Adding a topspeed on gerbox tab

in the last develop video i saw some free space on stats panel in gerbox tweaking tab it would be easyer to have the real top speed stat as in aerodinamics tab :wink:

What exactly are you asking for? The gearbox tab determines the theoretical top speed of the vehicle, so there is no need for it to be displayed again on this tab.

I meant to display the real speed instead of/with theoretical speed as shown on aerodinamics tab or test track (after the car is complete) :wink: , so when you tweak the top speed and spacing you don’t have to go on test track or aero tab to see if you gain or loss real top speed .

Just watch for changes to your prestige score. Top speed factors into it, so a positive change means it’d higher and a negative change means you lowered it.

lol havn’t noticed it thanks :wink: