Any working TRACK makers/editors

i want to make my own track but the website track editor is offline and

TrackEdit 0.14 is buggy. is there any other

What do you mean it’s buggy? Most of the tracks available were made with it.

I think “buggy” means “I don’t know what I’m doing and need help”.


is it possible to add a picture in the background so i can make the map

Seeing as how I don’t know how to link to posts, I’ll give you this, explains what you need:

Yes, it is possible to add an image for the track. You don’t do it from within the program, however. You create a folder and add two files to the folder. The first file is an image named track.png. This is the track image you want to build the track on. It must be a png image and it must be 1280x720 to work correctly. The second file in the folder will be called track.lua. This is a blank (or previously created) file to define track parameters. Once this folder is created, you should name it for the track you intend to create. Then you simply open the folder within track editor to begin editing the track.

The folder files are explained in Der Bayers linked post from @stm316. (I would quote his post, but this new forum has me a bit baffled on how to multi-quote.

Track Edit will create a lua file if one does not exist, but it will only use predefined images by opening a folder with an image and a lua file with the proper names. Note you are opening the folder, not the file.

thanks girl, i didn’t know you can do that, my first track

You’re very welcome. Congrats on finishing your first track!