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Alfane's Halo GT Car Challenge

Alfane's Halo GT Car Challenge


Alfane HQ’s Conference Room - Créteil - 18th April 2019

Alfane is a French sports vehicle manufacturer founded in 1963 by a former Le Mans driver. They have been noted for producing sports vehicles in its line-up over the years, fighting against other automobile companies in various markets.

Alfane will always be remembered for their fun to drive cars from their line-up, from nearly going bankrupt in the 1980s to their Renaissance era in the early 2000s. However, as time passed, Alfane’s lineup shrank as they had to save money and whatnot, but in 2018, they received a government loan to build a new car from the ground up.

With the government loan approved in 2019, a pair of suits were gathered in their conference room and discussing their model line-up, as they were only selling two models at the moment, Alfane VF-8 and Alfane GTS.(see below)

And, of course, they were looking for more profit than just selling these two cars. Not that they didn’t sell well; in Alfane’s opinion, they’re doing well. It’s just they’re not satisfied with their line-up compared to other car company in the industry.

They could have used their in-house design studio to create the car, but they preferred to utilise another studio or car firm this time. Requirements? They are looking for luxury GT coupe as they want to dip their toes into Luxury GT market and see if they do well in the market or not.


  • Any coupe body is the only acceptable build here but if you managed to make a coupe out of sedan body, it’s allowed but please execute it properly and not just hastily done from sedan to coupe conversion.

  • Wheelbase - 2.6m to 3.1m

  • Must have 4 seats in the car, +2 seats count.

  • Model and Trim Year must be set to 2020

  • Any engine layout and drivetrain is accepted except FWD


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Design - Alfane wanted the car to appear edgy and pointed, with the ability to distinguish out from other cars. After all, Alfane didn’t want a car created by a toddler; they wanted a car that would impress people and be able to compete in the market for at least the next 5 years.



Other and Old Alfane Models

1993 Alfane RS - a rear-engined coupe that is paying homage to 60’s rear engine coupe / sedan.

1991 Alfane 1800S - French’s answer to Japan’s Nissan 180SX and only sold in Japan.

1968 Alfane KG-1 - Alfane’s first LeMan’s car, managed to finished 4th at Sarthe.

2002 Alfane BPC - Alfane’s answer to Lotus Elise.



  • This round is going to take place in version LCV4.1 of Automation. If 4.2 gets released during this round, i will stay on LCV4.1.

  • Interior is optional here but i don’t mind if you made a car with proper interior.

  • Submission only allowed in forum’s private message, not accepting via Discord or anywhere else.

Naming Scheme & Date

Model/Family Name: AHGTCC- [Forum Username Here]
Trim/Variant : Free

Opening: 0:01 31st August 2021 Kuala Lumpur Time

3 days as giving room for rule changing and suggestions to this challenge

Closing: 23:59 15th September 2021 Kuala Lumpur Time

Any submission after this date passed will not be accepted.

Countdown Timer


This feels like a CSC, but with the results and reviews for the current round of the actual CSC not yet finalized, it effectively is one in all but name.

damn bruh fr??? thought it was smth else


Helll yeahhhh

Submission's Now Open!

You can send in your ads or .car files now if you’re a fast boy.

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Alfane GTC 2020

Utilising the latest technology, lightweight components with a sporting 6.0 V12; the Alfane GTC is the luxury GT sensation!


The Sektor, from Wells Automotive



Stand out from the crowd

So they can see you

And only you


From Wells

Zephorus Racing Design - LFX



4.7L V10 N/A AWD 7 Gear DCT
1569kg 500+hp
200mph 0-60 in 3.0s

Zephorus Racing Design - LFX



rushed? rushia?

unrelated quote


2020 Alfane GT-K

Bespoke athleticism. Smooth, effortless luxury.


551hp twin turbo V10
0-60 in 4.2s
Two-tone Nappa leather sport seats with contrast stitching, a 20-speaker Borg und Oulafsen audio system and carbon fiber inlays
7-speed Hypersonic DCT
Serene adaptive comfort suspension
Electronic limited slip differential
Seating for 4






2 days left!

So far i’ve received entries from :


If you already sent your file but didn’t get mentioned, just let me know! For those who haven’t sent their .car files yet, please make it done before the deadline hits!

Alfane GS by AVT


Alfane GT10

More photos

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Alfane GT by Spander Design

Be Daring, Future-proof.


Alfane GT12


Alfane RS Revival by EMAS Design

from myself and @vero94773



Submission Closed!

Now, please wait for the reviews and thanks for participating!

Review Pt.1

Alfane HQ’s Design and Showroom Room - Créteil - July 20th 2019

They received 11 entries from various design houses or manufacturers that were submitted to them, along with some paperwork and information about the car, as the deadline approached last week. The big boss was present, along with a few of his colleagues, to assess each proposal and assign points.

Alfane GT10 - @the-chowi

The Alfane GT10 is the day’s first proposal, a V10-powered GT with a stylish appearance. It has a great appearance and is well proportioned. They also appreciate the vent on top of the headlight, which is a great little touch. Other than that, it has elements of edgyness and sharpness that they were looking for in the original proposal from them so it’s a plus to them.

