AGC25 - A Terrible Concept

AGC25 - A Terrible Concept

The Brief

graphic design is my passion
A video game company called Intergalactic Studios has pushed out over 200 games since its founding in 2001. Most of the games are licensed cash grabs made as media tie-ins or are just product ads disguised as video games.

It’s 2008, the next generation of consoles are in full swing, so the PS2 has been reduced into a shovelware dumping ground for those unfortunate enough to be unable to afford a new console.

Intergalactic Studios have previously released Mercer: All-American Racing in 2005 which was critically panned. However, after learning absolutely nothing from that mistake, they are going to recycle the assets from it again in preparation of making another terrible licensed racing game. Now all that is needed is another brand to sell out and a flashy concept car from it to go on the cover.



  • Year: 1995-2008


  • Year: 1995-2008
  • No methanol or nitromethane fuel


  • Go wild with it, these are concept cars after all. But it will still take much more than good stats to be competitive.


  • Model and Engine family name: AGC25 - (forum username)
  • Model Trim and Engine variant: free



  • Design - The mascot of this circus has to look absolutely stunning to grab everyone’s attention and make them put the game back in the bargain bin immediately buy the game.

  • Originality - It also has to look like nothing else at all to convey the illusion that it is the same case for this recycled cash grab.

  • Detail - A highly detailed car will also convey the illusion that the graphics are better than a flash game.

  • Presentation - To help with how vague the brief might have been, Intergalactic Studios would like to hear about your own plans from how you want the game to be. Scroll down further to find some pointers on this.


  • Lore - A popular brand with a lot of history will maybe help get this game out of the bargain bin. (Just a few sentences would suffice, even if it it complete bullshit and you made it up on the spot.)


  • Engineering - Just make sure it matches the car instead of half assing an eco carb I3 into it. Unless, that’s what it really has. (why?) The stats will most likely be completely ignored, and it will be unrealistically fast in the game, even if it has shitbox engineering.

  • Realism - Make sure the idea of the car existing and running in real life is sort of feasible. (no 2022 Nike Ones :pensive:) But if you make something that is really just utterly insane, I might just give it a pass anyway…


  • Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged, but you probably should make one if you are making an open-top car.
  • The round will obviously be ran on 4.2, and I will laugh at you hysterically if the car is not from the correct version.


  • Submissions open November 13, then close December 18 @ 11:59 PM EST.
  • (Optional) You can submit up to 3 additional ≤2008 cars of the same brand to be on the cover. No submission format required for these as they won’t impact judging. Or if you really want to, you can make your own cover for the game.


Here are some things to include in your post presentation. Most of it is up to you, but just remember, this is a shitty budget game so don’t be extremely over-ambitious with your ideas.

  • Theme of the game - The game will likely consist of mostly on road tracks with small off-road sections, but if you say otherwise, it could be purely on or off road instead. However, the only difference between on and off road sections will be a slight traction loss.

  • Car Selection - Intergalactic is anticipating to include a variety of cars from all of the brand’s lineage, but the amount of cars in each category is up to you. A soft limit for the total number of cars would be 30, but the hard limit is 50.

  • Game Modes - The basic plan for game modes is a career mode, quick race, and local multiplayer. The career mode would be a simple do races and unlock faster cars, but you are free to put a twist on it if you want. (ex: going from the beginning of the brands history to the present)

If you have any more suggestions, let me know and I’ll add them here.



Cadillac Sixteen

Volkswagen W12

Chrysler ME-412

Cadillac Cien

Alfa Romeo BAT11

Dodge Viper GTS-R

Maserati Birdcage 75th

Ford Indigo

2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept

GM Ecojet


2004 Ford Bronco Concept

Hummer HX

Peugeot Hoggar

Toyota RSC

Spyker D12 Peking-to-Paris

1999 Pontiac Aztek Concept

Nissan Crossbow

Hyundai QarmaQ

Audi Steppenwolf

Jeep Hurricane


The possibilities for this challenge are near limitless, but here are just a few examples separated into 3 categories.

