Anhultz Holdings LTD. (formerly Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing)

This is the lore thread for Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing (international name) made for Generations II: The full line challenge.

Before WWII

Not much is known about pre-WWII Anhultz as most of it was lost within the war.
What IS known, however, is that Anhultz was founded sometime in the 1920s as an automobile manufacturer making mostly upscale cars.
The founder, Siegwald Anhultz soon wanted to appeal to the less money-sprawiling population by introducing a more aff… WHOOPS WWII happened.

During WWII

Throughout the 1939 model year, Anhultz operated “without” much disturbance due to their home country, the Netherlands, being neutral. Lack of demand for cars still forced mass layoffs and loss of sales, until disaster struck when Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940.

Siegwald WANTED to remain neutral and thus immediately closed any and all operations and had any trace of Anhults’s existance hidden and/ or destroyed. This included the instruction to the government to temporarily erase “Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing” from the list of registered compaies to avoid detection by the Germans. The operation was somewhat succesful, with Anhultz not being mentioned in any form of German WWII development program. However their factory was used as a factory for war materials during the remainder of the war.

The remainder of the war was spent with important engineers rounded up in an out-of-country operation to restart operation as quickly as possible when the war is over, planning to make a relatively affordable family car to sell to the general population.

Just after WWII

WWII has ended and Siegwald Anhultz sadly won't be able to finish the plan off by himself, through reasons unknown.

Responsibility was handed to his son, Willem Anhultz, who, while also wanting to start production of the family car, does have a different approach to future models…

Willem Anhultz and the team of engineers head back to wher the factory should be and discover about two thirds of it still standing and structurally stable.

With the blueprints for their fist post-war car in hands, tooling for the factory began less than two weeks after. Reconstruction of the destroyed part went MUCH slower because the reconstruction also included higly ambitious expansion plans.

Luck eventually did came Willem’s way with this letter…

To the Esteemed Mr. Willem Siegwald Anhultz:
It has been an honor for myself and my brother, Thomas, to host your family and associates during their time of need. Now that you are planning your return home, we felt that it was time to present you with a token of our esteem.

The Townsend family would like to extend an offer of a long-term, low-interest loan in order to assist the reconstruction of Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing. We hope that this will help pave the way to a healthy, productive company in your home country of the Netherlands.

Should you care to proceed with receiving these funds, please have your Chief Financial Officer contact Jeffrey Moss, our counterpart within Townsend Coachworks.

We will remember your family with fondness, and hope to see you in the future, should you visit the United States, or should we visit Europe.

Warmest Regards,

Earle Townsend Jr.

…along with the conditions of the loan offered.

Dear Mr. Bastiaan Rynsburger:

This letter is to notify you that Townsend Coachworks is offering to extend an installment loan to Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing. The terms of the loan are as follows:

Amount of Loan: $200,000 USD
Interest Rate: 5.9 percent
Compounding Period: Monthly
Length of Loan: 20 years
Installment Period: Monthly
Total Number of Installments: 240
Installment Amount: $1421.35 USD
First Installment Due: September 15, 1945
Final Payment Due: August 15, 1964

If these terms are to your liking, please fill out and have notarized the included documents, and return them to me.


Jeffrey L. Moss
Corporate Financial Officer
Townsend Coachworks

A board meeting was called and the following conversation followed.
Rynsburger estimated that the monthly loan payments would equal the wage of a few additional engineers. This would slow development a bit, but allows Anhultz to kickstart the rebuilding early and sell cars much more quickly than otherwise possible.

Thus, the filled out loan form was sent back with a copy of it kept in office to ensure the validity of the loan.

Funds were transferred as soon as Anhultz became a listed company again and the rebuilding could now be kicked into overdrive…

to be continued… (in a seperate post)


There are very few threads about Dutch manufacturers on these forums, and this is one of them. I am eagerly awaiting the post that shows in detail the start of AAM’s rise like a phoenix from the ashes, with the introduction of its first post-war cars.

