72 ° cylinder banks

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this before, but I believe 72° cylinder banks would be a worthy addition to the game. Now you don’t need to tell me again (I’ve seen the Q/A) that no engine additions will be made from now on until the official release (which I figure will be at least another 2-3 years :b) but my opinion stands. 90° V10’s are usually either truck engines or Viper, (which was derived from a truck engine) whereas most modern V10 sports cars have a 72° bank angle. The technical advantage would be that 72° V10’s are naturally balanced, unlike 90° V10’s.

I know this won’t happen in the near future, but I just wanted to throw it out there

EDIT: Once in a blue moon you’ll also see a 72° V8 or V6, so… that’s a thing

I know this is probably annoying but I must defend my favorite brand, the Viper V10 had nothing to do with the truck engine.

I don’t think this is common enough to be put into the game anyways, but maybe its possible.


Ehhhhh… Viper V10 It was not based on the Dodge truck v10s…

While 72° is the best angle for a V10, as far as I know the only road car to actually use one is the Lexus LFA. Ford, Chrysler and Audi/Lamborghini’s V10s were based on existing V8s to save money and so are 90°. The BMW S85 is 90° as well, though I’m not sure why as it was an original design.


This is a comparison of a 86mm stroke and bore 2012 90° v8 vs 90° v10… as you can see the v10 is already much smoother (making it extremely smooth overall, only i6 or v12 can compete) even without developing an entirely new engine. In addition it costs less materials, PU and ET for a given displacement while using the same sized larger cylinders, although is heavier per unit of displacement or for the power it produces. Note the efficiency is a red herring, they are basically the same when exhaust is corrected for.

72° v10’s would in theory be be a little lighter and a little smoother, at the cost of higher center of mass. But as others have said for production road-cars only one Lexus has ever done this in reality… and I for one would much rather see progress on the main tycoon game than making an engine for just one car that doesn’t really open any game play choices you couldn’t already shoehorn between the various v8’s, 90° v12 or 60° v12… although if they where adding another engine layout for some reason, something like i2 or 180° v8 would be both faster, add less menu clutter, and have more real world examples.


I may be wrong, but I believe Lambo made the switch from 90 to 72.

I think, but I might be wrong, but I sorta recall in a Little dev update killrob said 72° is optimal for V10s, however, to avoid designing other block for the game, they just went with 90° as it is also possible and won’t be adding much to the game to add a 72° bank block (only more development time).


Unless you have knowledge of a yet unreleased car (which is entirely possible, they do tease things long in advance) then the answer is a no on that one:

However do note that the Audi’s that use it use a cross pane design (split pin crank) while the actual Lamborghini’s use a less smooth flat pane, because it allows a stronger crank, more characteristic noise signature ect… Coupled with a 2mm lower bore spacing it allows a shorter overall block, despite sharing the same tech.

The Dodge Viper engine came from a team of Lamborghini engineers.