If you still need more, I recommended going to allcarindex

  • banned the meth fuels because i felt like it
  • added presentation priority and notes for it
  • extended deadline over my stupidity

Advanced trim settings are unrestricted i assume?


so this is literally just “go crazy, no limits, just do whatever comes to mind as long as it doesnt look like a twitch stream car”
me likey

Intergalactic Studios is basically the Automationverse equivalent of Global Star Software, a long since defunct label under the vast Take-Two publishing empire. That may explain why MAAR was rubbish - and its sequel may turn out to be no better, but what matters most is that the studio gets a car worthy of the front cover.

yeah, basically no limits for this challenge
in fact, bloated meme cars are my worst nightmare for this

Lmao, this is awesome. Gotta get my QFC truck in and some other stuff but this is definitely on my list

whoops i forgor :skull:

:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: SUBMISSIONS OPEN :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

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So does that mean that you’re not accepting any submissions in less than 5 hours?

the fuck you mean

you have 4 whole weeks to submit

not going to lie, this was the second thing that I did not see coming.

The first one was a ball.

whar? :grey_question:

I forgor :skull:

The Rhania Callosum First Class: A refined machine that goes above all regarding styling, power, and comfort.

  • A 12L V12 with 4 turbochargers producing 1,200 horsepower and 1,000 lb-ft of torque.
  • A handmade interior made with the finest quality materials.
  • Boasts a top speed more than 260 MPH.
  • Made with the best engineers around the world.
  • 0-60 in 2.8 seconds.
  • Best of all, if this was to go through production. It would only cost $131K.
  • Advanced infotainment and safety.
  • 20 inch rims.

This is a private jet for the road


if you are confused on what the hell it is, i also added its own note section

so for the person (singular) who submitted already, you should probably add more to your post

Does this game need a police car?
I ll be in hospital from Dec 08 on and I’ll have plenty of time for this…

what do you mean?
like a generic police car for police chases or a concept police car?
if you mean the former, thanks for the offer, but it won’t be necessary

the August Blade, a crazy machine made by what is usually a stately manufacturer


August were originally a luxury car manufacturer however, they did produce the Wren in 1949, which was a sporty roadster which was popular in racing. The Blade actually shares its name with an Aerodynamic 70s concept car, built to race like this, which got canned due to the oil crisis. August itself is an american manufacturer that is based in San Francisco and thier cars are few and far between, nowadays only producing the Neo (a sedan), the Ralion (a crossover) and the Rayne (a sporty wagon).

The Blade here was made in 2008 when the brand was much bigger. They had many cars including the original Ralion which was selling like crazy. It was in a group of concept cars, the Blade, the Terra (an offroad concept) and the Nexowren (a restomod looking Wren). The Blade was barely seen again, with the Nexowren showing up in a lot of games. This is thier attempt at making a covercar

In terms of in game performance, it is unlocked by completing the main story and beating the main boss, Rako, and his duo of goons, those two goons being Offroad and Drift drivers. It has the best stats of the game, apart from top speed which it lacks, and is unsellable. In terms of classes, it is a TX class, T being track, X being so good its not rated (usually just goes from 5 to 1), joined only by a handful of cars in that class. On the dirt it loses almost all its speed (due to, in my thought process, the cars would lose traction and dependent on thier build, would also just go overall slower). This car is specifically not available to use anywhere outside of Career mode.

The game itself

The game will rely on the player picking the correct cars for races, being given the standard Japan, Euro, US starting car choices, and will work up the rank, being a boss at the top of each class, with Rako, the big man, being top of the Track Class, the most popular class

Classes are as followed
Track: cars that are generally made for road use (5-1)
Dirt: cars that are generally made for offroad use (3-1)
Unclassed: cars that are pretty much one offs (no limits)

yeah thats all I have lmao, if I have any brain blasts I will add them in


I meant the former, so this idea goes straight into the bin.

The three classes remind me of NFS Underground or Midnight Club III, but why not.
But the classic cars would contradict the trim year rules. I could send a 1960s muscle car, but it’s an instabin because the oldest you can go is 1995.
However, I strongly second that there should be performance categories, like:
D - hot hatches with 150 hp ±
C - sport coupes with 180-230 hp approx.
B - entry-level sports cars with 250 to 350 hp
A - true sports cars, even supercars.

Most offroads would be assorted in D or C, as they are slower than pure road-cars, maybe the same for the classics unless its a real monster muscle that has racing suspension and a supercharged 7.5 V8, then it will have a realistic chance in category B, however, as I stated, current rules forbid classics before 1995

true, I just love classic cars too much lmao