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I ill be posting pictures of brand new/updated cars in the comments section bellow. Please let me know what ya’ll think! I appreciate constructive criticism and even advice! I am always open to improving my cars and their designs!

History of the Company

AL Autos was founded by Arnold L, an automotive enthusiast who wanted to go the extra mile and create the automobile he envisioned would work, in December of 2016. Before AL Autos, Arnold is an avid automotive enthusiast. Every opportunity he had, he went to Auto Shows, Automotive Museums, track days, and racing events in order to quench is love for cars. Arnold’s dream was to start up an automotive company and one day produce some great and unique automobiles. Once he got the funds (a substantial amount as a matter of fact), he did just that. Arnold started designing automobiles from the ground up. He started with multiple concepts shown at many auto shows. After the failure of the models released, Arnold went did some thinking in order to think about the skill that is auto designing. Now, in 2018, AL Autos is back with more modern designs to be released at the coming auto shows.


The AL Foro R

Going fast even when statoinary.

The AL Autos Company present to you The AL Foro R, one of many extreme performance cars in our production line.

The Foro (Italian for Vent), is one of our high end performance cars that takes the idea of a super car and takes it to the max. For starters, the carbon fiber body was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, featuring as many smooth surfaces as possible to reduce drag.

The car also features a specifically designed front end grille that funnels air towards all four brakes in order to maximize braking efficiency of our specially designed 6 piston carbon ceramic brakes so that you can blast around the country side, track, or mountain pass and not have to worry about burning your brakes off and running off a corner.

The rear end of this car also features AL’s active wing system keeping the car planted on the road by adjusting it’s 2 flaps accordingly during straights and turns as well as another one of our grilles which inhale cool refreshing air to the heart of this cars beast of a heart…

…AL’s signature 6.6 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 pushing out 824 HP propelling this car from 0-62 MPH in 2.6 seconds. All this 824 HP has to go somewhere, so AL has designed a special 7 speed double clutch sequential gearbox and electronic LSD that sends this power to specially formulated 315 mm rear tires.

Prices for this car start at $286,000 USD. If you are interested in test driving/buying this car or have any questions, please stop buy one of our dealerships located world wide!

Another AL Autos car to be revealed soon! Stay tuned and please reply inline with this comment with any comments, constructive criticism, or advice! Thanks!


Over 1800kg? Just… HOW? I would like to give some advice, as I’m using the same body for my supercar, but… I really don’t know how to get that weight with what I see in your stats.

Or maybe… Did you use a lot of quality points on the interior? And I see that the brake rotors (at least in the front) are huge - I doubt that this is needed, as my car (even in a variant weighing nearly 1500kg) needs IIRC something below 300mm, both in the front and the rear - it’s not like the bigger brakes the better, they should have the correct size. The last thing that comes to my mind in terms of weight reduction is the exhaust - did you use the dual system? It isn’t really needed in a performance car, as while it reduces noise, it also adds quite a lot of weight, especially with more powerful engines (big exhaust pipes diameter).

Speaking about the engine - guessing from the stats I think that your turbos could spool earlier, so you could get more power and/or efficiency from the engine (unless there is another thing that makes this engine get these numbers which I can’t see). Could you post a screenshot of the last engine tab?

Do you really think that it’s the exhaust providing extra half a ton of weight for this car?


It’s a 6.6 churning out 820+, trust me there is no turbo spool in there, like literally if you saw the graph you’d guess it’s VVT, not turbos


While the supercar market is not as saturated in these forums as a hypercar market, I do not think you realize what “the max” is :smiley:

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It’s usually just people spam the quality sliders and can’t optimize things properly.

Well Im sure the interior, safety and ICE are maxed out on quality (and weight), but still, I never thought those could add HALF A TON to the weight.

the front grille looks very awesome, combined with the badge

Absolutely not. Why did you ignore the earlier part of my post, especially the part where I say that I have no idea how to get that high weight? Each detail might add some kilos. And I’ve mentioned some more details in my previous post.

And getting just 20.7% efficiency, that’s why I think something might be improved. And that’s just my guessing, so I’d like to see the graph.

Exactly what I meant, so why did you “disagree” with me?

Thank you all for your comments! I really appreciate that I am getting some quality advice from more experienced car builders as I have much to learn still.

@szafirowy01: I realize that the Foro is quite a bit heavy. I did use a lot of quality points on the interior. I will also look into your advice about the brakes. Finally, I will check on your advice on the exhaust and see where that leads me. I will DM you the last page of the engine tab. Thanks for your advice.

@squidhead: Yeah, I realize that now. I just wanted this to sound like a blurb from a blurb from the manufacturer. Thanks for making me realize that.

@lordvader1: Thank you!

Keep up the good comments/constructive criticism and please keep it clean guys!

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SOME, not half a ton. You pointed out brakes and exhaust and at the WORST (I mean… “pig iron fiber” is a material, I guess… ) would add some 10 - 15 kilos. When dealing with half a ton of excess weight, I am guessing you could skip stuff that’s usually considered “final touches” and start chainsawing at that interior which took the bulk of the weight. Let’s face it, the guy is clearly new to this, and going “in depth” with the weight savings is a bit pointless when the basics need to be explained first.

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Mhm, yeah, I guess I should have written this:

… in a separate paragraph, with capital letters. Why did you even cling up to me? Instead of pointing the OP what he could improve? You just took some sentences from my post out of context, and started arguing on them. Oh, and laughed at OP’s marketing bit. So helpful. I’m ending this from my side, as it leads nowhere and is un-constructive.

