Akamatsu Motor Design Thread (赤松モーターデザインスレッド)

I’d drive it

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2000-2007 (2002 Model Year shown) Akamatsu Nebula R

When you want the perfect balance between hardcore WRC performance for long nights ripping up freeway asphalt, you look no further than the Nebula. Powered by a 2.0L Turbocharged 4 Cylinder that must run on nothing but faith and demonic spirits making 270HP and 300Nm of Torque, it means this won’t be able to out drag a Redback, but that Redback will be facing backwards in a ditch not knowing what just happened while you take that dirt corner kicking dust in it’s face.

Dark red paint, (Painted) Carbon fibre trim and optional cosmetic fangs make this the rally legend gone street racing legend. Torrento better watch out, as the Dragon has made her grand return.

Fun fact about the Nebula, as with most of the sportier Akamatsu models, it also got a Speed Limiter System (SLS) to comply with regulations, limiting the Nebula’s speed from 187MPH to 170MPH. But this system was actually very easy to disable, by flipping a switch located in the engine fuse box, you can now be flying on any stretch of road.

(As with the Auria replacing the Kobalt, the Nebula will be replacing the Komahina.)


aight bet

aight bet

2017-2021 Akamatsu Avora ZR-Xe

Just because it’s a Minivan doesn’t mean it has to be slow, the Avora is Akamatsu’s answer to when you want Andromeda comfort with Accolade performance, equipped with a 2.8L Twin Turbo V6 now with 240HP and 320Nm of Torque, mixed with a lively electric motor, and with AWD, it may be on the larger side of the dragons, it certainly won’t disappoint in the aspects Akamatsu knows best.

The visuals also don’t disappoint, evoking the aggression of an Accolade and Nebula with the elegance of an Andromeda and the ruggedness of the Antares, while seating 7 and an entire airport’s worth of luggage. Challenging the norm and being able to outrun that smug driver in the Torrento looking to for a race at the lights, blissfully unaware of the Dragon they have just awoken beneath it’s humble disguise.

(As with most of my recent projects, the Avora replaces the Aurora, and that name will probably be recycled for a different car.)


Pretty good, I love the design. The rear- doesn’t quite look like a minivan, the taillights give a more suv sort of vibe. Overall I really like it :+1:

auria was nebula predecessor, right?

Yes and no, the Auria did come before the Nebula, but both cars are separate lineups

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1994-1999 Akamatsu Nebula

Since intentionally engineered turbo lag is what were known for, the new-for-94 Nebula is basically what happened when we took our rallying success and married it to a 2.0L N/A I4 with 260HP and plonked in a 4 door body, given some of that signature anger in the front fascia and oodles of vents and intakes. A marriage that has resulted in a sub 5 second 0-100km/h time, a smidge of oversteer and probably a few couples making love in the backseat.

If subtle looks aren’t your forte, then the Nebula will certainly not disappoint, a beast on the dirt translated to a beast on the asphalt, except lower, more carbon fibre, yellow cloth seats and new bumpers, this Dragon, like all her sisters, is ready for anything.


1990-2001 Akamatsu Avora (FJ10 Chassis Passenger Upfit)

When you don’t need deadly performance, there’s the humble Avora. Perfect for carrying passengers to and from places around the country, saving lives as an ambulance upfit, and carrying cargo anywhere and everywhere.




New Akamatsu logo used from 1971 onwards

New Accolade Racing Team logo used from 2019 onwards.


2022 Akamatsu iR-X Touring: Victory Edition

Editor’s Note
I lost the Standard Company of the Year Award to England/Urke101 with Fukorami, but a second place win is still a win, so I’ll take that, which is why this is now called the Victory Edition of the regular iR-X.

This is also the most detailed car I’ve made to date, with a fully decked out interior GPS, complete with street names and a confusing city layout. The .car file stands at a mighty 476kb.

Since the year is pretty much finished, this will be the last car for 2021, thank you for an amazing year of the Dragon of Akamatsu.

Merry Christmas.


The rear looks pretty simple, but this circumstance does not detract from the fact that your car is incredibly similar to some kind of real car. You have broken the record for mounted attachments. The shape of this body confidently holds the long-term and long-lasting futuristic image of a city car concept car also by the standards of 2022.

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Clarity pics


2017-2021 Akamatsu Axion ZR

The impractical but fun ute fit for every thrill-seeking Aussie. Equipped with a N/A 4.0L V8 producing 400HP and 550Nm of Torque, and mixed with a 6 speed sequential transmission? This girl will almost certainly try to kill you, just like her Accolade sisters.

Styled with help from Torrento, you have the appearance of a normal hardworking ute, only with some more sporty flare and that signature angry lights. Only this time, you get an angular diffuser, large (non-fake) vents, a subtle air scoop, a nice set of alloy rims, all finished off with a coat of glossy red paint.


We from VTR Motors would like to challenge you to a UTE race! If you want, that is (hahaha)
Any info on top speed, weight, 0-100 kph time, lap time on Automation test track?


Why not a dual-clutch or 3-pedal manual? It would make more sense for a car of this type.

For something of this size, a larger, more powerful engine would be welcome - preferably one with over 500 horsepower. 20 years ago, 400 horsepower would have been a big deal, but now? Not so much.

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