Adjustable *insert highest gear* gear ratio

After reading suggestions suggesting to give more flexibility for the gear ratios, I noticed that the highest gear ratio is fixed to 0.75. My idea is that instead of implementing individually adjustable gear ratios, maybe just add an ability to adjust the highest gear ratio. Would that be more possible to implement though?

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No? On the speed tool tip it always says it’s 0.750 for the last gear’s ratio for me.

The devs have stated somewhere that the 0.75 final gear ratio is due to the underlying math/calculations involved. So that’s here to stay, but you can recreate close approximates if you are trying to recreate an irl car. (just need to convert the final overall ratio of the car to the automation 0.75 gearing)

Correction: that is supposed to be: “I noticed that the highest gear ratio is fixed to 0.75.”

Edited it already. Thanks for pointing that out!