A couple of small and quick suggestions

hi guys, i have some small suggestions :slight_smile:

  • economy, in western Europe we write co2- as grams per kilometer and not per KWH. could this option be added to the options menu?
  • the ability to easily design company badges (not necessarily 3d)
  • the ability to change the car color when creating a new model
  • (random generated/blank) number plates as fixtures
  • the possibility to select the upper/lower fixture if they overlap (using a key like control)
  • gas tank size.
  • fuel tank caps (fixtures)
  • handles for the rear door (hatchback)
  • model name badges for the sides/front /rear (the could game generates them if you type a modelname)

I cant answer all your questions, but for some I can:

  • the ability to easily design company badges (not necessarily 3d)
    Has been discussed before, use the search function. Not a clear answer yet, maybe you can implement stickers, but later there will definetly be badges modded into the game.

  • (random generated/blank) number plates as fixtures
    A lot of fixtures will come with the next update, not sure if these will be implemented, but I can imagine this wont be added, as you would need a licenseplate colour combination for a lot of countries.

  • the possibility to select the upper/lower fixture if they overlap (using a key like control)
    Discussed before. Layering the fixtures has been looked into, but it is really hard to do so because the ‘stamping’ of the fixtures onto the body is already a hard thing to manage.

  • gas tank size
    This I find interesting. Would be a fun stat to implement, especially when you want to make cars oriented for city use only or for long cargo travels.

  • fuel tank caps (fixtures)
    Lots of fixtures will come. Possibility these too, I guess.

  • handles for the rear door (hatchback)
    Discussed before. Will be there (as said by Daffyflyer, one of the devs)

  • model name badges for the sides/front /rear (the could game generates them if you type a modelname)
    Actually has been discussed before and even earlier today I posted about this, with a link to a previous topic about it.

Like Wizzy says: lots of more different fixtures will come, although they do not have the highest of priorities at the moment.

You misunderstand “economy”. An engine does not have any fuel economy, only efficiency. The unit for engine efficiency is brake specific fuel consumption, given in g/kWh.

What you mean what is given in g/km is Emissions, not Economy.

in emissions then sorry if i misinterpreted it, but in western Europe car manufacturers use g/km in their brochures and not g/kWh witch is something completely different

That is because they have complete cars, not just engines.

That level is not in the game yet, it will come.

Stop comparing reality with a game that is still in beta.

Like Rob says: engines cannot have a g/km value, because on the engine stand they don’t move!

Killrob - would it then be possible to estimate it? Say, on the engine stand there is an area where you can theoretically mate the engine with the chassis you intend to use it on? Let’s say you’ve got yourself a 1500 pound chassis that you know you want to use, and for this new car you’re making, you want an engine that will give you X miles to the gallon.

Are there any plans in the test area (perhaps under a third type of test) to do such rough calculations? It can be a pain to go and build an engine, then have to go all the way out and then create a car model to see if it works, then go back and forth between the two areas constantly. Never mind that I imagine when creating engines, most engineers have a pretty good idea of what chassis it is going on, and thus what sort of benchmarks might be required of them for their finished project. Compared to them, especially with engine creation, it feels like sometimes we are flying blind.

Not to get too off topic but if you do that, aside from the jury-rigged statistics, a simple little something (even if t is just a yes/no thing on that same chassis-engine test page) for whether an engine will even fit in the that chassis with a certain drive configuration (perhaps a toggle between FWD, AWD, and RWD) would be useful too, so that we can more accurately figure out what dimensions we have to work with, because again…I imagine the engineers don’t just make an engine and say to the car design people “Do you have anywhere you can put this?”

It is possible to estimate it, but such an estimate can easily be a factor of 2x off, so it is worth very little. Fact is that you DO need the whole car before you can accurately say what fuel consumption you are going to have. The engine efficiency does affect fuel consumption linearly, but it depends so much on gearing, aerodynamics, tires and especially weight, that no reliable stat could ever be calculated as an estimate.

From your description it seems like you are approaching the engine & car building thing in a way that is not intended. We are not overly clear on that yet, it will be made much more streamlined. You are supposed to first build a platform, then start building a model and as one of the first things, when you choose an engine, you build a new engine from the engine manager menu. If you do that you get exact information on how much space you have (3D arrows) and a rough estimate of what cooling capacity you can use.

Ah, I see. That’s an interesting way of doing it, and one that now explained does make sense. It’s also an approach I’d never attempted, since until now I’ve always set everything up more or less independently and then put it all together at the end. Now I know how it’s ‘supposed’ to work, perhaps things’ll turn out a bit better.