A Comprehensive Guide to Automation Bodies

Hi, Void here.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, making a complete and thorough guide to every vanilla body in the game. This is in an effort to help those strapped for inspiration, or even new players into not making their first car look like this:

insert costco joke here.

So, what am I going to do?

Put simply, I am going to (try) to showcase every vanilla body in game, show the real-life car that they are based on, show some examples myself and people in the forums/discord have made themselves as well as give a walk-through of what not to do on a specific body. I will accept pretty much any help given as this is a mammoth task, and will likely take multiple months.

So I’ve made a car using that body, how to I get it included?

Simply send me a dm on the forums, or @ me in the official discord server (i am uncomfortable with discord dm’s. apologies if this complicates anything.) and I will review the image/.car file attached. I would preferably like cars made in 4.24, although with the impending 4.2 update this may change.

What will happen when 4.2 drops?

I will have more work. If you feel like updating your submitted design, please, feel free- just know that I will not request this of you.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that this helps many people, both experienced and new to Automation. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays. - void <3


Oh damn. Ambitious, huge, and potentially really useful project. Chapeau bas.

Body 1: "60’s Roadster"

This body is a series of small roadster-type vehicles that unlock in 1946- the lowest year you can go. This was actually used in my first car, and I find that is a good body to use as a first car, as it doesn’t take a whole load of detailing or skill to make it look good.

This body is based off of (as far as I can tell) an Austin-Healey 3000, a small British roadster from the 1950’s/60’s. It has very sleek, curvy lines that go well with rounded shapes and objects, so I would recommend staying away from sharp, straight edges.

Austin Healey 3000 Gallery

Unfortunately, as with any body in Automation, it is not without it’s flaws.

  • It has pre-determined bumpers, presumably from Kee/early development ages that are very finicky and difficult to work with/remove.

  • The morphs are minimal and look… less than decent, causing some to look odd and out of place.

  • I have experienced some tearing/ripping issues

The body is relatively easy to make look good, for example:

This is a remake of my first car I made around 4 months ago, and it looks pretty good right? Well, in fact, it has around 20 fixtures overall- meaning that it doesn’t take much to make it look good.

So, what should you do on this body?

To find out, let’s fix our example car. First, let’s fix the wheels :

Screenshot 2021-11-29 232616

First of all, these are far too large for a 1946 car, so let’s fix that. We’ll also increase tire diameter.

Screenshot 2021-11-29 232527

Much better, but the wheels still look out of place.

So, let’s change them to something that fits better.

Perfect. Now, to address the morphs-

And they’re fixed. While we’re here, let’s change the colour to a nice clay-like colour to help with designing.

now, let’s address the front. We’ll start by replacing the lights with something more period-accurate, like so:

Wonderful, now to tackle the grille. It’s all gotta go- none of it fits the car even remotely.

Now that that’s gone, let’s start with a more period-fitting basic shape.

Great! However, it feels a bit empty and bland, so I will change it to another variant within this family.

Now, that’s better! Let’s re-add a logo now.

It’s starting to look good already, but we need just a few more things:

Most cars of this era used a black number plate like this, although you might want to do some research into your specific country.

Now that we’ve added indicators, the front is essentially finished. You can move on if you want, but I added some foglights and trim pieces for extra flair.

Onto the side, this aerial is far too modern for this car, so let’s remove it and replace it with something with more period correct.

Now, these mirrors are huge and far too modern, so they gotta go.

It’s the same deal with door handles- let’s replace them.

Much better! The side is essentially done now, but if you want you could add some vents or trim pieces for added flair and appearance. Side indicators would also be good, although not needed on this car.

Onto the rear, I went with something roundy, which I think fits this body.

Exhausts should be single or small dual pipes, and should not be in fancy places or holders.

Now, for number plate you can essentially do what you want, and I chose to enclose mine in glass using patchwork for bonus flair.

