[4.1.7] Couple of issues/questions

  1. Sportiness.
    Has something changed with how car’s sportiness is affecting the overall score? I developed a V8 sport’s car using ~1951 large coupe body and was surprised about couple of design choices that I had to do, that were very different to what I remember in LCV4.0. a) Automatic transmission (2 gears) was scoring better than any manual. b) hydraulic power steering was giving better competitiveness. c) best score I achieved targeting the suspension for 100% drivability (ignoring sportiness). Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but I think it was the other way in 4.0. It almost looks like the sportiness component is completely ignored from the final score? :thinking: Or some multiplier has changed from 4.0 and drivability is grossly overvalued compared to the sportiness?

  2. Suspension tuning
    Previously when I was fine tuning suspension, for example camber, aiming for example towards 100% drivability, changing camber in one direction (let’s say increasing camber) was more or less steadily increasing the score of the car, until it reached 100% drivability (local score optimum), and after that score would start decreasing if I would keep adding more and more camber (overshooting the local score optimum). Now the score jiggles up and down during this process. For example. Steadily increasing camber from 0.5 to 1.0, drivability increases from 98.5% to 99.9%, while competitiveness jiggles up and down. I’m not sure what’s happening (is it an intentional change?), but it’s confusing and makes suspension tuning more difficult as it’s less predictable. Maybe it’s somehow related to the 1. issue?

  3. Desirability in the hub
    I have a car which sells like crazy, competitiveness ~200, factory utilisation at maximum, I have one year of unfulfilled orders, my margins are 70% (dealers’ margins ~30%), car is making tons of money. But in the hub, presented values for desirability and affordability are very very bad. For example 30% and coloured black :confused:

I could share a save game or post some screenshots if something is not clear.

I’ve noticed in, say, 4.1.5 that sporty cars seem to score miserable on competitiveness, even in demographics that should care about it. However they still sell very well and they sell to the demographics you would expect them to. So, I think it’s more to do with competitiveness being weird, not that it is a number with any direct effect now. My average top 3 competitors often all have 0 Sportiness. I suspect this is doing something weird to the competitiveness, but perhaps not the desirability.

Regarding the 3rd point, the issue is visible on the screenshots that I attached in another issue [4.1.7] Car selling to the markets it shouldn't be. Car selling very well, but the hub is saying that the desirability is 13% and 9% for two trims. I’m starting to suspect that those two issues are related:

Hub is reporting an average desirability of the generated sales? This car shouldn’t be selling to non sport markets, but it does because of some sales model issue and that’s why we are getting a strange/misleading desirability in the hub?

Re the 1. point. Here is an example I was talking about. Sports car from 1951. Automatic transmission works better for all sport markets? The problem with power steering I think I have observed in the same savegame, but a couple of years later when I was facelifting this car.

Note that later, in 1960s, somehow the manual gearbox was scoring better. So it might be a balancing issue? First screenshot shows a comparison of stats between automatic and manual gearbox.

V1.db.zip (1.5 MB)