AGC 29 - Getaway

AGC 29 - Getaway

The Brief

Getaway is an upcoming action driving game for the ProStation One, putting the player into the perspective of a wheelman as he runs jobs for a mafia, getting into riskier and more dangerous situations in which he will have to find a way out of. While the missions themselves will be locked to certain vehicles that fit the theme and atmosphere, the game also aims to provide a free roam world for the player to explore, and perhaps find hidden easter eggs and secret routes to utilise.

The game itself is set sometime in the mid-70s, providing a feel that is similar to some classic action movies and car chases. What is left however, is what cars will be used. Of course, the aim is to use something that can become iconic - something distinctive, cool, but can also be feasibly be used as a getaway car. So that also means it has to also be able to slide under the radar. With that said, the developers have came up with these restrictions and priorities:


Highest of Importance :star::star::star::star::star:

Realistically, perhaps the best getaway car would be a boring one that completely blends in. But we are trying to sell a game here and having it be straddle the line and be both under the radar while not being bland is the key. Anything that is too much of a supercar won’t go, neither will a simple econobox.

High Importance :star::star::star::star:

Obviously there should be some go with the car - it does need to outrun police cruisers afterall. But that doesn’t necessarily just mean outpouring them and relying on straight line speed - some handling would be nice. Small size and agility is also an option.

Some Importance :star::star::star:

Practicality + Load Capacity
We can BS it a bit, but it should at least feasibly be useful for carrying away a haul and speeding away a small group of people.

Low Importance :star::star:

Cost + Prestige
Not the biggest deal as the cars can be easily explainable as stolen, but lower on both these stats could make car more easily explainable as a getaway car from a lore perspective.


Max Trim year: 1976

Min model year: 1960

Techpool: Max +5 on all categories

Quality: Unlimited

Max price: 40000

Seats: 4 (or more)


Noise: Max 60

Fuel: Super Leaded 98 Ron

No race parts


Four Door:

1969 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Wagon

1972 Jaguar XJ12

1975 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9

Two Door:

1970 Dodge Charger

1970 Ford Torino GT

1974 BMW 3.0 CS

1975 Jaguar XJ-S

Other cars that might work:

1966 Morris Mini Cooper S

1970 Citreon SM

1976 Fiat Abarth 131

1976 Porsche 924

Submission Guidelines

No Resubmissions!

Naming Convention:

Car and engine model name: AGC29 - FORUM USERNAME
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Rules are subject to change until July 12th, 2023 00:00 GMT
Entries open July 12th, 2023 00:00 GMT
Deadline: July 24, 2023 00:00 GMT


This too flashy/conspicuous?

Any bonus for trick off-road ability? Sure could be useful in a getaway, just sayin’…


So, for clarity, the objective here is minimizing both of these stats? Or maximizing units prestige per cost? Or is there some sweet spot of prestige we’re to hit while fulfilling the styling/design brief and staying under the budget cap?


this challenge has a very high resemblance to a certain video game series and gives me the urge to recreate a certain orange muscle car from said series

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damn no chally body :frowning:

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The premise of the game that’s the topic of the challenge reminds me of Driver: You Are the Wheelman, and its title makes me think of The Getaway for the PS2.

it was mostly driver i was thinking about

Hmm… I’ll have to see if a certain engine fits a certain body in a certain configuration. If so, we may get to see a Sinistra Savage station wagon.

I’m not going to prejudge your car lol. Off-road isn’t what I’m going for here also, so it’ll be neat but no bonuses.

I put it there since I will use it to judge, but just for edge cases. Aim for a sweet spot - the most important thing is that the car is cool and performs well, so if that incurs cost and prestige that is fine. But if a car is equally as good but cheaper/ lower prestige (recognition), I’d go for that. Definitely build towards the higher priorities first!

Yup! Wanted to avoid putting that car in the inspo but that car very much fits.


Just to double check the cars can be from within the ranges of 1960-1976? You don’t necessarily have to set the trim year to 1976?

Yeah, anything between 1960 to 1976 goes.


So default techpool basically?

For all practical purposes, it is.

By the way, exactly where is the game set in?

1972 Globus Grand Cruiser Commander

Why not beating the police on identical material? The Grand Cruiser is one of the most popular heavy pursuit cruisers, as its name already suggests. With a mighty 7,2 liter V8, it hunts down bad boys.

So, why should you consider what the enemy has? Well, in this case, the police won´t have an advantage over you. Yes, most Grand Cruisers are not made to be driven hard. But the Commander is. That model differs from the Sentinel luxury model by having a better engine, with a more sophisticated carburetor and a better crankshaft as well as a performance manifold. Better brakes. Upgraded suspension. You get it: The Commander has the police package available for the public and combines it with the luxury of your usual landyacht.

As you can see, it does blend in well into the traffic (1975 photo of the Globus factory employee parking). You have to be careful to spot one, although they are very common since this was the best luxury and straight line performance for the low price. They do not have bicolor paints or vinyl roofs like the Grand Cruiser Sentinel, and a small red badge on the rear is all that tells anyone what this is.

So, why using this instead of a smaller sportier vehicle? Even an import, maybe?

  • Your customers will worship being driven with outstanding comfort, since robbing a bank is stressful and some back-friendly leather sofas are welcomened.

  • Four doors are vital for very fast entering and exiting for all occupants. When running away, you dont want to fold the front seats first.

  • Giant trunk for tons of cash bags. Or, if you do not want to share, the one or other dead baddie.

  • Heavy weight means excellent ramming - and a protection against being rammed. Pit maneuvers performed with a Globus Grand Cruiser are succesful - unless the car targeted is one, too.

But please note one thing: If you rob a gas station, make sure you filled the car up first. It is thirsty.

In case the situation is really bad: Mount a beacon on the dash or roof. There is a certain chance the police will think you are one of them, and fail to find you!



does it need to be 4 full seats, or will 2+2 or 3+2 do?

because i made this whole tannermobile only for me to realize it can only fit plus seats in the back

You can also edit your postings instead of making a new one every few minutes, I think you have collected enough to be able to write PMs.

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You don’t need 4 full seats, 2+2 is fine.

alright then!