Now for a badge: using letters for trim/model name helps too.

The fuel cap doesn’t have to be included on this car, as many cars of the era had them internally.

And finally, we add a splash of colour to the car (i went with this nice teal colour) and we are done.

If you want you can add a simple interior using the interior mods.

And there you have it! A guide on how to make a simple car on this body.

Results + .car file

Example_1-British_Roadster-_Teal_I4.car|attachment (32.9 KB)

Inspiration Gallery!

1950 Iskra 340 8-Valve Speedster by @voiddoesnotknow

1950 Ainsworth Cardinal 6 - 6 Fintail (2022 Revamp) by @voiddoesnotknow


This thread is gonna take some serious effort! Really amazing what you’re doing!


Legendary indeed.

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Nice. There is also a larger variant of that same body (2.64m wheelbase) available from 1946 onwards - I guess your advice for the smaller Healey body also applies to the larger version.



Very useful Guide!
You have a very good sense of style!!
A good hack from an experienced player.


Thumbs up, keep up the good work.

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yes, it does.

Body 2: "60’s Compact Small"

Note: a longer, 2.6m wheelbase version of this body also exists.

This body is a series of compact, hatchback/liftback vehicles that unlock in 1965. They can be used for a large variety of purposes, due to the unique morphs. It is one of (from what i have seen) one of the more popular bodies, and is pretty easy to work with.

The body is based off of a 1st generation Datsun/Nissan Cherry, a small Japanese hatchback from the 60’s/70’s. It has a very unique window line and proportions, and can lead to some gorgeous looking cars. This is also commonly referred to as the “Satsuma Body”, after the Satsuma car from My Summer Car.

Datsun Cherry/Satsuma Gallery


As for flaws, there are very little with this body, as I presume it is quite new.

  • Occasionally the optional paint will freak out and revert to the default red.

  • The rear can be a little egregious to work with, with fixtures curving round the side of the car.

I did make an old car with like 10 fixtures and it looked okay once- but fortunately those photos have been lost to time.


First, let’s get our morphs and paint sorted out. I’ve gone for a stubby hatchback here, and used the clay paint.

I started off by choosing appropriate wheels, I think these fit well for an early 70’s economy hatch.

Now for the lights- it’s difficult to go for anything other than circles on this body, so I just lined them up with the fascia lip.

as for the grille, I slotted it inbetween the lights, making a nice, almost happy look.

Now onto the bumper- I chose this one, with the extra sticking-out bits, because I thought it would look good on this sort of car.

Now for the indicators, I chose some rounded squares and lined them up with the headlights for a nice flow.

I now add a Japanese number plate- offcentre because I love asymmetrical cars. ( reminder: yellow japanese plates only go on kei cars. )

I then add a badge- also asymmetrical, sticking to the theme of the car.

I then add some more trim and detail pieces, including a foglamp and extra ventilation- remember, economy doesn’t mean no vents, if fact, more often the opposite.

I then add a aerial and side indicators.

Then, we add some door handles, with a lock on only one side (because yes)

And don’t forget, Japanese cars had fender mirrors until the 1983. (also ignore that they change colour.)

Just adding some trim pieces to make it look a bit nicer, nothing fancy.

it was at this point that i started forgetting to screenshot the design process, so sorry if some of it feels a bit clumped together.

Adding the rear lights and a rear plate, mounted high up and in line with the lights.

Add the badge, and a boot lid handle.

A simple interior just to add some detail.

And we give it this nice, aquamarine colour to finish off.

And like that, we’re done!

Results + .car file

Please Note: please do not just take the .car file, change the colour and claim it as your own! These cars will likely be apart of my company’s lore, so please don’t just take them. I’m fine if you download it, have a look, maybe use it as a base for you own car, but please don’t just straight up take it. Thank you <3.

