Ability to spray cars?

First off, great work so far guys. Been looking for a game like this for a long time!

This was a random idea I came up with when I saw somebody suggesting the ability to save colours with a certain name.

Would it be possible to incorporate a spray booth where you actually have to spray the car by moving the spray gun over the whole car? This might be a silly idea but could be an optional thing? I suppose picking the colour before you spray it and then “locking” the colour would probably be the way to go so people dont have crazy assortment of multiple colour on one car?

Keep up the good work

I’m not sure about this one. Then again, anything can happen in the “Unforeseeable Fuchsia”… :mrgreen:

“And then they would have to add bolting on every part and other functions that don’t add to the gameplay experience.” ( - Cool, simulating kill )

This would most certainly not be so good to have as a part of the game, and considering that the only way this would have been good where if we were to be able to paint the car entirely free handed and you want everything but that? You’re a strange person.

Don’t want to be rude and stop you from suggesting ideas, but remember this is a car company tycoon game, and I see no way this idea would improve a game in this category.

haha, was just a mini-game idea :slight_smile:

How many times are you going to play it before you get bored?

Yes, exactly. No need to get all “Tor Red” under the collar. :mrgreen:

Sorry, but I’m afraid this almost “BLUE” my mind with how dull it sounds, spraying cars isn’t even that interesting in real life :stuck_out_tongue:

same thought but really I’d like forza style graphicsing, cause well it covers EVERYTHING, just don’t mention it has such >.> hehe, but that would be nice, so you can persay pick out " which one has teh boost " and which one is your old grandma car, or entry level etc… badging would be awesome… but hey ideas … ideas…

Badging is possible (with modeled badges). Decals are really hard, as the UV unwrapping required for the fixtures like headlights means the seams would go across the decals in a horrid way. So yeah, not very easy.