Adjustable Wheelbase

If we could adjust wheelbase that would be great, I don’t mean a huge difference like 0.3 Metres, I just mean a small adjustment like 0.1 M or something. Cars like the C Class, 3 Series, E and S Class have different wheelbases, especially the S Class which has Long Wheelbase and Standard Wheelbase models. Another car would be the RR Phantom, but that’s a special case.

Oh, and I really need this…

I think this is a fantastic idea. I find myself needing to adjust it a lot for cars I want to make. And it would change a lot about the car, weight, ride comfort and handling… only issue would be the body itself changing. Might be difficult

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Yeah, it wouldn’t be easy with the body.

It requires changes to the calcs, plus moving the wheel arches. So I think that no

Aww… Ok then

Another limitation would be the body shell morphs too, in order to stretch the wheelbase you will to stretch the body to match. And to do that you would need to assign a morph. Since each vertex can only be assigned to 3 bones, (root excluded) you would end up reducing the available morphs for more interesting things


If I’m not mistaken there’s one body in the game having different wheelbase variants (that not-UAZ, 60s off-roader), indicating that it’s possible - so the rest is up to those who create bodies, to make them in various wheelbase lengths.

While it is technically possible to have different wheelbase in the same family (and indeed, with the ue version, it’s possible to have a completely different car in the same family) a conscious decision was made in the past to have a single wheelbase per family on vanilla content. Modders are free to do as they see fit on that regard.
Although it might be worth a review on the vanilla content. No promises as there may be other technical reasons too


I’d be for this, but only for the reason that hopefully this could change the engine size limit. The engine bays on most cars seem exceptionally small for what they are. I had to fit a replica Ford Windsor 302 into the not-Pantera body transversely because it was too long to fit in longitudinally, when in reality that should have fit in fine. I also made a 3.2 flat 6 that will only fit in the longer wheel base of the '02 super car chassis, when I see no reason why it couldn’t fit into the 2.3m wheelbase.

I played more with the front engined cars, but had some fun with the mid engined ones too. And while the former often have really big engine bays, I can fully agree that it’s exactly otherwise for the latter (with some exceptions, of course).

Hmmm, I was told that different wheelbases weren’t possible, this was in the context of pickup trucks as these are typically offered in different wheelbases more often than they aren’t.