The Journey Begins

March 13th, 1946

Today, the very first post-WWII Anhultz is to be revealed, in hopes of accelerating the Netherlands and Europe in general after german occupation. Built to be affordable, practical and easy to drive, the all-new Anhultz Mimas will now be available for purchase directly at the Maastricht Manufacturing Plant or at any other Anhultz dealership.

applause by most of the visitors

As you can see, the Anhultz Mimas will be available in two-door sedan, Puckup and panel van variants. It’s power source is a newly-engineered 1198cc three cylinder engine delivering 37 horsepower through a 4-speed manual transmission to the rear wheels.

Stats of the Anhultz Mimas (two-door sedan)

Not long after the introduction the Mimas turned out to be surprisingly succesful despite it’s comparatively high price point. Soon the Mimas was being exported to neighboring countries with similar success.

The growing income allowed the development of new engine technology as well as a premium sedan intended to be sold on both sides of the atlantic ocean.

Thus, plans were made for the upcoming model, which was to be bigger, more comfortable and powerful while also using any existing technology and/ or parts possible.

about a year later

Development of the next vehicle, the Anhultz Dione, was ongoing, when chief engineer Airikr Öberg had an idea…
His plan was to re-use the engine currently in development and alter the Dione’s chassis in a way to allow a Pick-Up to be built solely for the US market.
Willem Anhultz loved it, since it was very much in line with his policy of “affordability through scaling”, resulting in the idea being approved with very little resistance.
The engineering team was therefore expanded to accomodate two projects running in parallel and they immediately began hacking away at adapting the Dione’s chassis to be what US-Citizens would call a “farm truck”.

The idea quickly proved less advantageous than anticipated, leading to the new chassis being developed at a similar pace to the original Dione one yet bearing fairly little reselblance to it due to extensive restructuring and reinforcements being necessary to accomodate the larger size, weight and payload.

The engine side was a huge success though, with the 1200cc three cylinder now having a 2400cc straight-six brother. Only the fundamental components were completely new parts with other being carbon-copies of the existing engine.

With development at full steam and the Mimas selling strongly, it was time…

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Hello Brother

March 1948

It is time for me to announce the bigger brother of our beloved Anhultz Mimas!
More power, More comfort and More style are coming with the ALL NEW ANHULTZ DIONE!!!

Stats of the Anhultz Dione

The Anhultz Dione has finally entered production as the more upscale model of the ever expanding Anhultz lineup. It’s initial success was less intense than when the Mimas was launched, but good enough to keep it going. The US market was a similar story on a much larger scale due to the significantly larger and more wealthy population at the time.

Further expansion plans were made, with the Anhultz Callisto on it’s way and the Maastricht plant already being at nearly full load, it was decided to construct two additional manufacturing plants on either side of the atlantic ocean. The exact position is yet to be determined, but them being bult in the Netherlands and the USA is already confirmed.

Things are getting even better for Anhultz’s finances as the marshall plan, introduced by the US to aid european recovery, poured a lot of money into the bank of Anhultz, under the condition that it was invested within Dutch borders.

The plans for the US factory had been shelved for the time while also expanding the upcoming Rotterdam plant to take up the slack.

With infrastructure expansion rolling, the lineup of offerings needed to be expanded as well. The engineers were tasked with developing a luxury car while applying the ongoing philosophy of “affordability through scaling”.
They soon started working on two engines, one of which meant for the soon-to-become USDM Mimas with the other being employed in the aforementioned luxury car.

With the plans set, the next milestone was not far away…


player note: at this point, Anhultz lore splits into European and USDM lore. THIS THREAD only depics US-Market developments

They see me Haulin'

August 1949

Today is the day the Anhultz product line is expanded again with the introduction of the all new Anhultz Callisto light-duty pick-up truck!

Stats of the Anhultz Callisto


The Anhultz Callisto has finally hit the north american market with the exact same engine family as the Anhultz Dione introduced two years prior. The introduction benefitted Anhultz in multiple ways. Firstly, the Callisto meant another product earning money for the company. Secondly, the usage of identical engines greatly improves spare part availability and thus aids Anhultz in building a name in the newly entered market. Finally, costs are reduced for both the Dione and the Callisto allowing prices to decrease. further boosting sales.

Construction has started on the new Rotterdam plant in hopes of allowing greater production numbers at reduced costs.

The Superkroon, Furos and Dinnerbone projects are still ongoing, but due to the focus on the new vehicle with it’s engine, the Dinnerbone is considerably behind schedule.
This was a problem, because the fairly crudely engineered Mimas was showing a decline in saled, making a replacement of some form necessary. It was meant to release together with the Superkroon but the engine delays made a later release necessary.

At least the really important projects were running on-time…

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The thicc boye is here

Feast your eyes, Patrick.

random guy called Patrick shouting

The Anhultz Superkroon.
We’re currently using it for promotional reasons, obviously…
Let me show so some of it’s features…
sesame seed finish glossy two-tone finish
steel belted pickles painted steel rims with stylish hubcaps
grilled leather interion luxury upholstery
And under the hood: a fuel injected french fry with dual-overhead grease traps a 3.6L V8 engine with the smoothest operation you will ever experience

random guy called Patrick again

Yeah… wow!

The introduction of the Superkroon was… unusual, but it really stirred the pot in a good way.
Sales weren’t good from an absolute point of view, but the high markup made it surprisingly profitable.

The Rotterdam Factory was, to Willem’s delight, coming along nicely and already was at a point where it could slowly start taking the load off of the overworked Maastricht plant.

On the engineering side, things were running relatively smoothly, with the Mimas facelift already undergoing testing with it’s new engine.
A new project for a large van/ MPV was also initiated for anyone ineeding to transport a lot of stuff and/or people.

Not much else of interest has happened, soo…

Onwards, noble steed of time!

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the Generations are coming


The Anhultz Mimas II was introduced without a fancy presentation like the newly introduced models. In most areas, not a lot was changed with most areas of the car now being much more refined. A new 1.6L 4 cylinder was introduced, allowing buyers a more powerful alternative to the (by US-standards) not-exactly-powerful 1.2L I3.

Apart from this, Anhultz was getting into a routine of sorts, with little abnormalities in any department.
The only important area was financing: Anhultz was soon to be self-sufficient due to the Marshall plan coming to an end. Current estimations would put Anhultz at a profit which would keep them afloat, but not as money-sprawling as the previous years.

The Rotterdam plant was still undergoing construction, but also increasing vehicle output quickly. This meant lower costs, easier delivery, elecually to the US and more sales in general since the Maastricht plant was still being overklocked to infinity and beyond.

The Dione was to recieve an overhaul in 1952, with it’s associated engineering running without issues. Same goes for the upcoming Ganymede van to be released in the same year.

In not-too-long of a time, the first cars would roll out of the factory…

Tag team Round much?


This time we have two new models to present.
Behold! The all-new Anhultz Ganymede and updated Anhultz Dione II !

With the Marshall Plan now ended, Anhultz had to be financially stable on it’s own. With money now being less abundant, car development was reduced to keeping already-made models running rather than engineer entirely new ones.
Projects were started to develop a new rear axle system as well es variable-ratio springs. The engine department began remaking the Dinnerbone engine to allow installation of an OHC-valvetrain. The resulting engines were to be used in the third iterations of the Mimas and Dione as well as the second Ganymede.

Apart from that, Anhultz is still going strong.

Change of plans



The original planning called for the second iteration of the Superkroon, but the Callisto was not selling well at all. Thus the still competitive Superkroon was pushed back quite far, with eny other planned project shoved forward to be started earlier to avoid project stacking. But engineers wanted to engineer fawnceh new stuff so the employees were split into two groups. One would work on facelifting existing models while the other got to work engineering new tech to be put into the Superkroon.

Thus, instead of the Superkroon II the engineering team brought forward the Anhultz Callisto II

back: Anhultz Callisto II Base (2.4L I6)
right: Anhultz Callisto II Comfort (2.7L I6)
left: Anhultz Callisto II Luxe (3.6L V8)
all models available with selective 4WD system

[This part will depend on the relative rating of the car within the round, with retroactive adjustments]

The current projects were coming along well. The Cobblestone engine was on-time and the new rear-axle construction was nearing completion. Actual implementation would have to be delayed due to problems in figuring out suitable manufacturing techniques and reliability optimisations on the progressive spring system. Meanwhile another sub-division had started working on hydraulically automated gearboxes and assisted steering systems. The concept of hydraulics was nothing per-se new since some engineers had experience in other fields requiring such machinery and Anhultz wanted to work towards advanced technology despite the slight money issues.

The Rotterdam plant still was FAAAR from finished, yet also progressing swiftly, while also taking up more slack to a point where the Maastricht plant was pretty much breathing a sigh of relief after the years of factory overclocking.

Further refinements



The Mimas III has replaced the Mimas II on both the european and US markets with comparatively little changes.

from left to right: Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, Convertible all shown in Base trim

from left to right: Base, Comfort and Luxe trim levels

Not even a month later, Willem Anhultz got a letter stating that Ardent Motor Corporation
regarding the still-to-be-paid portion of the loan Townsend Coachworks (now owned by Ardent). Jack Chancellor, the CEO of Ardent, wants to reclaim the loan immediately.

Anhultz’s CFO, Bastiaan Rynsburger, determined that repaing the debt of 154.000USD immediately would put Anhultz firmly in the red. Also, the agreed payments were paid in full every month and arrived on time, thus negating the need of immediate reclaim from Anhultz’s side.
Anhultz simply was neuther wiling nor able to pay.

Rynsburger sends a letter back to Chancellor, refusing to filfill Ardent’s demands.

This would send Anhultz into the biggest legal conflict the company has ever seen, quickly evolving into an all-out legal war on either side to prove their truth.

Other than that, everything else was doing good. The new rear axle was done and ready for use together with the progressive springs. But they came just that bit too late for them to be of use in the Mimas III. All the focus was now on automatics and power steering!

That was that, soo…

Wut? Actual new Tech?


Yes. You heard that right. Anhultz engineers have implemented their new suspension system into the Dione and thus are now presenting the Anhultz Dione III:

Legal war was still raging, slowing the progress of the Rotterdam factory construction.
Otherwise… err…
looks at script
There’s not much else to say apart from…
“everything good, Dione selling decently, blah blah blah…”



Hey Silver York! We are coming for 'ya!



The Anhultz Superkroon II is finally ready for production, featuring LOADS of new tech.

[REDACTED] (there’s hints tho…)

The available trim levels and body styles are the same as the Mimas III, for continuity reasons.

Regarding the lawsuit, things were getting heated…
*please refer to this and the the following posts for further information.

(to be added soon™)

Living the Long Life


The Anhultz Mimas IV replaces the Anhultz Mimas III.
Minimal changes include:

  • Redesigned Bumpers
  • slightly altered Engine family
  • new taillight assembly
  • not much else…

Funding is still going towards the Rotterdam plant, leaving little capability to engineer new vehicles. Yet Rynsburger still diverted funds to at least keep the technology of the vehicles up-to date.


Anhultz has WON the legal battle against ardent! Final trial resulted in Anhultz not having to pay the remaining 154.000 USD and their legal fees.

1958 saw similar minor changes done to the Callisto


MOAR Refining



Well… Anhultz Dione. Same treatment as the Mimas and Callisto…

As such the car itself is nothing new, really…


Spot the difference... Again...



Same game, except for an even bigger car.



A fire destroys most of Anhultz R&D along with ongoing and finished projects meant for production.
Anhultz continues production of current models for the US market, but declares that successors cannot be released due to aforementioned fire and focus on home markets.


Bogliq Automotive USA offers to supply plans for their chassis in order to keep Anhultz in the US market.
They also do not expect any immediate payment or exchange for the offer, leading to it being accepted without any doubts.

Accusations of being Communist are seen as an immediate backstab to the newly formed relations, especially given that pre-castastrophe Anhultz was formed on US funding through the Marshall Plan. Yet Willem Anhultz believes Bogliq Automotive USA to not be directly at fault for this and thus does not publicly mention his thoughs.

