A "Sport" button kind thingy and a thought about car testing


You know that button they put in some high class cars, hot hatchbacks and so on. That button that makes the ride terrible (making the suspension harder for example) and the car itself more “sporty” (better throttle response etc). In my opinion it rather is a thing “you can find in a production car” and it could be one of the driving assists (adding some points to sportiness and prestige)? Or it could be letting one choose more than one setting for suspension (like VVT timing in engine designer, though I know it would be quite time-consuming to integrate with the current flow). What do you think?

And also one thought about the “drive your car” thing… Making a pro 3D driving simulator would be loads of work, but I reckon it would be easier to rather use the existing test track thing (exactly as it currently is) but with ability to drive ourselves. Or am I wrong?

That’s pretty much what the later “Active Sport” and “Active Comfort” suspension options are, along with adaptive and etc. dampers.

Nope, the existing track simulation is a very different thing, it’s all pre calculated before it does the lap, and would be hellish to actually turn into something with player input, if not totally impossible, sorry!

what if it was like this: