24 Hours of Ellisbury 1984 [homologation in progress]

For the Entry Format it mentions the family name and the variant name does that include the engine as well?

If that’s the case then will the car be automatically disqualified for it’s class if it doesn’t have “24HE - username” at the beginning?

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model name (for the car) and family name (for the engine) should be 24HE-username. Trim and variant names should be the actual names of the car and engine. I’m probably not gonna instabin someone for getting the entry format wrong but it’s a huge headache on my part if it’s not right

Oh I see. I forgot to add the naming format for the (family engine) but the actual car model has it so sorry for that

The 1984 Strader GT B4S

Strader took their 5 liter flat 6 “people’s supercar”, took off two cylinders and added a turbocharger to wind up with a 3.3 liter flat 4, homologation special. It makes 336 horsepower @ 6200 and 301 lb-ft of torque @ 4500 rpm, and weight is 2421.7 lbs thanks to a fiberglass body, magnesium wheels, and a space frame construction. This results in a 0-60 of 4.2 seconds, and a very high top speed of 185 mph.


Debuting for the 1984 model year, Aria Motorsports is proud to announce the 3rd Generation of the Spitfire! With new sleek looks, cutting edge performance, and the layout known and loved by our fans, the Spitfire MK.3 will be sure to make driving an enjoyable experience for all!
In adittion, we are keeping our racing pedigree strong by entering in the upcoming 1984 24 Hours of Elisbury race!
Starting price 28,500
(Credit to @ldub0775 for the pictures)


@everyone 1 day to go (but I’m not checking entries until I get back from my trip on the 16th so you’ve got a little bit of grace period)

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wait hang on, i just re-read the rules before submitting, and in some places it says exhaust is free, and in others it says i need a cat and a muffler. (this is for the production car)
Usually i use my cat as the muffler for my supercars, so what do i do.

Hey there this is my design. It’s bad so please tell how to improve !

The brand new Capable Amplitude Sport! Capable’s super powerful, super quick sports car! Think Capable only builds off roaders, but we build much more than that! 5 seconds 0-100 km/h! Featuring a turbocharged I4! Very powerful! Tested through asphalt, gravel, and mud in Capable’s own ruthless Idaho proving ground! Edwin can sit back and relax knowing that Capable’s future is in good hands!

Not sure if I’m one to talk considering my designs usually score as plain boring, but the headlights are at least 20 years too modern for 1984 with the LED strips. 1984 was the first year that composite headlights were even legal in the US, so you could go with some rectangular sealed beams or very basic composite headlights. I would shrink the badge to about half its current size and flip the vents vertically, maybe widening them a bit. You also might want to add some sort of vents/air intakes down on the bumper as well.

yuggghhghg yeah baby murica powe!!! :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: damn 5.7L v8 will WIN!!! oh say can you see the massive v8!!!




he driver
24HE_-Djadania-Da_Kar-_Major_SS.car|attachment (60.2 KB)
(Road version)


The road car needs the cat and muffler; the exhaust on the race car can be modified from the road car without restriction

Introducing the Robin Zenith 2000 FI - A new affordable sports car from the Robin Motor Company. The Zenith is the cumulation of 14 years of development of the proven I V (Innovation 5) 2000 engine, now turbocharged to produce 197 hp. With this technology Robin can continue to show that the I V is the engine for the future, but it’s not just the powerplant that makes the zenith the perfect sports car.

Fully independent suspension, a lightweight fibreglass body and finely tuned vented brakes, front and rear, mean the Zenith can turn and stop just as well as it acclerates. The price for all this performance? Less than $17,500A - a bargain! All of this will be put to the test when the factory affiliated Blackmarsh Racing team takes the Zenith to Ellisbury to compete among both customer teams and other brands in the GMSA Cavel GT series.


looks very 90’s (but not in a way that makes it look out of place)
whats the displacement?

when you say “headders are free” do you mean on the production or the race car?

Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking of a full redesign on an older chassis, but by that point I’d started to really like the look, and far too many hours had gone into it for that! It’s a 2000cc engine btw, forgot to actually state that in the post

i was taking pictures for my submission and i can’t not post this one

McDoug Motors takes on the 24 hours of Ellisbury!

GTO homologation “Granite”

The Granite will be a tough car to beat with it’s old school OHV 2V V8 ready to push up to the front of the field at the end of the 24hours

This Car and its Engine will be available for your use and tunning.

If all goes according to plan McDoug Motors is working on a GTP Racing engine that will also be available if homologation goes according to plan for this little turbo monster.

See you guys in the tunning shop and track soon.

