60s Coupe Body

This afternoon’s work - I don’t think its great (its still a bit wavy and odd in places), but I’m starting to learn a lot more about making cars, and this one was about 5 times as quick to make as the last few, and possibly a bit better done.

Its a coupe along the lines of an Aston Martin DB2, complete with some Minilite style wheels (Zeussy also worked out how to do wire wheels, damn those things are confusing!)

Great! Adding it to IGCD. When you have an ingame screen, I’ll try to replace it.

Edit: I think it’s the lightning thing, but it resembles pictures depicting GTA III beta cars.

Nice, but I think the rear is too short…should be like the Hermes from the GTA series I think :smiley:

nice! looks very British!

Kinda like a cross between a DB2, a E-Type, and a Healey :slight_smile:

I would buy one :wink:

It’s a good starting point but it’s more '50s than '60s. Other than the DB2 early Ferraris, and early '50s Maseratis looked similar.
Typical '60s coupes looked different. Some examples:

ISO Grifo:

BMW 2000CS:

Fiat 2300S Coupe:

And in the mid sixties a new style was born, the mid-engined supercar. The first of this type was the Lamborghini Miura in '66:

Its also a bit e-type, but it actually does look a bit like a 1950s bristol 404 as well.

It might end up more being 50’s then yes, but regardless there will be a range of coupe bodies :slight_smile:

I agree that, that one is more 50s looking. Also here is another 60s coupe too consider :wink: okay late 60shttp://www.vintageadgallery.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/mugs_for_website_large/VF169_Ford_Capri_Mk1_1968.jpg

May i suggest some 60s coupe bodies as inspiration?

Namely the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint (GTA), a well known european classic.

Or the Fiat 850 Sport Coupe:

And let’s not forget the legendary Lancia Fulvia:

Err…and a bit of dutch pride :mrgreen: , the Daf 55 Coupe/Marathon (introduced in 1968):

But i’d better stop with these few, since i could go on and on about cars. :laughing:

EDIT: What about producing a certain bodystyle thru various decades, something along the lines like Morgan.
Don’t know if it could work, but it’s something to consider.

PS. Keep up the good work, like the shell.

Nice examples Alfist! The GTA is one of my favourite cars!



And a nice Alfa 1750:


Italians put their souls into their cars!

It’s late 60’s but here’s the Fiat 124 Coupe

And of course the Dino!

And something a bit different, although again v. late 60’s, The Peugeot 504 Coupe :smiley:


There is one of those just parked up the street, it looks like I doesn’t get driven much :’(

That’s really a shame, those are meant to be driven.
And by that, i don’t mean good old grannie-style. :mrgreen:

Anyway…let’s get back on-topic. :wink:

lets not forget some american cars from the sixties!!

AMC: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.amc.htm

Chrysler 1960-1964: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.chrysler-60-64.htm
Chrysler 1965-1969: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.chrysler-65-69.htm

Dodge: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.dodge.htm

Plymouth: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.plymouth.htm

Ford: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.ford.htm

Lincoln: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.lincoln.htm

Mercury: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.mercury.htm

Buick: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.buick.htm

Cadillac: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.cadillac.htm

Chevrolet 1960-1964: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.chevrolet-60-64.htm
Chevrolet 1965-1969: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.chevrolet-65-69.htm
(dont forget the 1967 Camaro RS/SS) :http://cache2.allpostersimages.com/p/LRG/26/2678/N1AUD00Z/posters/greenberg-jeff-1967-camaro-rs-ss.jpg

Oldsmobile: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.oldsmobile.htm

Pontiac: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.pontiac.htm

Studebaker: fiftiesweb.com/cars/60.studebaker.htm

here is a link for 1970s american cars: pbase.com/rpdoody/classic_am … _the_1970s

Think of French coupé too

A René Bonnet rare car: http://www.dicauto.com/images/matradjet.jpg

Actually, Europe is unique by it’s 60s Coupes. Citroen Ds 21 Chapron, BMW 1600, Ford Capri, Mercedes 280 SE, DeTomaso Pantera, Austin Mini Couper S, Jaguar E Type, Porsche 911, etc. America also gave some of the best and most popular cars ever: Ford Mustang Mach 1, Chevrolet Impala, Corvette Sting Ray, Camaro SS, Pontiac Gto, etc. Now, when I’m thinking about 60s cars, I found that you can’t make just 3 chassis types for all of them. Those years factories wanted something new and different. My opinion is to take 1 American muscle (square body), and 2-3 European (misc square-round) chassis. This is just my opinion.

And we need headlights like that are not added to the body but who are part of the body you get my point?


Granted its from the 70s, still need something that can be made into the shape of one of the most legendary sports coupes of all time :stuck_out_tongue:


you mean like this? :wink:

Funny story about the 2000GT…it was actually started and designed by Nissan, who then fired the design team in favor of the team who designed the 240Z. The 2000GT’s design team took the car to Toyota. Theres a whole episode from the History channel on it IIRC, as well as a ton of articles somewhere on the web.

Either way, the 2000GT changed nothing in the sports car world. The 240Z changed everything :wink:

On the contrary, the 2000GT proved that the Japanese could “play with the big boys”, and undoubtedly put them on the map. The 240Z proved that they could mass produce a good sports car at a reasonable price, but I would hesitate to say that it changed everything.