Example_2__60_s_Compact_Small_-_Turquoise_I3.car (48.2 KB)

Inspiration Gallery

Tetu Lonyal by @Itemi

Maestrum A650 Mk1 Blackpool by @voiddoesnotknow


Which body are you lookin into doing next?

not sure… the austin princess possibly.

Hey @voiddoesnotknow do you know a really light weight body? Can be anything, sedan, hatchback, coupé etc. I was looking for such a body and I thought you might be the right person to ask

lightweight as in sporty, or just small? also what sort of time period?

That would be a great choice since IMO that’s a very hard body to

  1. Make to look good
  2. Place fixtures on
  3. Remove the British Leyland look from.

Though I don’t have any car based on that body IIRC. My only thought is that it would be easier to send examples if people knew which bodies were coming, after all there is lots of vanilla bodies available.


Anything, any year, I just want something very lightweight (preferably a hatchback or sedan or a supercar body)


good idea- i’ll announce in future.

as for the princess body, i’ve only really seen it been used by myself- in which i made a princess clone. so, that will be a difficult one to tackle, hence why i’m trying to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.


sorry for the long wait. I’ve been working on things for myself over the holidays, and have been a little stressed. new guide should be out in January.


Body 3: "70’s British Leyland (BL)"

aka the god fucking awful austin princess body

This body has 3 different wheelbases that mainly consist of sedans/saloons, hatchbacks and estates/wagons that unlocks in 1974. It is one of the worst bodies in Automation and I rarely see it used outside of new players and people such as myself (masochists)

This body is based off of the Austin Princess/1800, Morris 1800 and the Wosley 18-22 series. These were all essentially the same car, with minor changes in certain trim levels or manufacturer. The car was ultimately produced by British Leyland (hence the fact that 3 companies actually sold the car) and was therefore not very good. However, it still has somewhat of a cult following and I myself actually find the car very good - looking.

Austin Princess/1800 Gallery


The Flaws. (Warning: huge amount of salt incoming)

  • It’s old. Very old. Bumper - tearing old.

  • Morphs are weird as hell and make the car look like melted cheese

  • No paint slots at all and stupidly fucking awkward to place patchwork

  • Randomly tears for no reason and sometimes decides to throw your fixtures around, like ending up with a mirror on the boot when I definately didn’t put one there.

  • I had to cut the whole damn front off to be able to actually use it without the fixtures looking out of place. I swear, 90% of my Princess build was invisible patchwork.


A decent through the seven rings of hell

Now since this body is so fucking awkward to use I’ve taken the liberty of cutting out the front beforehand. How? Patchwork and those weird Kia grilles. And pain. A lot of pain.

I then added the beginnings of a front fascia, using some inset lights and square indicators to go for a very 70’s malaise sort of look.

Then, in my infinite wisdom decided to add a rather overcomplicated grille that later on involved meticulously angling one of these grilles to make it flush with the rest of the front.

I then decided to add some vents for a i r s u c c, aswell as filling in the rest of the holes in the front.


I got bored and added way too many details than what was necessary, including 3 pairs of extra lights, extra indicators, wiper lights, chrome trim in the grille, an aerial and a badge.

I then changed the wheels on the side for something equally shit and fitting of this car

I then detailed the side with trim, trim, mirrors, fuel cap and door handles.

I moved the bumpers from the front back onto the back for that good ol’ American 5mph safety

fuck forgot to screenshot it whoops basically just gave it lights and a boot handle lol

gave it a soft top because why not and made it the only colour for an American malaise shitbox: brown

the resulting affront to god

who allowed this thing to live

Gallery of what not to do

1978 Maestrum Princess 1800GL by @voiddoesnotknow

Not sure of the name by @Stryder237


You have incredible professionalism in the creating of the cars.
After finishing the detailing, all the absurdity of this bodywork is even more noticeable.

Bravo! Not sure what I’d take this body for, it’s not on the list of interesting projects that have any value. I would rather choose a freak body from 2012, but the Austin Princess didn’t even come to mind.