Adjustable front and rear downforce

I had a quick search and didn’t find anything so apologies if this was mentioned before.

In one of your more recent videos you showed how the downforce of the car could be adjusted between low drag/low downforce and high drag/high downforce. You also said that you are looking for one or two more options for the aerodynamics of the car since you have more than enough room for such options. So I’m suggesting that you extend the downforce adjusting sliders so that front and rear downforce are independently adjustable.

The main situation I can see this helping with is equalising the downforce levels of cars where people want to put a big wing at the back, but only want a modest looking front splitter for aesthetic purposes, which could then be balanced by using an aggressive front splitter setting and a more modest rear wing setting. Another thing this could probably be used for is as a crude way to balance some bad handling characteristics, such as using an aggressive rear wing setting and a modest front wing setting to reduce oversteer, at least at high speed.

Also, while I’m talking about the downforce sliders i’ve been meaning to ask, does the amount of downforce and amount of drag scale the same way across the entire slider, or does there come a point of diminishing returns on the slider where adding just a little bit more downforce adds a lot more drag compared to that wing’s optimum angle of attack? (I’m genuinely not sure which I would prefer. I’m 99% sure that diminishing returns would be more realistic and make you think about your wing size choice, but equal scaling across the slider would give more aesthetic options without compromising on performance)

Yes, we thought about the front/rear balance thing for aerodynamics, not quite sure if that would be super important for gameplay though. There was a good suggestion in the youtube comments that we probably should have active aerodynamics options. Maybe we can fit on both, we’ll see :slight_smile: