[ARM] Automation RestoMod Chapter 4: Trabi Trophy Trouble (RESULTS POSTED!)



Automation RestoMod (ARM) is a challenge series focused on taking older, preferably real cars and restomodding them. The criteria for modding are provided by each host, and vary Chapter to Chapter. For a more in-depth description of the ARM vision and to get a feeling for the flavour the series so far, please read through the previous Chapters. Welcome to Chapter four.


For this round you are provided with a 1974 Trabant 601. The Trabant 601 is an iconic car built in East Germany from 1963-1990. Upon its debut in 1963, it was considered a modern automobile. However, during its 27 year production run, it remained virtually unchanged. As such, it was considered a living relic by the time it was replaced by its 1.1L four-stroke successor. The 601 is known for its hilariously poor performance, clouds of billowing blue smoke emanating from its tailpipe, characteristic two-stroke braaaap braaap braaap rattle. Despite its many many shortcomings, it captured the hearts of not one, but several generation of people. Nowadays seen as a beloved and endearing nod to the past, the Trabi has a large worldwide following. See more here: Trabant 601 - Wikipedia


Alina Kowalczyk owns a Trabant rental shop in Warsaw, Poland. She owns and maintains a small fleet of original Trabants that are a hot item to rent and drive around the city. The Trabis always provide a great photo-op in front of the famous landmarks in Warsaw. Her clients consist mostly of western tourists who want to experience driving a “Trabi”, but locals are also interested in renting them for special events. The trouble is that business has not been great lately. Alina needs to think about how to advertise her business better. Her plan is to have one of her Trabants restomodded and used as a showpiece to draw in more people. She plans to drive the modded Trabi around town as a moving billboard to advertise her business. She also plans to bring it to several antique car shows and Trabi gatherings and festivals around Europe, where she plans to display it. She also plans to enter it into competitions for modded vehicles – winning these competitions would mean a huge boost in recognition for her business.


Download this .car file: ARM4_-_yournamehere__-_CLONE_THE_MODEL.car (44.5 KB)
  • Import the car into Automation.
  • Clone both the CAR MODEL and ENGINE FAMILY.
  • Open the car model, and swap the engine to the cloned one if you plan to use the original Trabi engine. Otherwise start new engine project for the car.
  • Forward year on both car model and engine family to 2020.
  • Set the names according to this standard:

    Engine Family: ARM4 – [forum name]
    Engine Variant: [engine name]
    Car Model: ARM4 – [forum name]
    Car Trim: [car name]

  • Start modding.
  • When finished, export car and PM your cloned and modded .car file back to me.
  • Sit back and wait for results.

If you have trouble with cloning or don’t know how to do it, please watch this tutorial video. It will save me headaches when importing your car, and will save you getting binned:


  • For this Chapter, you may use three body types: the cabrio, the limo, and the kombi (i.e. convertible, sedan, and wagon). I only give you one file, so simply select one of the other body types in trim selection if you want, and go from there.
  • Do NOT use the hatchback, people mover, or van bodies however, they are forbidden.
  • Do NOT change any morphs, except wheel arches. You are allowed body moldings and 2D/3D fixtures to alter body shape.
  • Do NOT change panel material, chassis type, or chassis material. Any reinforcement that your build needs will have to come from a roll-cage or similar structure.
  • You may change engine placement and suspension type.
  • You may swap the engine without penalty. Numbers matching is not important in this case.
  • Do NOT exceed 140 ET for the engine.
  • Do NOT exceed 110 ET for the car.
  • Do NOT exceed final cost of $40,000
  • Do NOT have worse than 8.0 l/100km fuel economy
  • Do make sure to use 91 or 95 RON fuel.
  • Do have ESC installed.
  • Do have at least two seats (in the front row).
  • Do have noise levels below 45.
  • Do have a 3-way catalytic converter.
  • Do make sure to forward the year on everything to 2020.
  • And again, please please please make sure everything is cloned properly, and cloned or new engine swapped in (see above).

Failing any of these requirements will lead to an instabin. Please double-check your work before submission!


UNIQUENESS: The modded Trabi has to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to itself. It should turn heads wherever it goes. It should be a true one-of-a-kind build that can be used as the “mascot” for the rental company, which everyone will remember and associate with “that place in Warsaw” where they can rent their own Trabi. The uniqueness is not limited to the external looks. The hood will be popped open at car shows, and something truly unique and unexpected there for a Trabi can also be a show-stopper. Modeling under the hood is encouraged!

AUTHENTICITY: This criterion only applies to looks. It should still be immediately recognizable as a Trabant. It is an iconic car, and its looks are engrained in people’s minds. It is also meant to advertise a Trabant rental place, so naturally, if it advertises some other car, then it has failed in its purpose.

AESTHETICS: Naturally, it still has to look good. Just being whacky looking for the sake of being unique does not cut it. It should still have a sense of aesthetic harmony. In other words, don’t make it hideous, and you’ll be fine. Do make sure to also include an interior render. While not a hard requirement to build an interior, it will be a judging criterion and it will be exceedingly difficult to win without one.

PRESTIGE: It goes without saying, but prestige is very important for this build. The more prestige, the more people will appreciate and admire the Trabi.

COMFORT: Since the car will be driven around the city for advertisement purposes, it is important that the driver can sit comfortably for long periods of time.

DRIVABILITY: See point above.

OTHER STATS: Use common sense, and don’t make it worse than the original!

Some inspiration to get your creative juices going



Rules will be open for debate until midnight EST March 13.

Submission deadline is midnight EST March 26.


What are the official rules on V16s? Do you have the DLC? Will they be allowed in? Just wanna check before I get too crazy here…

I do have the DLC, but many others do not. In the name of fairness to all, V16s will not be allowed into the competition. However, if you want to make a V16 version, I would absolutely love to see it - just also make a legal version :slight_smile:

Rules are now fixed and the competition is open for submissions!

Is that even possible?

That seens to be a really fun challenge, I’ve just built an trabby lookalike for a comp on discord, so I’m already in the mood.

Also I’m missing the mod for the hood badge, can you link it please?


So no power steering then. :rofl:

It’s the only thing that I can remove to get me below 110.

I’m sure this refers to approximate cost as shown in the market tab.

Given that you are modernizing a classic car (albeit a very basic one). it makes perfect sense, although I suspect launch control will be optional if your budget (in terms of ET and approximate cost) allows it.

I’m not going to be on the gaming rig for a few days and I don’t know off the top of my head what I used. Perhaps someone else already working on the car can link it for me? Otherwise I’ll try to remember when I’m back in the game.


As the rules say, ESC required as a minimum. If you want to include LC, be my guest.

Presenting the first ARM entry…

The BRM Trabbi Throwback

A V10 blast from the past.


BRM is back, with another insane conversion of an economical car. The Trabbi Throwback boasts an “upsized, improved version” on the Hyperion’s V10; engineering sheets show improved throttle response, higher performance and a smoother torque curve. The new V10 uses all-forged internals, with 10 individual throttle bodies controlling direct injectors. This system is rather costly, and it does increase the service costs, but BRM believes it to be worthwhile. The engine has been mounted in the rear, rather than the front, due to packaging issues. It is mated to a straightforward RWD drivetrain with a manual gearbox - one of the major deficiencies of the Trabbi, but one considered necessary due to time constraints. The suspension configuration is somewhat similar to the original, with MacPherson Struts on both sides - another compromise made by the car. The car finds itself in a somewhat odd space for performance, as the additional weight in the rear has forced BRM to use staggered tyres. A large part of BRM’s time constraints is down to a simple factor; they chose to add a large “showpiece” modification on the engineering side. This Trabant, unlike any other, has an automatically folding soft-top. This gives the Trabant some rather unique appeal on the street, and makes life easier for the driver.


BRM have elected for a rather different aesthetic this time. Rather than the 2000s look of the Hyperion or the apocalyptic look of the Max, they have gone back in time for the Throwback…

By borrowing styles from the American cars of the era, the throwback is an instant classic. With its custom “Googie” rear fender and its conical taillights, the throwback is an attention-getter, designed to be unlike any other car on the road. The exhausts have been moved to the sides, once more due to packaging. The original rims have been retained, and the front fascia is a modern twist on the old Trabant. A custom glass-topped front trunk adds even more flair, especially with its split opening.

The interior is limited to two leather seats, due to the space required by the folding soft top. With aluminium trim inside and a dual-control entertainment system, the car provides ample comfort and prestige for advertisement.

MV Design’s proposal for Alina’s trabbi is a classic restomod recipe, yet eye-catching and practical enough for daily usage.

The suspensions were removed, and a front subframe from a VW UP TSI was installed, along with its modern mc person suspension, 5-speed gearbox, smooth and quick response steering setup, and an engineering marvel of a 3 cylinder engine, producing its torque low in the rev range, being fun, reliable and efficient on its original body, now even more on a lighter one. The rear suspension was replaced by a custom tube frame double-wishbone setup. The brakes were replaced by big standard units on all corners, so it brakes well without breaking the bank. New 15" wheels with more rubber than needed on this show wheels, for some eye candy, were installed (the daily use wheels it will be shipped with are identical, but narrower), and the fenders massaged to tuck them nicely without rubbing.

All the lighting was replaced by LED units, following the placement and general shape of the stock ones. New fiberglass side skirts, bumpers, hood and rear spoiler were custom made for it, along with a front grille inspired by the late 1.1 trabbi. Modern side mirrors complete the look.

A new interior was made, now with ecological leather everywhere, HVAC, a digital programable gauge cluster, a multimedia center on the dash, and actual comfortable seats from a newer car.

An refreshing that bring the car to the 21st century without losing its classic looks!


TraBONKERS by Sunset Garage

The TraBONKERS by Sunset Garage is far from your average restomod, transplanting Russian and American tradition into a beefy, completely unique and slightly insane package. When we saw this brief, we knew we had to do something interesting with it, and we ended up finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places: the hot rod scene in LA. Hot-rodding is all about making a statement; and what could be more of a statement than a Soviet econocan turned into a monster of a custom build? So we set out to work on a design. We gave it large fender flares. Chopped the roof, extended the hood and gave it a massive cutout for a scoop. And then we gave it the performance to back it up. With such an unusual exterior: why not continue that theme through to the engine bay? So we thought up the oddest hot rod engine choice one could: a boxer-6 making 430hp replacing the original 2-stroke, designed from the ground up by the skilled machinists at our engine workshop. Of course, a good engine doesn't make a fast car, but we didn't stop there. With fat, chunky tires, RWD, a handmade, custom interior featuring a screen that slides into the dash, and a manual gearbox all encased in a classic but reimagined Duroplast shell, this car manages a 4.6 second 0-60, good enough for a quarter mile in a whopping 12.19 seconds. For reference- that is only a tenth off the Bentley Continental GT and 911 GT3, and equivalently quick to the Ghibli Trofeo and M4 GTS! Fortunately, unlike an M4 GTS or Porsche 911, this car is much more afforable (and looks significantly cooler, not like we're biased...), it can be yours today for the reasonable price of $40k plus the initial Trabi!


The Corydon Motors Coach Building division has undertaken this challenge with a strong respect for the original car and so, made as few external changes as practical required. We gave our sample car a new hand finished paint treatment but other wise did not maul the classic body lines.
With the change from the seriously underpowered stock engine to out 1.6 L I-4, we needed to add some subtle cooling vents and we also moved the filler for the fuel tank to a more modern location.
We sourced modern wire wheels and tires sized correctly to handle the upgraded power.
To reduce any conflict with current automotive regulations, we also upgraded the lighting system and added side turn indicators.
Along with the premium interior fittings, the combination of classic style and modern performance level have made this a car that can run with the best current sedans and give the thrills our customers deserve.


The Trabant 616 S by Midlands

Midlands doesn’t just make lightweight production cars, they also provide rear engine conversion set ups for many vehicles, like the iconic Trabant. The 616 S by Midlands takes a Trabant and turns it into a cup racer you can actually live with. Wide fenders, a more comfortable sport interior compared to the truly basic one the Trabant 601 comes with, full air con and traction aids, and hidden chassis reinforcement make the 616 S a strong daily driver. The 1.6 L i4 Midlands provides gives more than enough pep to travel at highway speeds, while putting out only 140 hp. Combined with its still super low weight of 2060 lbs (934 kg) and 5 speed manual transmission, the 616 S puts out a respectable 0-60 time of 6 seconds and well as beats the original motor’s mpg, raising it to 35.6 mpg combined city and highway. The handling has also been beefed up to take the extra power, swapping to macpherson struts and 205/50 R14 tyres all around. Along with the optional rally lights added in this conversion, a newer Trabant 1.1 grill has been fit in, as well as dual peashooter exhausts and an accent striping package. For a conversion that clocks in at only $36,100 (a decent amount less if you purchase the parts as a kit to do the conversion yourself instead of sending your car in to be converted), you get a perfect daily driver that has the pizzazz and charm of a classic Trabi, while feeling like a thoroughly modern car with modern reliability.


"Trabant IS" - 1974 Trabant 601

by MTL Customs & Tuning

More Images

Dear Ms. Kowalczyk,

Here at MTL Customs & Tuning we are priding ourselves in making extreme restomoding of classic vehicles all around the world. The most important aspect for us is to tell a story with our projects that resonates with the owner.

See enclosed our proposal on the iconic Trabant and your touring business Royal Route Trabant. We decided to dig into the history and the past and try to make one of your beloved Trabant into a touristic attraction.

Taking a page from the history books and the Polish Army Museum of Warsaw, we transformed a cabrio Trabant into a IS-2 Tank replica. This is the perfect vehicle to tour Warsaw and share the rich polish history, while being an incredible photo-op.

While this vehicle is unmistakably a Trabant, the uniqueness of the vehicle, also acting as a billboard with ample marketing and branding opportunities, will be the talk of the town.

The raised upper deck can tour a typical family or group of 4 to 6 with kids, while seating a driver and navigator inside. The interior, while seemingly cramped, is incredibly comfortable with premium components throughout and a top of the shelf luxurious infotainment system and intercom connecting to the speakers and dual LCD above. Those two small LCD screens, controlled from the cabin, can be used to support the tour and/or provide advertising opportunities.

Two emergency hatches on each side and a rear entrance with sliding doors and a hydraulic hatch will impress anyone coming aboard the Trabant IS, or Trabb-IS as we like to call it. While the top is open for the summer days, an optional sealed canopy is available to combat against any inclement weather or even winter - it has A/C and heat control as well.

Internally, this Trabant is equipped with a low center of gravity boxer-6 that provides a smooth and comfortable ride, while keeping relatively quiet. It provides about 165hp and about 150 ft-lb of torque, allowing to smoothly handle loads up to 800kg. The original suspension was kept, but upgraded with better components and progressive springs. A new 5-speed automatic transmission could with an all new Front-Wheel Drive drivetrain allows you to handle worry free tours with only one staff and not worry about a clutch at the same time. Improved tires, rims and brakes also complements this build.

We believe the uniqueness, authenticity, attention to detail and history all combined in a single restomod makes this Trabant IS an incredible addition to your tour business. The prestige alone of driving or advertising with this one-of-a-kind Trabant will propel your business to new heights on the international stage.

Please do check out our various renders, spec sheets and simulations. We’ve taken as much care in them as in we will put into this project, should you accept our proposal.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,
MTL Customs & Tuning

Advertising and Branding Opportunities




24 hours till the deadline. Get your Trabbis in while you can!


Entries are now closed. Expect results sometime tomorrow!




Alina sent her request for Trabi-modding to the highest-esteemed custom workshops around the world. She was not sure how these prestigious workshops would react to modifying a lowly Trabant. They usually work on some high-end builds after all. But she was still hopeful that some shops would respond with creative ideas.

