Aeroline Luxury Designs [UPDATE 2/18/2015]

Aeroline would like welcome all visitors! What is Aeroline? It’s a car company fulfilling the American dream, having risen above adversity throughout automotive history. Aeroline continues to thrive with its three different sects which all produce unique and different vehicles.

This is the main company, founded in the 1960’s. Today it continues to grow with a lineup of quality, affordable cars for the general public.

2015 Aeroline Storm 4.5 - The Storm 4.5 is the all new Aeroline premium sedan. Many styling queues were derived from the Aeroline Royale concept and other projects. This sleeper sedan is capable for a 1’28.8 lap time at the Airfield Track and a 13.3 second 1/4 mile pass, while also delivering a solid premium interior with luxurious features. With the ability to seat 5, and a 23MPG rating, it’s an ideal vehicle for the ideal life. UPDATED 12/17/2014

2015 Aeroline Spry 2.0 - This is our mass production, economy car. This car is loaded with nearly endless customization and comes with a variety of options suited to make your daily commute experience fun and invigorating. Aeroline also funds a Spry Club organization which you can join to get the latest news, exclusive merchandise and apparel, and an official Spy Club meet schedule. UPDATED 12/21/2014

2015 Aeroline Spry 2.0 Sport Club Package - This is the performance version of our Spry economy car. It’s loaded with all the same customization options, but also modified for either casual fun or precise performance for closed circuits. This also comes with a 1 year premium membership to the Spry Club organization. UPDATED 12/21/2014

2015 Aeroline Mongoose 4.5 & 4.5R - Finally the Mongoose returns for another limited production run for 2015. This time the Mongoose is offered in two trims, the standard luxury coupe 4.5 and the track focused 4.5R. The current cornerstone of Aeroline’s performance vehicles, the Mongoose is the ultimate canyon carver. ADDED 12/30/2014

2016 Aeroline Mongoose 4.5 Concept - A look at things to come. Basically the Mongoose delivers super car performance on a premium sports car platform. The Mongoose is for all intents and purposes a track car made for the street. Aeroline has also revealed that other additions of the Mongoose will be unveiled in the future. ADDED 12/17/2014

2015 Aeroline Serval 2.0R - This hand-made lightweight, compact track car is purpose built for rapid performance and dynamic driving. This is not for everyone, and therefore only the experienced need apply to test drive this machine. Only available in limited production, visit your nearest Aeroline dealer to apply. REVISED 1/20/2015

2015 Aeroline Fuse 2.0 & 4.0R - This is Aeroline’s mass production compact sedan and first foray into rallying. This car comes with as many options as the Spry, with a couple of surprising one-off special editions. Visit your local Aeroline dealer today and test drive one of our new 2015 Fuse cars! ADDED 1/17/2015

[size=150]Aeroline Luxury Designs[/size]
This is Aeroline’s luxury division, offering cars with an emphasis on luxury and performance. This division was started for the sole purpose of making a statement in the industry; that Aeroline has mastered all aspects of automotive engineering. Each car created by the ALD team is a unique, limited production masterpiece.

2016 Aeroline Force 6.6, by Aeroline Luxury Designs - This is the ultimate gran touring machine on the market today. Only 400 will ever be built for each year its offered. The Force is the most powerful street legal car ever made, producing 2,004hp with *all street legal parts *and on 90.3 premium grade gasoline. This is Aeroline’s master piece hyper car. Aeroline Luxury Designs has revealed that other versions of this platform will be unveiled in the future. UPDATED 1/04/2014

2016 Aeroline Force 6.6R “Furtherance”, by Aeroline Luxury Designs - This is a hyper performance version of the Force 6.6 standard model. Engineers have completely redesigned it for the purpose of sheer performance. Many different modifications were made to achieve its 1’11 Airfield lap and 6’59 Nurburgring lap! The Furtherance model is by far Aeroline’s most capable and most expensive car. UPDATED 1/09/2015

2015 Aeroline Force 8.0 Concept, by Aeroline Luxury Designs - This is a much needed update to the Force hypercar, this time replacing the engine with an all new, ALL street legal 2,360HP 8.0 cross-plane V8!

[size=150]Aeroline Classics [/size]
Aeroline has had a checkered past that’s been lost and the purpose of this team is to restructure its history and rebuild its legacy. Aeroline’s classic cars are few and far between, among the most rare out there but Aeroline has employed the likes of a ex-CIA, ex-military, and ex-FBI agents to locate and retake cars from Aeroline’s past. This is the newest division and so far has had great success.