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Not sure if I should post my car in the main thread too, but,

Car name: ACZ Tosta DH8.
Engine name: 4L Al2 V8 “Brute”

Backstory: The Tosta started as a basic vehicle, aimed at those at low incomes by using familiar (some naysayers would call it ‘primitive’) technology. However, as AWD emerged, a new AWD variant was launched for those in rural areas. Although other models proved far more popular and profitable, ACZ was praised for the AWD Tosta, providing a far cheaper and more practical all season vehicle than the pickups of the time.

It came as a shock when the motorsports director wanted to modify the Tosta for the famed 24 Hours of Ellisbury, but the marketing team saw it as a chance to sell the basic car for those in higher incomes, so the project was greenlit. To keep its edge in the GTO class, the vehicle borrowed components from other vehicles in the ACZ lineup. Since the modifications were so extreme, the vehicle was designated as the D eath H atch V 8 (DH8), wearing a badge only a select few have had before.

While the factory intends to enter a few Tostas under the ACZR banner, some race ready DH8 models will be sold to privateers to see how far the humble Tosta can be pushed.

Fun Fact: This is the only Tosta to have a trim badge on it. Other models don’t have trim designators to keep production costs down.

Astral, a company famous for its light and somewhat affordable sports cars has decided to return again to the famous Tri-Oval in an attempt to go racing once more.

Astral Automotive

The chariot of choice as always is the trusty T6 GT, which has competed in several pervious years (with middling success).
Astral’s usual policy of ‘if it aint broke dont fix it’ hasn’t appeared to work in its last attempts, with the company previously running a modified engine from the mass produced stock car, which had its roots in 1962, with the car itself being from the early 70’s.
The higher ups at Astral Automotive have decided this is simply unacceptable, and have taken a shelved project for a 4.5L V-10 out of storage, and slapped it in the GT, coining it as the GTS, and selling it for the hefty sticker price of just over $36,000.
They have also decided to take the Multilink suspension from the T2 that was being developed for the 24h of La-Frons, and to apply it to the rear end of this car.
Despite being a downsite more expensive (and fuel thirsty) then the regular car (10k dearer infact), they predict they will be able to sell enough of them to make the homologation specifications for GTO.

Astral Automotive T6 GTS in Angel Blue


Although it appears that due to the secrecy of the project, things have not gone quite to plan.
Another group in the racing division of the company appear to have taken the engine from the stock car, and turbocharged it to hell, making over 500hp right at the top of the rev range, then simply put it in the stock car with upgraded brakes and Air-Suspension from the luxury model to pad out the minimum weight, with the intention to sell them on the side so they can make the GTU homologation requirements. (After all, Astral has been successfully selling de-tuned versions of their F1 cars to the public since the 50’s)
Also rather confusingly, they have dubbed this the S-GT, and according to them “The S does not stand for sport, its a bit of a handful with that much power”

Astral Automotive T6 S-GT Turbo in Argent Silver


Upon discovery of two projects to enter in the competition, upper management was baffled on what to do next. The naturally aspirated car handles excellently, whereas using the stock car, the turbo car handles like a brick which square wheels. Additionally, it seems that somehow out of 1999cc’s the team have managed to make more power then the conventional 4.5L V-10, which put management in an awkward position.
They could not cancel either project, because they both competed in different classes and had their own merits.
So instead, it was decided to enter both cars, and for the teams to share their technologies with one-another in the hopes of better cars overall.

A sketch of Astral’s board meeting 6 months before the event

Unsurprisingly, the part time side-hustle turbo team gained the most, with new rear suspension, better interior to help it sell to customers, and aero data from the V-10 version to lower the drag. Although the V-10 got little from this deal other then bigger brakes, it would have been a foolish decision not to do this.

Annoyingly the 2-class cap meant that they could no longer enter their La-Frons car as they had planned (from which both cars had taken parts), but it was a better financial decision to sell +200 expensive cars, then to enter a few one-off race cars which may cost a small fortune.

Both cars have been submitted to the GMSA, with the La-Frons car ready to step in if either car fails to meet requirements.

If anyone would like to use these cars, or see more pictures, I would be more then happy to share them. I’ve made sure in final race configuration you will be able to run the max amount of entries per class, and they have the ability to be optimised for either raw power or fuel efficiency depending on your strategy. I also have models tuned to handle true-to-life in BeamNG. If you want them send me a message

Mic Images and true Top speeds in BeamNG

GTS (V-10) with a top speed of 218mph

S-GT Turbo with a top speed of 212mph




If we’d like our street car to be available for customer teams, what does that mean?