When the time came, she opened her laptop to see which shops had submitted proposals. She saw six new folders in her Drive, each containing a custom shop’s proposal, including specifications and some renders.

“Well, we’re not getting any younger, let’s see these builds and make a quick decision!” – she thought to herself, and settled into her comfy lounge chair with a cup of hot coco. Alina decided to go through the proposals in order of receipt…

BRM Trabbi Throwback


The first entry is a grey cabrio with some distinctly styled features. The car has a certain retro-modern vibe with the two-tone finish, slightly flared rear end, and custom lights front and rear. The rear light stack is very distinctive and looks quite fancy, while retaining some of the original’s flair. The glass bonnet (rather, trunk cover) is an interesting touch too. While the look is decently unique and is quite authentic (people would still easily recognize it as a Trabi), it doesn’t quite please Alina. The interior renders show a clean and minimalistic look, but don’t offer too much detail. Not bad, but also nothing special there. What else does this Trabi have to offer though?

According to the spec sheet, it has a 2.7L V10 – in the back! That is certainly a big departure from the original and very unique and interesting. Alina wonders, though, why this engine is not shown off more! She feels like a glass or see-through rear end would have made more sense than the glass cargo cover.

Due to its engine, the car is also quite prestigious, especially combined with an all-premium interior. Despite the V10, this car also promises to be very quiet. Drivability and comfort are only promised to be average, though. Due to the choice of engine, this car will be fairly expensive to maintain given its promised fuel economy, service costs, and reliability – but maybe it will be worth it? Not a bad start to the list!

MVD-Trabbi TSI


The next car almost jumps out of the page at Alina with its striking blue colour. The MVD proposal is certainly and unmistakenly a Trabant as it maintains an almost true-to-original look. Alina certainly likes the look of this car. The changes from the original are minimal, but all meaningful and tastefully executed. And that blue colour is gorgeous. The one drawback is that this proposal is dime-a-dozen; everyone who restomods their Trabi somehow goes for this same simple yet sporty look. Nothing wrong with that, it is just not very unique, and probably won’t really stand out from the crowd looks-wise. On the inside the proposal retains a five-seater lay-out, upgraded with premium materials and a modern, but standard infotainment system. The interior seems nicely detailed though.

Under the hood this car packs a small 1L I3 lifted from a VW – this is almost like a throw-back to the Trabi 1.1. Almost. But not quite. The new engine is nicely packaged though, and might spark some interest from… somebody. There is just not too much to brag about with a small I3.

Looking at some other specs, the car promises to be excellent on gas (what else would you expect from a small I3?), has decent noise levels, has decent drivability, but kind-of all-right comfort only. Due to the engine and interior selection, prestige is almost nowhere to be found, unfortunately, and is the biggest shortcoming of this proposal. Reliability and service costs, on the other hand are good, which is good for business. The initial purchase price is also very attractive. Alina is quite pleased with this entry as well, and will certainly keep in mind for later.

Trabi Resto Mod


Despite the nondescript name, this proposal does pop off the page with its nice green paint job. This colour choice, especially the two-tone roof and accents, also pleases Alina very much. This car has an interesting aesthetic. While it is not very unique and quite authentic, in this case Alina feels that the changes were not made for the better. The front grille seems to be assembled from a variety of disparate parts, the yellow headlights don’t really fit the build, the rear lights are just OK-ish, and the spoked wheels don’t do the car justice either. Somehow the whole ensemble just doesn’t fit together in Alina’s eyes. The inside of the car is more promising though, with a sport interior with premium infotainment, and the renders show some interesting details.

Under the hood, this build features a magnesium (!) 1.6L 20V(!) I4. While not very large, and the I4 lay-out not anything hugely special, the magnesium block and 5v per cylinder head are certainly going to be the talk among engineering types. Ditto the carbon-ceramic disk brakes – not readily visible necessarily, but the connoisseurs will find these interesting and unique on a Trabi.

Looking at the stats, Alina does get a little worried about this proposal. It is very very sporty, but it comes at a price: it is close to the acceptable noise limit, its drivability is not stellar, comfort is basically non-existent… at least prestige is OK due to the high-end materials used and the decent interior. All of these sports components do come at a cost though (literally), with low reliability and high service costs. Alina is intrigued by this build, and it would be great if she was in the market for a track-Trabi, but it might not really be what she’s looking for…

Sunset Garage traBONKERS


Well, with that name, Alina expects to see something crazy for this proposal. After opening the file, she is met with a dark grey Trabi with some nice red accents. The colour is not very striking, but it works. Styling wise, this build promises the most change from the original Trabi so far. The roof is chopped, the hood extended, there is a giant blower on the hood, and a large radiator sticking out of the front; not to mention the altered rear lights and removed bumper on the back. Despite these changes, it still remains very recognizably a Trabant. The looks are unique enough to draw attention too, so the combination, while not entirely Alina’s cup of tea, should work well for garnering interest. On the inside there are two seats only, hand-stitched leather, and a premium infotainment system. Alina is a little confused by the rendering of bare carbon seats and dash, however – something doesn’t add up between the description and the renders. There is also a sturdy looking roll cage. Alina suspiciously wonders why…

Flipping the page to the engineering statistics, everything becomes clear to Alina. This car boasts a turbo-charged (super-charged, based on the blower?) 4.4L boxer-six producing 430 HP! That is more than 100 HP in excess of even the V10 that we’ve seen so far – truly bonkers! How all that power is going to be transferred to the road, and how the car is kept ON the road, is a bit of a question mark at this point… perhaps that is why there is a full roll cage…

Moving on to the other stats Alina gets even more worried. Due to the high power, the car majorly suffers in drivability. The engine and tires are pushed to their limits, which combined with the choice of interior, results in ultra-high service costs and only average reliability. Not to mention the noise, which is just like the previous entry, very borderline of acceptable. Prestige is good though, but what good does that do if the car is upside down under a tree? Lastly, the car’s fuel consumption is simply unacceptable to Alina (and the law)… so unfortunately, Alina has to conclude that the traBonkers will not be considered further.

Trabant 616 S by Midlands


The fifth entry comes with a nice shiny ad with some welcome humour about the Trabi – just the way Alina likes to portray its history. It is thus with an invigorated heart that Alina starts her review of this proposal. On the outside this proposal displays some interesting choices. On one hand, it is not very unique – it looks very similar to many other sport-oriented restomodded Trabis with their flared arches, spoilers, and wide tires. It is not a bad look, and still quintessential Trabi, but probably won’t draw too much attention – similar to some of the earlier proposals. The red accent stripe and black top are quite nice though, and add a pleasant flow to the car’s aesthetics. One thing that confuses Alina a little is why a grille from the T1.1 is added to the 601. That is a little confusing… On the inside the Trabi boasts a sports interior with premium HUD and four seats. The renders show a simple, yet stylish and nicely detailed interior, which pleases Alina. The images also show that the space under the hood has been converted to a cargo area, which leads us to…

…the 1.6L I4 that has been installed into the rear of the car. Certainly a unique touch, which would intrigue car enthusiasts. There is also a very nicely detailed double-exhaust system, not usually associated with I4 engines.

The statics for this proposal are a bit of a mixed bag. In terms of cost, the car has excellent reliability, and good service costs and fuel economy – despite using some race parts and sport tires. Noise levels are kind of average. Comfort is good, but drivability is not great probably due to a generally oversteery set-up. Prestige seems rather average and doesn’t stand out from the other cars reviewed so far. It is still a car to keep in mind for later, Alina thinks.

