2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb - Preliminary 2 (restomod and heavy weights)

Welcome to the second preliminary event of the 2020 Great Gasmean Hill Climb

This event will feature two additional categories that will compete for an elusive place in the show case event on the Pikes Peak hill climb course. Only three cars per category will be invited to the show case.

How will these cars be chosen?

Every entry will be scored on the basis of:

  • appearance (it’s a show case event, the car needs to have the look).
  • budget, development time and costs (the organisation encourages efficiency).
  • performance (the cars need to be fast and have good handling).

Round 1 Only 10 cars progress per category

  • Each car will receive a score based on design (subjective partially, but I will appreciate effort as well as pure aesthetics).
  • Each car will receive a score based on material cost (higher than average means a penalty).
  • Each car will receive a score based on engine and trim ET and PU (higher than average means a penalty).
  • Each car will receive a score based on a flying lap around the Automation circuit in BeamNG, driven by me.
  • (Optionally) a score based on a flying lap around the Automation circuit in BeamNG, driven by you, with wheel or controller. You can PM me the time (until a date after the submission date to be communicated - with screenshot and replay available).

Round 2 The picking of the three

  • Each car will receive a score based on the stage time for Hillclimb 1 of the Automation circuit in BeamNG, driven by me.
  • (Optionally) a score based on the stage time for Hillclimb 1 of the Automation circuit in BeamNG, driven by you, with wheel or controller. You can PM me the time (until a date after the submission date to be communicated - with screenshot and replay available).

(optional times will be compared with each other, or in case of only a single entry with my time with wheel or controller)

The classes

General rules:

  • all Steam mods are allowed.
  • car, trim and engine year are free (2020 or below), unless otherwise indicated.
  • at least one proper sports seat.
  • racing fuel is available.
  • use of quality points should be grounded in reality, meaning that it’s unrealistic to appear with a car with absolutely crappy quality bodywork, brakes, suspension, bodywork,… positive quality points can be used but remember the scoring rules.
  • there is one exception to the rule above and that is negative quality points for safety. I accept these represent stripping the car down to only a roll cage.
  • I reserve the right to address obvious imbalances or mimaxing that might become obvious.
  • begone 4 fixture abominations.
  • entries are race cars a should look the part.
  • driving and breaking aids might be useful when driving civilly but can be a huge handicap when driving on the edge. Your entries are not street cars.
  • driver and team lore are encouraged, but not obligatory.
  • you can submit one entry per class or less.

Open Restomod class

You can suggest to me up to three realistic affordable cars from either the 1940’s and 50’s. The 1960’s until 1979. Or 1980 until 1995. I will pick one or more. This/these car(s) you can then restomod as a trim version of the car you sent me, and with a new variant of the same engine. The trim and variant can be up to 2020 in built year.

This means oldtimer supercars or premium sports cars will not be accepted. We are looking for classic cars that are relative cheap to buy now and would not be of massive value in their original state as oldtimers.

Scoring here will be more on drivability in Beam than pure time based. All other scoring parameters remain.

There will be 2 finalists per subcategory.

Open Heavy Weight Class

This is a free category for hillclimb versions or large vans, trucks and pickups. Normal scoring applies but the rest of the rules are free.

You are free to submit one test entry to confirm it can be accepted within this category.


Please first send me one (or max 3) suggestions for the restomod category by PM.
Please introcude your car(s) for submission below.

PM me the exported .car file:

Car model: 2020GGHC-Username.
Car trim: Name of the car.
Engine family: Engine name.
Engine variant: Variant Name.

Deadline base car for restomod: 13 June 2019
Deadline submission: 5 July 2019


So, uh, when it this opening, because I may already have made something for the truck class.

Base classic cars can be submitted now for review with the 20 June deadline.

Deadlines for restomod versions of approved base cars and for the vans/trucks are only in 5 or 6 weeks as things are planned now.

There’s no penalty for early submission in any case.

So for the restomod class:

Basically you send me a road car from before 1995 by the 20th.

For example: CSR 102 - A Free Decision. .

I review it and approve it, perhaps with some restrictions to keep balance in class (although design and drivability are more important pure time - it is a showcase event for the sponsers this).

And then by the ultimate deadline (tba) you send me something like this (same chassis and engine, other trim and variant): https://streamable.com/634gn


Must any vehicle in any class have an Automation reliability score of above 0? Engines I totally get, but the “downforce bottoming out at top speed” warning is getting pretty old…

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Always seeking out the extremes.