Work begins adapting their plans to Anhultz drivetrains (newly engineered; except carbs, which are taken from existing engines) and systems. Plan is to have the tech-side of things done by 1964 and then immediately start work on a monocoque-based replacement.

Similar idea applies to relatively primitive (by Dutch standards) engine lineup, with OHV and 15 year old 2-barrel carbs.


Adaptation of Bogliq chassis has been finished, with work immediately starting on a freshly-made Monocoque successor starting with the entry-level Puck.


Release of their new product line in bulk for the US market.
(post will follow seperately)



Anhultz releases their new lineup of two models, with more to be added in the following years.

left; beside road: Anhultz Dione V BX
far back: Anhultz Puck I C
front; center: Anhultz Dione V C
far right: Anhultz Dione V S

Anhultz is confident that the stop-gap models will keep them afloat, but they will quickly need replacing due to the outdated ladder frame chassis.

Work on a technology update with a monocoque chassis has already started and is ongoing smoothly.

Projects also are underway for the Mimas, Ganymede and Superkroon models. The Callisto has no planned direct succesor yet, and it is uncertain if it will get one. Time will tell and the success of the Dione truck will decide it’s fate.


Anhultz rebuilding 2; electric boogaloo

latter half of 1966

  • Stop gap models surprisingly successful
  • plans of replacement will not change in accordange to the agreement with Bogliq Automotive USA
    (the directive being to minimize the time spent manufacturing stop-gap models)


  • Anhultz Puck II released
  • first Anhultz to feature a monocoque chassis
  • first Anhultz to feature independent suspension on both axles
  • first Anhultz to surpass 30MPG (US) in fuel economy
  • first Anhultz to retail on radial tyres as standard

Anhultz Puck II B; 12000AMU Driveaway; 285AMU p.a servicing (2dr sedan, 900cc I3, 36hp, 4M, 136kph, 20.6s to 100kph, 7.6L/100km)

Anhultz Puck II C; 13000AMU Driveaway; 332AMU p.a servicing (2dr sedan, 1199cc I4, 48hp, 4M, 150kph, 15.4s to 100kph, 8.2L/100km)

With Hubcaps:
Anhultz Puck II D; 13500AMU Driveaway; 504AMU p.a servicing (2dr sedan, 1397cc I4, 58hp, 4M, 160kph, 13.1s to 100kph, 8.7L/100km)



  • Anhultz Mimas V released
  • first Anhultz to feature four-wheel disc brakes
  • first Anhultz to retail with a three-speed Automatic as an option
  • first Anhultz to exceed 210kph

from left to right:

Anhultz Mimas V S; 25000AMU driveaway: 889AMU p.a. servicing (2dr sedan, 3593cc V8, 153hp, 4M,
215kph, 7.7 to 100kph, 13.1L/100km)

Anhultz Mimas V D; 22000AMU driveaway: 743AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 2694cc V6, 111hp, 3A,
192kph, 11.6 to 100kph, 12.6L/100km)

Anhultz Mimas V D; 18500AMU driveaway: 544AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 1796 I4, 74hp, 4M,
215kph, 13.7 to 100kph, 10.4L/100km

Anhultz Mimas V B; 16000AMU driveaway: 469AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 1199cc I4, 48hp, 4M,
151ph, 18.5 to 100kph, 8.8L/100km)

rear viev; inverse order



  • Anhultz Dione VI released
  • first Anhultz to retail with a three-speed automatic transmission as standard

from left to right: (prices include arbitrary markups)

Anhultz Dione VI D; 32000AMU driveaway: 807AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 3593cc V8, 155hp, 3A,
201kph, 10.5 to 100kph, 15.5L/100km)

Anhultz Dione VI C; 26000AMU driveaway: 730AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 2694cc V6, 111hp, 3A,
183kph, 12.4 to 100kph, 14.0L/100km)

Anhultz Dione VI B; 22000AMU driveaway: 587AMU p.a. servicing (4dr sedan, 1796cc I4, 74hp, 3A,
159kph, 17.6 to 100kph, 12.9L/100km)

rear view; inverse order

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