Adjustable wing height

soo… why not?

cosmetical only!

This has probably been thought of before, but it really needs to happen…

Well, actually, I was, on this note wondering whether the wing size would also scale with overall effective area. I understand that body morphing will affect other areas like cargo/engine/passenger space size and eventually, effective frontal area, so by extension treating wings as other fixtures would potentially be feasible?

AFAIK the body morphing won’t change aero stats, so I presume, that wing height woudn’t change anything in that department

same as making a massive surface area currently doesn’t really change the effectivness

I agree.

for the love of god Killrob, please answer :mrgreen:

That would break the current fixture system in that it requires one additional morph control. Considering how easy this is to model from the start, I don’t see any reason for adding this. Modders can, if a need for this is actually widespread, easily provide say 3 different height versions of the same wing which you can switch between in the existing fixture system.