For the restomod class reliability can be 0, also for the engines. But note that I usually put on some restrictions when I receive the base car in what you can do in terms of tuning.

For the other classes, I don’t immediately see the need, but I can accept ignoring that warning. Reliability does not play a role in this challenge.

Fortunately engines that have reliability issues in Automation will also break in Beam now so there won’t be any 0 reliability abuse going on there!

But yeah it’s annoying when my truck is clearly not bottoming out at top speed in Beam and it’s still throwing up warnings in Automation. Thanks.

Huh? One of my test cars had 0 engine reliability, didn’t work in Automation, but worked in Beam.

I’m not sure if I still have the car though… I’ll check tonight - and or make another one.

Truck Class Entry almost ready, just need the final tweaks and she’ll be good to go


huh okay… I had an engine with severely compromised reliability and when I revved it past a certain point Beam told me I had damage and I started losing power…

Aha, yes, so when the crank etc… limits are surpassed, the engine will indeed disintegrate in Beam.

My zero reliability was only linked to the combintation of a carburated engine with a giant turbo, if I recall correctly.

oh, so Beam doesn’t simulate carbs flaming out huh? Interesting…

Im a bit comfused with the scoring part of the contest here can you elaborate a bit more?

Exact weighing is dependent on number of entries and balance. For the restomod category, there will be less weight for the time.

In all other categories, the top 3 fastest cars should go through, unless they score horrible in every single other aspect. The other I aim to be more balanced, with no horribly slow cars getting in the top 10 either.

Your own time is an optional bonus or malus added to your time score, reflecting driver skill bonus, depending on whether it is worse or better than my time - and how big the difference is compared to others that sent in times.

You might be referring to 100 RON ultimate unleaded in that case. If indeed you are, then everyone could (and would) use it.

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Added 5 July as deadline for entries to preliminary 2.

Made the deadline to send in your car(s), three max, for review from before built year 1995 earlier to 13 June.
This is for the restomod class. You build a car or preferably take one from your existing ones. I review it, and potentially put on some restrictions, and then you go to town with the car and modify it for hillclimb use by the July deadline.

The restrictions will be mostly linked to the fuel system used or for big engines to the cam profile, to keep the character of the original car, and a semblance of balance within class.

Execution, appearance and drivability will be the main scoring factors here.

Earlier deadline date for submissions for base cars for the restomod class is because I’ll apparently be in Kazachstan for a week, because reasons, so no access to Automation.

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Restomod Entry #1

Base Car: 1982 Epoch M30 Six Sport



my DMU KT5 looks uncomfortably similar to the M30, or from a front fascia standpoint lol.

Lol, well… I did take a lot of inspiration from real-life offerings from that era (especially from the premium segment :P)

That explains things

more here


Scarab will hopefully run the Scarab Flare RX -95 for a shot at restomodding it to be competetive:

The Flare used a steel monocoque chassis with partial aluminium panels as standard and had a turbocharged 1.6 l straight 4 rated at 200+ hp. It had a sporty interior with bucketed front seats and a cheap stereo. The cars were pretty popular with the tuning crowd, being a cheap but fun car to drive and tune and stole one or two buyers from prospective VR6 buyers.

The Restomod Flare uses the same steel monocoque chassis with partial aluminium panels as the standard and had a turbocharged 1.6 l straight 4 rated at 400+ hp due to upgraded internals and a bigger tubo. The gearbox had been changed to a sequential to get the power to the pavement as quick as possible. The rims has been changed out, as has the tires. To lighten the car as much as possible, the interior and stereo has been ripped out and left a bucketed front seat. The car also has upgraded wings and front splitters for better downforce.

In the truck/heavyweight class we will be submitting the Scarab Boulder:

As standard it is a good hauler/pickup with decent amount of power and low end torque to get the goods where it should. Being rather small, it fits both in cities and on the smaller back roads.

Built on a Light truck monocoque, it’s nowhere near ideal for racing, but after stripping the interior and changing out most of the paneling to Fibre Glass, it actully got pretty light. Furhtermore, rebuilding the 4 litre V8 with bigger turbos and giving it some boost, it’s now a monster on the track. Changing out the tires for 21/35/275 slicks gives it at least some grip and fitting a good amount of wings and lips takes care of the rest.