Ability to design multiple trims at the same time

I noticed that it is kinda a pain the butt to actually produce multiple trims side by side, because if you want to make a car that, for example, had 3 trim levels (one without a radio and basic interior, on with a radio and a basic interior, and one with a radio and standard interior) you would have to develop each of those pretty much as an independent car, which means that they are going to be released spread out across a few years instead of together like you would want while also being more expensive.

My suggestion is that at the beginning of a design you can choose how many trims of it you want, and then you can select what tunes, interiors, or even engines you want each trim to have and you would can manually go in and tune each trim like normal, but when it comes to engineering the project is handled as just one item with a engineering time set by the highest level trim. Factory tooling would also be streamlined given other than a few parts of the car (interior, different suspension tune, and possibly different engines) a factory could use a lot of the same tooling, meaning that you won’t have to do expensive factory retooling because you added a radio to your shitbox.

I think this would better fit with how actual auto companies operate, and stream line play for players that are producing mass market cars.


Uhh, no, you are not using the game the intended way :slight_smile: it is not at all a pain in the butt, try this:

  1. Make your base model and tune it till you’re satisfied.
  2. Clone your base model via the clone button, not manually by rebuilding it.
  3. Change that clone till it becomes your next trim version, for instance by using the better interior and entertainment packages.
  4. Clone your second trim via the clone button.
  5. Change that clone till it becomes your new different trim.

That system is very efficient and eliminates almost all double work.
You can jump between trims via the small car button on top in the top bar.


That is the way I do it, but it still creates the issue of retooling and stopped production, also while the other models are in engineering phases you are not allowed to select a factory that is being prepped. The game also gets funny when it comes to modifications of design and engineering time, so you will change something like the transmission for the new trim and it will give it treat the engineering time as if it went under a went a massive redesign, usually something like 32 months, and 2.6 year wait for a simple change makes it not worth it. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on what I meant by “develop as independent cars” I meant it in terms of engineering time and tooling, not as new projects.

Also it would just be convenient to be able all my trims at once instead of switching menus a dozen times, and it would be satisfying to release all my planned trims at once instead of piecemeal across the better part of a decade.