Alignment tool for fixtures

Watching the preliminary judging for the Automation car competition, I noticed a lot of slightly misaligned fixtures. Would it be possible to add some kind of either a grid system that can be enabled or a fine-tuning option for fixtures that lets you nudge them slightly? Something that also allows for even spacing of letters would certainly encourage me to start using them as well. I am certainly interested to hear if such a system could realistically make it into a future release of Automation.


YES. Minutae are such a PITA to deal with by eyeballing it.

It’s possible to align things by using other fixtures as a level/grid. Not quite as easy but it’s a workaround.


I’ll have to second the ‘other fixture workaround’ as being useful for now. That, and using the scroll-wheel to get really, really close helps with fiddly details. I use both of those methods because of my somewhat non-standard hardware. (I use a trackball mouse. Little adjustments often take tiny amounts of movement, and often times less than the force needed to overcome static friction.)

It’d be nice to have a ‘lock to grid’ option, but it would be optimal to be able to turn the grid on and off as desired. I’ve already run into a handful of occasions where the ‘snap to centerline’ has caused mayhem if I stretch a fixture to be a bit too tall, and others where the ‘snap to centerline’ has just given up.

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I’d like the ability to be able to use shift+cursor keys to nudge the position or ctrl+cursor keys to nudge resizing


That definitely does sound like a good idea. At least when I really want to get detailed with my car design and if no grid feature actually gets implemented.