks to @MBT808 for the base car!


[X] Express Delivery

TreadKillers at SEMA: Delivery in 2-3 workday

(Thanks @SilverRemix for the Aniki Banji)


AKUITY wheels, the Japanese wheel brand founded 1978, is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a line of 5 new lightweight rotary forged monoblock alloy wheels. We present to you the 5PiRiT line.

To show the diversity of our latest 5PiRiT lineup, we have 4 unique cars demonstrating all the applications that the wheels can thrive.

Closely related to the 5R0P racing wheel is the 5D0P performance wheel, a flower-spoke wheel filled with style and poise. It sits seamlessly on Lorenzo’s bagged 2017 Nohda Assent Revo. With a 2.3L turbocharged inline-4 taken from the Assent GTX and a NDHR front bumper, this MPV turns heads everywhere and has some kick to boot.

A retro design with a modern twist, the 5C0P is light yet transcends generations and looks good on almost anything you’ll put it on. Munro’s 1996 Erin Berlose is a true sheep in wolf’s clothing, and the 5C0P helps to hint at the true nature of this beast. It’s a rare sedan being a US-spec X-AllDrive model, but Munro still decided to have his way with the car. The engine was already very impressive for the times, producing upwards of 100 hp/l from its 3.8L V8. However, with new UKT independent throttle bodies, forged pistons and rods, and a complete N/A tuning transformation, this Berlose makes over 500 HP to the wheels.

The 5C2P wheel is our second retro design, with a very simple yet elegant design with a center cap. For Leo’s 1994 Baltazar Quark 1.7 GT, it’s clear that the contrast of the simple wheels and the eccentric Quark is one that manages to work out well. His setup is static and low, and under the hood lies an aftermarket BorkWarmer turbo kit and Magsonic exhaust. Polarized headlights, an early 00’s J-Tech body kit, and a unique wrap help distinguish this Quark from any other typical Baltazar.

The final wheel design shows the future of AKUITY’s lineups and encapsulates all of the designs that we have been known for. The 5RXR is a sharp, dynamic twist wheel which is only available in larger diameters but is still extremely lightweight. Here, it’s on a stock 2013 LMC Megalodon convertible.

Please consult your local AKUITY dealer for more information.

Big thanks to @Dorifto_Dorito, @DeusExMackia, @Leonardo9613, and @Chickenbiscuit for providing me with their cars to ruin modify.



Enso presents
An Ode to the Power of Deus

With an uprated Erin V8 using twin turbocharging, race-spec brakes, fully stripped interior, semislick tyres, an uprated TRANTEC manual... the Tauga is transformed into a raging beast capable of 200 miles per hour.

Many thanks to @DeusExMackia for both the car and the review.
Here’s the music to go with the post, just as promised: