Artificially flat torque and/or power curves?

if i understand things correctly then making the torque curve flat is usually done in the ECU… i really wish you could put something like that in there at some point… mostly because i can’t figure out how to make a turbo engine be non-peaky… which is a pain in the behind…

It’s a good idea which would be useful when the tycoon part starts.
Maybe just have a slider for maximum torque and one for maximum power. That way it would be easy and cheap to create a basic and sports version of the same engine. Just like they do in the real world.

Also don’t think this would change the balancing to much, and it doesn’t sound to complicated.

the restrictor option in GT5 does just that, as a simple slider thing… that is what i’m hoping will be implemented at some point…

This would be very usefull if the gearboxes will have something related to how much torque they can handle. Mostly at least in turbodiesels the torque has to be limited because of the limitations of the gearbox.

Although I don’t know how the simulation in engine has been done. These limits should affect the fuel conssumption etc so I’m not sure if this is that easy to make.

Good suggestion anyway!