Ability to move the "Braking at max load" info

Sometimes when building a car both lines on the braking vs grip graph can be quite high. The braking at max load pop up can get in the way of the braking grip, making fine tuning quite difficult. It would be nice to be able to hide it or to move it to the bottom of the graph in situations like this.


I second this motion. It’s mildly annoying to have to guess if you’ve got the line in the correct spot at certain levels of brake force. It won’t make me hate the game to not have it fixed but I’d be much happier if the “Braking at max load: percentage” bar was placed elsewhere or made transparent!

On a side note, if anybody has a guide how to usefully interpret those graphs and what should be deemed as good values for different types of cars, by all means enlighten me… I’m struggling with that one.

From my experimentation, you want braking force to be near the tyre grip. Having it over means the tyres will lock up under heavy braking, having it under means they won’t lock up. Usually you want the front to lock up over the rear, if you have to choose due to lack of braking force.

Early in the game you may even want the brakes to be a bit too small so they won’t lock up.

The only exception for this is utility vehicles, which would prefer much larger brakes so it can still stop quickly with a heavy load. And possibly very sporty cars if brake fade is really that much of an issue…

Please note this is all just my experimenting and guesswork really…