American Road Trip Challenge [finished]

Most of the challenges will mandate you to build a certain car, may it be by restrictive rules or in order fulfill a particular goal. This challenge is going to be different.

Up to 12 contestants can build *any car they want and take part in the road trip. While the group will be driving through the united states with their cars, there are going to be some *random challenges which are going to be evaluated by points. The car with the most final points wins the road trip.

*Some general rules still apply:

Trim and engine variant must be same year
Model and engine block can be any year.
91-regular fuel.
Minimum cooling required. 
Must have at least the standard safety of its time, negative quality on safety not allowed. 
Must be road legal: head lights and rear lights. 
Exhaust noise under 45. 
No semi slick tires. 
Must have a better fuel economy than 15L/100km. (6.7km/l, 18.9 UK MPG, 15.7 US MPG)  
Must have a catalytic converter. 

Price limit 
Market Price: $25000 - (2016 - year of trim) * $325. 
ESTIMATED in Gasmea (MARKET TAB) - do not edit factory settings
Market Price with 0% profit
Example: Trim 2016 -> Max market price = $25000
Example: Trim 1986 -> Max market price = $18500 

*Now, what about those random challenges? I am going define at least five different challenges, some are going to be on stats and some not. The idea is to define all the challenges before it opens, but upload them as password protected zips here. I will release on every stage the password to a single challenge which is going to be evaluated. This way its random for the contestants and out of my control for me after the challenge has started. I’ll try to balance the challenges as much i can in order not to favor a particular design, but the whole point of this challenge is not knowing what challenges are coming ahead.

For each challenge points are given as following:

1st : 75 points
2nd : 68 points
3rd : 62 points
4th : 56 points
5th : 50 points
6th : 45 points
7th : 40 points
8th : 35 points
9th : 30 points
10th : 25 points
11th : 21 points
12th : 18 points
13th : 15 points
14th : 12 points
15th : 10 points
16th : 8 points
17th : 6 points
18th : 4 points
19th : 3 points
20th : 2 points
21th : 1 point
22th : 0 points

Send the cars to me using the export function and name your entry by the following schema:

Body: ARTC_username
Trim: Company and model name
Engine: ARTC_username
Variant: Engine name

Steam Mods: It would be cool if you stick to the High Quality Essentials, but i am okay with any other mod if you tell me which it is.

Also, I only support the stable steam version. (non-openbeta)

Deadline is the 11th May or when all spots are taken.

Valid entries:

  • phale
  • AirJordan
  • HowlerAutomotive
  • Madrias
  • XenoYparxi
  • TR8R
  • thecarlover
  • titleguy1
  • CadillacDave
  • HighOctaneLove
  • nerd
  • Darkshine5
  • BobLoblaw
  • Ornate
  • Tyncondero
  • Sillyworld
  • koolkei
  • DeusExMackia
  • Der_Bayer
  • squidhead
  • FrankNSTein
  • findRED19 (466 Bytes) (328 Bytes) (344 Bytes) (314 Bytes) (355 Bytes) (324 Bytes) (355 Bytes) (348 Bytes)

###Round 8 of 8


OK I really like this Idea a way for the competing company’s to show off their best or perhaps worst asset I likey I likey alot. Question. [quote=“asdren, post:1, topic:16125”]
Must cost under $25,000 (0% profit) ESTIMATED in Gasmea

Now as you have said 0% profit I am confused as to whether this is build cost or sell cost?
And with the road legal aspect I would define that a bit more as if we are supposed to be driving across America we would not be doing that i race prepared vehicles and only having headlights and taillights isn’t a road worthy vehicle. Introducing a maximum standard tire size and economy (just so we don’t get any cars running super unrealistic rich fuel ratios say nothing over 30L/100km or tires that are under 13" wide) and a maximum noise level.
Other than that count A.N.Z motors in, it will be our first time in the U.S of A.

I’d be willing to do it. Got a few designs I could knock together and run with. Plus, I like that lightly-random element of not knowing just what to have to build for, thereby you have to design a jack-of-all-trades or risk losing because you built the proverbial point-and-shoot muscle car and had to run a road course.

This sounds a lot like the Top Gear challenge…

I’d like a challenge where your car has to hit a stationary object… where safety is the key.

You can have standard 10’s safety but whack the quality to -15…which defeats the rule. This is my own opinion of course. :slight_smile:

And First Order Automotive will, of course, send an entry.

I meaning the cost in the market tab, not to the one in the details tab. I initially thought of a market cost with a 10% profit for the company, but then decided to scrap that because it would mean an additional thing i have to check if somebody forgets that or has a too small profit.

About the road legal stuff, yeah i might add those, but as i said i don’t want to make it too restrictive, and if somebody thinks running super duper rich is the way to go, so be it.

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sounds good asdren. I’m in either way and my vehicle will be a resto mod (is that cool)? And I’l probably finish it tonight lol

Well, if someone ends up running super-duper rich and there’s suddenly a 1-gallon challenge to go as far as you can on it, they’re going to lose.

The unknown and random nature of the challenges themselves will enforce semi-sensible builds.

ah this is a very good point I’m just gonna be quiet a carry a big stick hehehe

Any body is fine, the only reason i had to go for a 2016 body and engine, is to make sure the pricing is fair between competitors.

I also added a point allocation for the challenges.

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This is looking like a great idea for a challenge so far. I shall be competing!

Nice! I’m interested :slight_smile:

I’m ready and willing to bring a 4-cylinder to the party. This will be fun.

Also… I want to make a new 2016 trim for my 2011 muscle car for this competition, is it okay?

unfortunately. the rule said both model and trim set on 2016, so, sadly, no.

i have a few ideas on how to go about this :smiley:

Okay :frowning:

Sounds intriguing, I’m in.

I’d rather total cost restriction, rather than market tab cost.

I have a couple of cars that will be perfect for this, now I just have to select which car Is best

Any particular reason why the construction cost is better?

Because it does not float due to the engineer choice, slider choice etc etc etc. It’s a build cost and it’s just that, it does not depend on the factory settings.