1960 Aeroline Luxury Custom - The car that started it all. This is Aeroline’s first car, made for high middle class families and suburban neighborhoods. This car was designed to offer the most exceptional experience while also being affordable enough. A tragic manufacturing accident halted Aeroline’s progress and growth. Only two completely original, certified Luxury Customs exist in the world.

1965 Aeroline BigCat - The late 60’s and early 70’s were a fertile time in the industry for muscle cars and Aeroline indulged in the craze and introduced the BigCat. It used the same engine in the Luxury Custom, but at half the weight it offered some unparalleled performance. It was an outrageously expensive car, but before Aeroline could discontinue its production the manufacturing disaster ended it first. Our agents at Aeroline Classics brought back five of these cars.

Invitation or not, I’m leaving a deposit. I’d pay 2x over list just to be the first to have one. :wink:

Introducing the 2015 Aeroline Force, by Aeroline Luxury Designs. UPDATED 12/21/2014

Coming soon…

Introducing the 2015 Aeroline Spry 2.0, by Aeroline. UPDATED 12/21/2014

The Spry is Aeroline’s first economy model. The Spry is powered by an all new, all aluminum 2.0 16v DOHC 4 cylinder linked to a 6-speed automatic/manual transmission driving the front wheels; giving the Spry enough power to zip through town with decent power but still deliver** 43mpg**.

Engine stats:

The Spry is packaged with a simplistic but still accommodating standard interior with the ability to seat five, and standard safety features wrapped in newly updated polymer body panels. The Spry is designed to be a minimalistic daily commuter, but also has customization options to transform it into just about anything you want. Standard features are power steering, ABS, and traction control.

The 2015 Aeroline Spry 2.0 starts at $18,998 for qualified buyers. Flexible financing options are available! Join the Spry Sport Club and gain access into Aeroline’s Spry club meets, Aeroline Spry apparel, and other Aeroline products.

Stay simple, stay alive, stay Spry! The Spry, by Aeroline.

Introducing the Aeroline Luxury Custom, from Aeroline Classics.

A little backstory, it was released back in the 60’s and put Aeroline on the map. Eventually Aeroline split into two groups, one for ultra luxury vehicles, known as Aeroline Luxury Designs, and the other is simply known as Aeroline, which is practical for every day families and commutes. An interesting fact in history, President John F. Kennedy was actually sitting in a modified Aeroline Luxury Custom when he was assassinated, not a 1961 Lincoln as its commonly misunderstood.

The Luxury Custom sedan came standard with a cast iron 8.0L pushrod V8. It offers enough power and performance that it would fit right into today’s traffic.

Engine stats:

The car is held together with a mighty steel ladder frame and steel body work.

Not many of these beauties exist anymore, as General Motors released the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac Eldorado, which severely encroached on the Luxury Custom’s market. Aeroline doesn’t fall to just one company though; in the late 60’s Aeroline made headlines when a major manufacturing disaster claimed the lives of 400 employees. Anyway, since the 1960’s, these cars have fallen into obscurity but are highly sought after. One Luxury Custom sedan with all original parts fetched an incredible $500,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in 2003. Only one other certified all-original exists, and it happily resides at Aeroline headquarters.


Introducing the Aeroline BigCat Coupe, by Aeroline Classics.

Recently a new division of Aeroline was created to locate and find the complete lineup of all Aeroline classic cars throughout the company’s history. Many shut downs, bankruptcies, and tragedies have befallen Aeroline throughout time and therefore many of its cars and much of its history has fallen into obscurity. CEO of Aeroline has decided that its important for the company to recover as many models as possible from the public collection, and thus the organization of a new taskforce to locate these classic vehicles and bring them BACK to headquarters at all costs was immediately approved. Our Aeroline Classics Division (ACD) agents now work tirelessly to rebuild our company history and restore a legacy that has fallen into shadow. The ideal ACD agent must have experience in CIA, FBI, or black ops military missions. What we can’t buy, we must take by force.

Their first contributions to the project was bringing back 5 different models of the infamous 1960’s Aeroline BigCat Coupe.

The BigCat Coupe was designed to be a two door version of the Luxury Custom, and used the same 455hp 8.0L V8. This resulted in a premium performance coupe that could clear a 1/4 mile track in 14.2 seconds. It was widely known that these BigCats weren’t well tuned and with the right modifications (namely wider rear tires) they could produce 1/4 mile track times as low as 13.2 seconds. Many of the cars that the ACD agents found were retrofitted with these subtle modifications.