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The AL Berlina S

Fun for the whole family

The AL Autos Company present to you The AL Berlina S, our version of a fun sports sedan.

The Berlina (Italian for Sedan), is our version of a car that will please enthusiasts and their families. It’s carbon fiber panels and chassis lighten up the car as much as possible while also providing the safety that families require. In addition to this, it also has AL’s Advanced Safety System (All round airbags, Automatic Tightening Seat Belts, Parking Sensors, Front and Rear Crash Alert System).

AL has also included LED and Xenon Headlights and Taillights and AL’s front and rear airflow grilles to provide cooling air to the heart of this beast…

… a front mounted 5.5 L Twin Turbo V6 cranking out 509 HP which is linked to a 6 speed manual transmission that transfers the power to all 4 wheels through a Longitudinal AWD system propelling this car from 0-62 MPH in 3.5 seconds. Even with all this power, this car still gets an estimated 20.2 MPG.

Prices for this car start at $135,000 and go up to $188,000 depending on equipment levels. If you are interested in test driving/buying this car or have any questions, please stop buy one of our dealerships located world wide!

Another AL Autos car to be revealed soon! Stay tuned and please reply inline with any comments, constructive criticism, or advice! Thanks!

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The Berlina doesn’t make any sense to me; the bodywork and chassis are both constructed out of carbon fiber (which is too expensive for a four-door car) and yet it still weighs two tons, thanks to overuse of quality sliders. Moreover, a V6 displacing 5.5 liters is just not very refined. And using an old body for a car whose model year is 2016/17 will incur a massive desirability penalty. Still, the idea is sound, but the execution really needs to be more sensible.

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Your intentions seem to be good with this car, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. Echoing @abg7’s comments in that you don’t need Carbon Fibre on this sort of a car, nor is pushrod necessary. Makes it seem like a factory-made custom sleeper thing (I dunno know though, there’s bound to be a place in the market for such a vehicle :joy:)

Styling too feels outdated for 2016, angles and sharp, thin shapes are really in at the moment so you may want to try thinning out those fixtures.

Your cars are definitely getting there though, so please don’t be disheartened by anything I’ve said, take it as suggestions on how to improve.


Disclaimer: I may sound like a child who is showing their parents a simple magic trick, but I am just proud of what was accomplished. Thank you to all those who gave me advice for you helped me create this car. I really appreciate it!

The AL Suono R

Performance innovated

The AL Autos company present to you The AL Suono R.

The Suono (Italian for Sound), is a brand new model created a couple days ago and one that I am very eager to share. For starters I was able to lighten the car as much as possible thanks to the advice of all who commented on my thread. This is now one of the lightest R cars that I have ever created. Of course I’m still working on achieving the perfect balance but, thanks to properly sized carbon ceramic brakes, less abuse of quality sliders, and many other points as well.

The art of aerodynamics are also at work on this car. The maximum amount of air has been diverted to the brakes to provide better braking efficiency, however there is still an adequate amount of air coming into the engine.

The engine is the main highlight of this post as this engine has gotten me the highest HP/L figure I have ever gotten out of an engine (213.542 HP/L). This is all thanks to the advice that was given to me and some tweaks that I made. This car has a 4.8 L Twin Turbo Flatplane V8 pushing out 1025 HP. This engine is connected to a 7 Speed Double Clutch Transmission sending to the power to the rear end of this car through a Electric LSD.

Prices for this car start at $190,000 USD. If you are interested in test driving/buying this car or have any questions, please stop by one of our dealerships located world wide!

Another AL Autos car will be revealed soon! stay tuned and please reply inline with this comment with any comments, constructive criticism, or advice! Thanks!

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3700 lbs suggests you still haven’t toned down on the quality.


Should I just leave it at 0 or still try to balance it out more.

In fact it depends on what you want to achieve. If it has to be more of a road legal track car, then it should have 0 (or less, for more extreme thing) quality on the interior and weigh about a 1000 lbs less. If it has to be a mid engined GT, then it should still weigh about 200-400 lbs less, depending on what interior type you want to use (sports is rather for light track toys), unless you go for full comfort, then - only then - that weight is ok. Also bigger engine with less extreme turbos could probably give better results. And if you need to cool carbon ceramic brakes that means something is wrong with them. Number of pistons, size of the rotors, type of the pads?



I am terribly sorry for all those who follow this thread. I have completely fogotten that I have this here. (lol)

ANYWAY here is a quick catchup of what I’ve been doing:

  • I have massively improved the way I construct a car. These improvements can be seen at the 2017 Antiyita International Motor Show that just happened as of late

  • I’ve widened the types of cars AL Autos creates. These were featured at the Antiyita International Motor Show. These range from compact cars to affordable sports cars.

  • AL Autos’ luxury brand was introduced at Geneva and improved upon at Antiyita

  • I got my first two cars reviewed by the wonderful Gavin Anderson (aka @DeusExMackia) (Thanks for that! I have improved upon what you’ve said and have updated some cars to be revealed soon)

Here are the links to those moments:
AL Autos Rursus and Latissime @ AIMS

AL Autos Irev, Omnia, and Pacto @ AIMS

AL Autos Statuere and Habilis @ AIMS

AL Autos Luxus, Flusso, and Actio @ AIMS

AL Autos Flusso and Actio Reviews

I will be sure to update this more often as I create and update cars!

That’ll be all for now! Thank you all for reading and look forward to more updates and releases in the future!


Design Update: AL Autos Latissime

Hello all! I’ve been busy trying to update the rear tailight designs for my cars when I think I found a simple yet effective solution! Let me know what you think! Example car shown is the AL Autos Latissime!