Moving to the side, they adore the modest side vent and side moulding, which is neither too deep nor too shallow. Despite the fact that the fender vent appears to be empty and slapped on there. To fill the empty space, bumper bars and a badge should’ve been there to make it not so empty vent. The rear of this car also looks great although they were hoping some chrome on this rear as they were looking for Luxury GT car, not just pure sports car.

This proposal includes a detailed interior :

According to one of the execs, that is one fancy looking interior. Although the inside is attractive, the interior trim colour just a bit too excessive.

The material on this interior looks cheap but that can easily swap out on the final production if they picked this.

After some few discussions, they approved on this car although it didn’t met their expectation as it doesn’t look like a luxury GT to them akin to more sporty GT car to them but they were impressed by this proposal.

Wells - @DuceTheTruth100

Are we sure we’ve got the proper vehicle here? It surely does not resemble either 2020 or Alfane in appearance. It just appears to be underwhelmed. I mean, it appears to be OK, but just disappointed. The executives nicknamed it “Big Forehead” because of the fascia and a lot of negative space above the grille.

It has tacky rims that doesn’t fit with the car but atleast the side vent is nicely done. Moving to the rear, funnily enough, the rear is the best part of the car. It is nicely done and cohesive too but the problem is it clashes design with the front with sharp edges and such. Might take some notes from this rear.

This proposal includes sort of detailed interior :

Although it is a really bare bone interior but it gave them an idea on what kind of layout this has and their prediction? It’s doesn’t look like it’s a luxury GT interior. It just looks too conventional and not fitting with the exterior of the car.

The executives had to pass on this proposal as it’s just really didn’t meet their expectations and just really lacklusters in a lot of elements.

Alfane Libération GT-12 - @debonair0806

Now, this is a true luxury GT now. A well-crafted and well-designed proposal and it has a V12 that most luxury GT cars do. They were able to maintain the famous Alfane fascia, which normally has a swoopy or low front end, but this one has a square-ish front end, and they were still able to keep that spirit. They do have one complaint or nitpick, which is that the front side vent near the wheel well isn’t really essential.

Moving to the side, it has a lot of going on but in a good way. The side vent is just perfect and the skirt that has Alfane name on it which is a nice little touch. To the back of the car, the tailights looks awkward with that position and shape but other than that, it is just nicely done rear-end

This proposal includes a detailed interior :

Although it is not fully detailed or fully completed but it is gave us an idea on how the interior will look like. First of all, that is one giant weirdly shape screen but in a positive way, it looks like it is combination of infotainment and dashboard in one package which is pretty impressive and high tech, giving it distinctive looks from other GT cars.

After they inspected the car, the executives approved on this car as they really like the car and it is certainly edgy and sharp looking car.

Alfane GTC - @Aruna

The next entry is another beautiful GT car. Although it has lack of body molding on this but it has that aura of elegant and sophisticated looks on it. Looking on the front of the car, it flows well with each other and it looks cohesive too.

Though one complain from them is that the DRL is too thin, was hoping for more thicker DRLs on it. Moving to the side of the car, the side molding is nicely flowing from the front to the rear though it is a bit empty underneath it, was hoping for more body molding on it.

Moving to the rear, it matches with the front in terms of shape and elements and the diffuser area is really nicely designed and really catches the executive’s eye on it which is a good sign from them.

This proposal does not include an interior.

They love the taillights on this although it looks like it’s parts bin rather than custom made light. Sure, it saves some cost but it’s a luxury GT car, should’ve have more going on other than circle projectors on it.

After some discussions, the executives approved this proposal as it just looks really elegant and just beautiful.

Alfane GT-K - @HelloHi

Next up is this low slung GT car proposal. The front of this car is a bit too low but the executives ain’t complaining on it. The headlights especially the DRLS is nicely designed although the headlight design should be more complex instead of triangle shaped.

Moving to the side of the car, it features a big side vent and maybe it is a tad bit too big for their tasting. Other than that, there should be a body mold on top of the side vent to pronounce the shoulder line more instead of just flat shoulder line on this car.

Moving to the rear of this car, the rear of this car is just really really nicely done. It matches the elements from the front of the car but it’s missing one things, it seems it’s missing exhausts. It could be an electric car but it didn’t mentioned that everywhere in the proposal.

This proposal includes a detailed interior :

It seems the theme of this interior is minimalist and they actually achieved that but the executives weren’t sure if this is legal for production model but it gave us a rough idea on the layout of the interior.

Discussions later, the executives had to pass on this car because there’s better alternative car to this. Don’t get them wrong, it is nice and beautifully designed but they feel there’s more other attractive car that they can pick with.



Great reviews, I really appreciate the detail you put into each! By the way, I did use subtle, fairly unobtrusive molding on that rear fender curve. The exhausts on my car are side exit- they are in the side skirts!

Edit: Wait, where did the exhausts go- they seem to be missing from both my promo shots and the photos you took, on second glance! That’s strange- maybe I removed them when I was redoing that side skirt section and never put them back?