[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #3

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Reminder - This is an engineering challenge, not how pretty you can make it.

It’s 1993 and the war is OVER!!!

Well, when we say “over”, we mean there has been a 3 month cease fire.

In this time we’ve managed to clean up some of our tourist attractions to entice holiday makers, with money, to come and help out our weakened economy.

This, my automotive friends, is were you come in.

We need vehicles to carry our new friends, the tourists, around. But we’d like these vehicles to be multipurpose. In the, likely, event that war breaks out then we’d like them to be used for other purposes….troop transports, ambulances, etc. So please take this into consideration.

Alas the airforce has requisitioned all of the aluminium again so there can be no alloys or partial alu panels this time around. And the ECU ban is still, very much, in place.

Seats a minimum of 6 (5 tourists and 1 driver)
No +3 rear seats. These can be removed so proper seats are mandatory
Trim and variation are 1993 or earlier.
Noise below 35
Trim emissions below 2000

20% - Reliability – We don’t want the tourists breaking down in any “unfortunate areas”
20% - Cost to build – We like cheap……quite a lot!
15% - Drivability – Easier to drive…less accidents…win/win
15% - Comfort – We don’t have the means to repair tourist spines!
15% - Offroad – Should we ever need to send them off to war!
10% - Fuel economy – Regular unleaded at the most (LQ fuel will get a bonus)
5% - Service costs – Nothing would be a great figure, unrealistic but still great!

Banned items
Non Regular, or LQ gas.
Leaded Fuel
Aluminum heads, blocks and panels…including partial!
Tubular Headers
Advanced Auto
If Mech Injection is used, TC, ESC, and Speed Limiter use is banned, as these are ECU controlled.
Adaptive Damper
Air/Hydro Springs

Naming convention
Model - AEC3 – YourUsernameHere
Trim – Company name and model
Family – AEC3 – YourUsernameHere
Variant – Whatever you want

I will be accepting entries up until 18:00 (GMT) on the 22nd of March.



If aluminum is on the list of prohibited items, then I reckon it should refer to its use as an engine block and/or head material. Also, fiberglass panels should also be banned, along with race intakes and DCOE carbs - the former is a limited production item and the latter cannot have a standard intake.

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OK, amended the “aluminium” issue…

Apart from that…I’ll leave up to your imaginations.

Alba Arizona - A van.

a very cheap van. Too cheap maybe.



1993 Darvin Windjammer MV

Hello again. Is crazy Dimitri again. You didn’t like Ivan. Said it was more squirrely than moose and squirrel. Fine, fine. Dimitri has new thing for you this time. Sure you will like, no?

Is boring minivan from Australia! Well, designed in Australia. Is built for some nearby country that has too many monkey and jungles. Dimitri doesn’t like going there, but gets good deals for you anyway.

Holds many people. Doesn’t even kill them in crashes. How crazy is that?


Nejana Lynx

You take a former Soviet military jeep, extend the wheel base and body, and presto; a dirt cheap alternative to public transport, and only slightly more expensive than walking. It will run on any fuel, no matter how much dirt and leaves is in it, has proven (outdated) technology in every nook-and-cranny, and will go off-road despite the front wheel drive layout.

Speaking of front wheel drive, this allows for oodles of interior space, permitting the rear bench seats to face each other while keeping enough space for a few suitcases of luggage. all while doing reasonably acceptable mileage, accelerating in a none-too-shabby time, and going fast enough to haul five others out of an active war zone.


1993 Bogliq Buffalo Trooper

A wild Bogliq appears!!!


Quánzhī Van

Now comes in white

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I’d like to point out something…

Bad wording I guess. Round 2 had the same wording yet allowed the usage of LQ gas. Wording it as “Fuel type other than Regular Unleaded or LQ Unleaded” would be better

Knock Knock Bogliq, Japan is here with another SUV.
Shuriken Masakari/Surveyor[Export] Troopy.

What do you mean Comet-Bars?
these are clearly Shuriken Genuine Accessories… Partially mostly Entirely designed by Comet-Bar and Built in Shuriken Factories for the Masakari.
This is a… current model K80 with an updated PD43-PC2S [Partion, Carb, Performance 2, Standard], Most Masakari’s run a PD43-PD5 or PD5T [Partion, D Injection, Performance 5, (Turbo)], also designed for the cheap for building here, the Lesser Panels. Unlike the Usual CorrosionResist-CorrosionResist set up in normal Masakaris built in Japan.


I cheated and copy/pasted…


1993 GMD Type 1 Standard Edition, a very base model russian designed GMD cheap offroad SUV, cheap, has some engine, some comfort, reliability, and so on, has 4x4 stuff in it, 0-62mph time in : eventually, the big plus side, it runs on Low Quality RON 85 Unleaded fuel, and could be used as military vehicle or military ambulances when needed… well some modification needed for that though


These cars are why Bogliq can’t have nice things, :laughing::astonished::laughing:

I just can’t seem to be able to design an SUV ( some might say ANY car, :laughing::nerd_face::laughing:) that looks like it’s real… Lucky it’s not a visual design challenge then! :thinking::astonished::laughing:


I thought I edited that out later?

Guess not.

The Ganjo Gaijin

I heard that you wanted specific types of vehicle manufactured at your country sir? We have the all sub-military grade Ganjo G1 and it will help tour your soldiers, oh sorry umm don’t mind that! Tourists!

Im well aware that design is not the main point just had fun making it :>


Entries are now closed…

Judging will take place and results posted in the very near future.


You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Peak performance looks… concerned?

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I’d be concerned too if I counted 10 or less fixtures on a 3/4 shot.