Engine stats:

Like the Luxury Custom, the BigCat is held together by a steel ladder frame but this time the body panels were painstakingly handcrafted with only the finest aluminum. This made for a lighter car overall. Owners also found that there was quite a bit of cooling in the stock cooling fixtures and found it easy enough to modify these cars to produce insane power with simple refinements.

Acquiring these BigCats wasn’t easy and was very expensive. Each of these cars were bought from their owners for $100,000 or more. The owners were big babies too, ACD agents had to basically kidnap their families in order to begin negotiations for these cars; the oldest negotiations trick in the book… right? I mean… you don’t think that’s illegal or anything. Umm… Back in the 60’s, they were exorbitantly expensive so most likely these cars were passed down throughout the generations as some sort of highly valuable heirloom. They didn’t compete at all with other models but before the line was discontinued a tragic manufacturing disaster, were 400 workers perished, seized operations and shut Aeroline down for a decade. The BigCat has the legacy of a true collector car, while also being an ideal platform for drag racing and performance; the elements of a true classic.

1965 Aeroline BigCat. Roar!

6.6L 2350hp engine? :slight_smile: I gotta see me some of the stats from the car, that’s the kind of amount of mad I like!

The 2015 Royale Concept would be a great competitor for the 2015 Buxton :wink:


I think more power can be made, still tweaking and tuning it. Some additional stats on the Phoenix. Bare in mind that in its current setup is for top speed, not really handling.

I’m glad you did end up posting in the Hypercars thread, also, I would have felt bad if it really does discourage people from posting. Besides, my cars are generally tuned for track (and they’re friggin uncomfortable because I select super light interior and have huge negative quality numbers). That 280mph down Mulsanne (formerly Hunaudières in its sans chicanes form) is insane, no wonder so many people died during testing, that’s hardcore :laughing:

I think you have a great thing going with the grille and light arrays, though I may be biased because it’s an approach I’m fond of using myself. It really works on the muscle cars especially, kinda reminds me of the Chevy Chevelle SS except better. Overall you’ve got a unique style.

[quote=“strop”]I’m glad you did end up posting in the Hypercars thread, also, I would have felt bad if it really does discourage people from posting. Besides, my cars are generally tuned for track (and they’re friggin uncomfortable because I select super light interior and have huge negative quality numbers). That 280mph down Mulsanne (formerly Hunaudières in its sans chicanes form) is insane, no wonder so many people died during testing, that’s hardcore :laughing:

I think you have a great thing going with the grille and light arrays, though I may be biased because it’s an approach I’m fond of using myself. It really works on the muscle cars especially, kinda reminds me of the Chevy Chevelle SS except better. Overall you’ve got a unique style.[/quote]

lol for some the work you put into Gryphon Gear is pretty entertaining and inspiring but yeah for me its also humbling. Even though I love the Aeroline Force, it isn’t really a track car but currently am inspired to create a RWD sports car with real track performance and a race model too just based on the things you’ve done with Nightfury and Swift Windcutter (which btw the concept art is really awesome, you’ve got a real knack for design). Am interested in what’s next for Gryphon Gear!

Introducing the 2015 Aeroline Spry 2.0 Sport Club Package, by Aeroline. UPDATED 12/21/2014

This engine was recently updated. It now produces 267hp @ 7,400 RPM. The revisions resulted in a more responsive engine for better performance, and also refined the power output for a more controlled experience for the FWD platform. Our testers have recorded 1/4 mile passes as quick as 13.8 seconds.

Engine stats:

[size=85]($26,000 as shown)[/size]

The 2015 Spry Sport Club Package comes with a number of modifications to make it a truly competitive track day car. It is important to Aeroline that the Spry SCP is regarded as a true performance vehicle. Our testers have recorded 1/4 mile passes as low as 13.8 seconds and lap times at the Airfield track at 1’27.5 on sport compound tires, beating many sports car several times its price.

You will be assimilated. The Spry Sport Club Package, by Aeroline!

DUDE! These cars look absolutely amazing! I love this!

Your cars look very good, man. Great job.

However, I would only remove those round indicators on the grille, they look so out of place, other than that perfect!

Actually I absolutely agree with Leo there. It’s not so much the indicators as the chrome bits and the indicator combined. If there was a way for it not to stand out so starkly, it would work really well.

Your motor’s power is limited by your redline, you may want to try change that (unless you’re happy with the current power).

You’ve got a really nice and consistant styling theme going on, I like it!

Wow, thanks for all the responses. I have a lot of fun with this game, have been playing it for a while now and each update just gets better and better.