Trabant IS by MTL Customs & Tuning


Alina opened the last entry that she received, and her jaw almost hit the floor. The Trabant IS certainly makes a statement! Wow. Well… what can Alina say about it? It is most certainly unique – very unique indeed. There is guaranteed no other Trabi like this on the planet! The looks are also very nice and very detailed. It is clear that MTL Customs put a lot of effort into this project and really care to make this a high-quality build. The only drawback of the proposal is that it is not very… authentic. The Trabi is certainly there, but it is so well hidden under the custom body work, that the casual onlooker has to look hard to see it. But then again, this is so unique, that everyone is guaranteed to take a closer look and then will indeed see that it is a Trabi… Looking on the inside, this Trabi features a wonderfully detailed premium interior and luxury infotainment system. The renders once again astonish the Alina with their attention to detail and quality. Superb workmanship is displayed here.

Under the hood we find the second boxer-six of the line-up; this time a smaller 2.6L unit without turbo. Still, a pretty unique choice that would garner some interest among the Trabi community. But in this case, the engineering choice is definitely overshadowed by the external looks.

Statistics wise, the Trabi IS does not disappoint. It is cost-effective with decent fuel economy and reliability, and low service costs. Noise levels are excellent, and it has class-leading drivability and comfort. Prestige isn’t the greatest, but it makes up for it with its unique looks. What impresses Alina most is that MTL Customs & Tuning not only made a moving billboard for the company, but at the same time this Trabi can also function as a tour bus. This is certainly a unique feature that even she did not consider!

The winner is…

Before Alina hits the reply button, she gathers her notes and jots down some final thoughts:

There were some really strong entries for this competition.

The Trabi Resto Mod (@rbiemer) is certainly the sportiest of the bunch, but that was not the aim of this project. If Alina wanted to go racing with a Trabi, this would be her first choice, but the car as proposed is utterly unsuitable for her needs, unfortunately.

The BRM (@AMuteCrypt) and Sunset Garage (@HelloHi) entries shined with their prestige. Especially the BRM’s V10 stands out as an engineering highlight, but unfortunately it is just not enough to convince Alina that it’ll be a large-enough crowd pleaser. Perhaps at car shows it would be a winner, but not driving around town. The Sunset Garage entry… well, it is too bad that the Sunset Garage guys dun’ goofed and looked at a different country’s emission laws.

The 616 S by Midlands (@Portalkat42) and MVD-Trabbi TSI (@Marcus_gt500) are similar to each other in that they are both kind-of run of the mill sporty Trabi restomods. They both look good and have decent stats, but aren’t very unique. Both cars would draw modest crowds at car shows, and turn some heads on the street, but in the end they just don’t quite have that “wow” factor. However, one thing does have to be noted: the MVD-Trabbi TSI achieves all of this for $10000 less than the Midlands, therefore it does get the edge in this competition.

Lastly, there is the Trabant IS by MTL Customs & Tuning (@karhgath). This build hits all the correct stats and nails the brief to a tee. It is the perfect drive-around billboard for the company. It will turn heads and definitely leave an impression wherever it goes. People will remember seeing it, and with clever advertisement it will be associated in people’s minds with the rental place no problem. In addition, it can serve as a tour bus! That is a big bonus that Alina didn’t expect. The best part is that she can drive this car around all day easily and in comfort. There really aren’t any weak points to this build.

So with that, Alina points her mouse at the reply button for MTL Customs & Tuning, and clicks…

Congratulations to karhgath for a well-deserved victory! The Trabi-IS really stood out in both stats and visual impact. Well done!

If you can’t host the next round, the top three is rounded out by
2. Marcus_gt500
3. Portalkat42

Thank you all for participating! This was a fun round, and see you all in Chapter 5!


Grats to everyone that entered, there were some great classic styling, and also sorry about my 12 hour build - I promise this is the last time. I’ll let Cake do that now :wink: Thanks for hosting and those great writeups by the way!

I will host the next one, most likely will be posting tomorrow or Monday.


What a round this last one turned out to be - given the donor car’s poor reputation in period, it was quite fitting that the craziest car won, but the little blue three-cylinder underdog ran it very close! All of the entrants brought something to the table, though, which makes this one of the best rounds of ARM we’ve had in a long time, and sets the bar very high for the next one.

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