Akamatsu Motor Design Thread (赤松モーターデザインスレッド)

Maybe it’s not really a work car… like, oh, I dunno, a VE commodore ute.

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I think an 800 horsepower engine, a 420 ci v10 and 700 lb-ft of torque will be good for it.

Sequentials are not very common on normal cars, and automanuals went out of style in the 60s. Manuals and dual-clutches are both very sporty.

Host a Ute challenge!!!

Probably… but at the same time, exploiting it would be a test of sanity. As I’ve stated before, a normally aspirated V8 with 500 to 600 horsepower would be a better choice IMO.

On the other hand, if they made a dedicated circuit racing version, a sequential gearbox would be a wise choice.


Alright! This racing gearbox is here for a reason. I, too, see this car as a race car, so I suggested the track version. And as for safety, you should try to make the car safe anyway, after all, we don’t know all the internal construction and how competent it is. In fact, I’m completely satisfied with 1 option, but I would also be fine with a modification for racing.
After a thorough check of the engine I would be happy to drive it and take it to the racetrack, at least on the straights it should be excellent.

It’s a ute, not a race car, how is that car in anyway a race car? It’s for utilities, not for racing


Literally this, it’s impractical yes, but it’s certainly not a race car.

2000-2006 Akamatsu Altaria GTS

The Azreia from the Land of the Rising Sun, with the 01AKI4RS 2.2L N/A I4 producing nearly 400HP and 390Nm of Torque, and a 6-Speed Manual with AWD. With all the little perks you can ask for, such as the newly-introduced LUNA virtual assistant system that definitely isn’t self-aware and out to purge humanity and found the New World Order.

With the weapon under the hood, the GTS package has a sleek wider stance, new front and rear bumpers and diffuser, spoiler, and a gleaming dark blue paint. Only about 11,896 GTS examples were ever built,with most remaining in Japan, with a few handfuls exported to North America.


The dashboard of the Altaria, featuring LUNA, and a fully detailed GPS map.


o7 u made some great cars here, probably one of the best

I find your lack of faith…disturbing.


1988-1991 Yama 4x4 Grand Star
The Yama Grand Star is the pint sized 2 door offroader you almost certainly never asked for, but we thrust upon the world anyway. Equipped with a nigh-bulletproof 2.0L N/A I4 that just makes 100HP, and with an optional 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic, it won’t climb Mount Everest, but at a cut price, can you really complain? The special Grand Star spec, not much different from the others except for a slightly upgraded engine, more equipped interior, and a generic 3 tone paint scheme with red lettering, on top of the fact that it’s only sold in Japan, makes it quite a collectors piece, despite there being over 20,000 Grand Star specced Yamas out there.

Then there’s the middle-of-the-way Yama 2.0LX and bottom-of-the-barrel-fleet-worthy 1.8DX, the LX gets almost the same level of equipment of the Grand Star, minus the upgraded sound system, leather upholstry and CD player. It’s still a pretty decent bargain-bin car that can carry as many groceries as you can buy with the money you saved not buying a Grand Star. With a spoiler, real foglights instead of premium foglight covers and a sunroof, again, can’t complain about a cut price family runner.

…Then theres the 1.8L N/A I4 powered DX, the ideal fleet offroading box, cheaper rims, plastic bumpers, no foglights and bullbar foglight covers, its still got all the equipment you can expect if you spent a hefty amount more on a Yama, but everything cosmetic has been cut back pretty hard, but it’ll still start every morning, even in the freezing Hokkaido winter, and it’ll be very happy on regular servicing, so it works as a car, just stripped back to cut the cut price even more.


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1962-1965 Akamatsu Sapphire 1500 Grand Star
The ideal luxury sedan that comes with the obligatory ashtray, wood grain finish, and easily stainable white leather upholstery, finished with a liberal helping of chrome, all of this without making the car the size of Argentina, and not weighing as much as your mother.

With it’s 1.5L N/A I6, it packs a healthy 120HP and 130Nm of Torque, and boasting a 4 speed automatic transmission, its like driving a float boat… without the floatiness, but instead sharp handling and ride, for the businessman (or in this case, Chairman of the Japanese Communist Party) who wants to impress the higherups, and take something out for a drive on his Sunday off.


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2019-2022 Ariya Series
The Ariya is much like the Sapphire of the past, except now it has two less doors, three less seats, and about 300 more horsepower from a 3.0L N/A V6, instead of packing a punch, it packs a total dropkick to the face like it’s balls-to-the-wall sister, the Accolade, except more classy and refined.

Much like the Accolade, the more performance oriented GT Package is much like it’s contemporaries, but with much more carbon fibre and death involved, polished black gloss trim is replaced with authentic carbon fibre, and is now equipped with a 4.5L V8 producing nearly 650HP, it’s still RWD, but now has a 6 speed sequential instead of a plushy 6 speed auto.


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hey look a new car

1996-2001 Protera 4WR

The Protera is the Asia-only answer for when all you need is a lightweight platform with engines that don’t just pack a punch, but pack a punch straight to the balls. The 4WR is sold only in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, its built to survive anywhere in the ASEAN Sphere, with it’s 250HP 2.0L Turbocharged I4, it’s good on fuel and in power.

Comes with a red themed interior, complete with red LED gauges, digital clock and CD player, alongside some red leather upholestry and floormats. If you want one, tough luck. Only about 250 4WRs were built to commemerate Akamatsu’s entry into Group A rally, and again, you can only get your hands on one if you live in Southeast Asia, as it doesn’t meet US regulations. :wink:


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1999 Protera WRC (Group A) #90 "The Flaming Missile"

(KTO/JPN) C. Yascaret - Driver
(KTO/JPN) S. Verossa - Co-Driver

Torrento may rule the asphalt, but we rule where the asphalt doesn’t reach…

The actual entry into Group A rally, driven by Yascaret and Verossa, the only two female drivers on the rally team, at the first outing of the car during the 1999 Season, the car placed first at the Finland, Australia, Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse rallies. A feat unheard of by any other first-time car at the WRC, and by two relatively new drivers.

In preparation for the 1999 Season, 4WR Chassis coded #00551 was converted to an AWD system, and had it’s engine tuned to output nearly 320HP with a beefed up turbocharger. the seats taken out and replaced with a rollcage, fire extinguisher and lightweight bucket seats. Now donning a brand new set of Arunahart rally tires, new bumpers and a set of rally foglights, all it needed now was the iconic Akamatsu Orange, White & Black livery, which it got, alongside a number of sponsorships from various part manufacturers.

The car continued to dominate WRC until it’s retirement in 2006, in which it had placed first in over 25 rallies, in that time gaining the nickname “The Flaming Missile”, owing to it’s bright orange livery and tendency to finish much faster than other competing teams. The Missile was put out of service and replaced with a similar Nebula VFR (WRC #12) to compete in Group N, but now sits on display in a museum in Fukuoka, it’s birthplace.


Protera looks great!


meme with a little bit of effort in it, i’ll post a car soon.