I too am not a big fan of the indicators in the grille, I sort of slapped them on to just give some kind of relation but I’m working on a better setup. I’m gonna go more towards ABM inspired headlights. Will have to go back and update all my cars again but it needs to happen! lol :laughing:

Yeah I put the redline right at max power, so the engine does produce 657hp right at 7500 RPM just for the added reliability I guess. I’d like to see the Fleetwood duel the Mongoose on an episode of Top Gear, that’d be an amazing show.

The Mongoose packs 5 extra horses and two turbos over the Fleetwood’s 426, and your car is like 6 seconds faster than the Fleetwood around the Airfield.
Re-design time!

Introducing the 2015 Aeroline Storm. UPDATED 12/17/2014

The 4.5L 32 valve flatplane V8 makes another appearance in its purist form. Producing 367hp, the Aeroline Storm is a capable sleeper sedan able to pass a 1/4 mile in 13.3 seconds while also maintaining a 23 MPG rating.

Engine stats:

The 4.5 sits in an all AHS steel frame monocoque, which offers the correct amount of stiffness for comfort and dynamic driving. The Storm is spacious, able to seat 5 with ease. The 367hp V8 is linked to a 6 speed, single-clutch sequential transmission and a standard AWD system. ABS, electronic stability, traction control, power steering, and launch control come standard.

With few but effective cooling fixtures, Aeroline designers were able to maintain the streamline styling that’s a marque in Aeroline products. Engineers craft the body panels with a lightweight polymer which cuts down on manufacturing cost and production time. The car comes standard with a premium interior with luxurious entertainment. 21" highly polished alloy rims and a functional aero kit complete the package.

[size=85]($60,000 as shown)[/size]

The Aeroline Storm is derived from the Royale concept. While the Storm was designed to be a premium sedan, there was an emphasis on performance as well. The car is capable of 0-60 sprints in 5 seconds or less, and a 1/4 mile pass in 13.3 seconds. With the aero kit providing real downforce, the car is aerodynamically limited to 140mph. The Storm returned a lap time at the Airfiled track at 1’28.8, beating many premium sports cars and sports sedans. Aeroline is happy to reveal that no engineers or testers died in the creation of the Storm! Except one technician was shocked into a coma while working with the car’s advanced electronics system, but he was technically a contractor and it was really his own fault. When the chief engineer oversaw the accident, he noted that the technician looked like he had been zapped by lightning and thereafter came up with the name Storm.

The 2015 Aeroline Storm starts at $39,995, with financing available for qualified buyers.

Introducing the 2016 Aeroline Mongoose 4.5 Concept.

The twin-turbocharged, 4.5L 32v flatplane V8 returns. Producing 660hp @ 7700RPM (with 90.3 premium pump gas), Aeroline engineers felt that little to no refinement was needed. However, rumors abound that a 700hp update is in development for the finalized Concept and perhaps production. The 660hp is routed through a 6-speed sequential gearbox which is linked to Aeroline’s advanced AWD system. The AHS steel frame provides the correct amount of stiffness for every day and spirited driving, and the car is wrapped in purpose designed polymer body panels to reduce weight and manufacturing costs.

Engine stats:

Major upgrades were made to the Mongoose’s front fascia, including the integration of L.E.D lighting fixtures, additional cooling, and refinements to the aerodynamics. This has resulted in a more streamlined car and it helped produce quicker performance numbers. The Mongoose features a premium interior with premium entertainment. Driving aids include power steering, ABS, traction control, and budget detailed advanced safety features. This time around, the car WILL come with 21" inch rims wrapped in street legal semi-slick sports tires.

The Mongoose is aptly named for its super car performance on a premium sports car platform. The car offers unrivaled agility and quicknesss. The power is focused for explosive acceleration. Unlike other models in the Aeroline lineup, this project is centered around performance. With changes to the aerodynamics, the 2016 Aeroline Mongoose 4.5 now produces performance figures that are unheard of for its price point.

Now admittedly the car is slower around Airfield without the wing, but the semi-slicks has picked up the slack and allowed it to return a lap time of 1’16.45. This has lead to speculation about the Mongoose’s power output. Engineers say it’ll need 80 or more extra horsepower to be a fully fleshed out track car. Currently more testing is being done because Aeroline wants to guarantee that this will be the quickest production car around Airfield. This post will be updated accordingly.

The Mongoose also returned to Nurburgring and returned improved lap times. Testers disclose its latest lap time at 7’38. Aeroline will release more versions of the Mongoose, including a fully fleshed out supercar version aimed at the $200,000 supercar market.

Drive perfection, drive Mongoose. :mrgreen:
The 2016 Mongoose 4.5 Concept, by Aeroline.