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I feel like morphs should be allowed, arent they cosmetic?

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Oh whoops, I missed that one. Yeah no I just meant the wheel arch (as far as I’m aware it modifies the max width of your wheels.)

Edit: Nope they don’t, uhh apologies for the mistake, morphing is back to allowed.

We are on the last week before the evaluation, so far I’ve seen some cool entries so keep it up guys!

That seems a bit too strict for the era and type of car we are most likely to see - shouldn’t it be raised to around 120-130 ET? And should there also be trim ET limits as well, and if so, how much?

trust me, you can get quite a bit of power from 90 ET

yeah, and what’s more, this challenge really isn’t about who can get the most power out of their engine. The track is way too tight for a horsepower race, and remember you can’t use the brakes. Plus it’s downhill

Like tom said engine is not the focus in this race really, 90 should get you enough horsepower for what you need, and do remember, there’s no realism clause, minmax as much as you want. And yeah no trim the only limit is cost, I don’t really wanna limit that there since the main focus of this is the driving challenge.


Aight, last 3 days before submissions close, make sure you’ve sent yours!



Congrats to ImKaeR and Albert for their wins! It was certainly an interesting challenge, cool idea Elenir! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Anyways, if anyone wants to see how my run went, here’s the clip- it was certainly fun hustling this tiny car down the circuit with no brakes, didn’t even touch the handbrake for this one!

(Keep in mind: this one had the lap time bug that was recently patched with the latest small Beam update, so if the timing seems funky, that’s why!)


3 Questions:

-Where do/did the cars in the packs come from, and by extension, what kinds of cars can we expect in them?

-Will there be an opportunity to try out the cars we have before selecting them for the races?
(NVM, just saw where in the post that was adressed)

-Also, if we have the means to compress it, could we send the video to you on Discord (instead of via a link)?

  1. Some cars were made by me, others were donated towards the challenge by various members of the community. You can expect anything, from group B rally monsters, to 1980s econoboxes.

2.Yep! As mentioned in the entry step, once you roll your cars, you’ll be sent your beamng mod files so you can try em out. You’ll also get a card with a picture and the stats of the car. I f you don’t like one of the cars you’ve obtained, you can reroll it (only once though)

3.Yep, you can send the video through discord!

Also announcement, since we are in the final draft. I’m gonna be open up for car donations for one final time.
Just send me the car. files over to my discord or in the forums messages. Any kind of car is appreciated, and you will be properly credited in the cards for your collaboration


And entries are open! The car pool contains 60 different vehicles from a large variety of creators. Track set will be revealed soon!

Remember to message me to start opening packs, discord or the automation forums work!

What are the rules - if any - around wheels leaving the track when driving and making contact with guardrails etc.?

in that case you just crash. I’m just gonna penalize heavy cuts. If you accidently overshoot don’t worry about it too much.

Hey Elenir. I’m new here and completely missed everything. I’m probably late for the party, but hopefully this is not the last gacha round here. I have a few questions for you:

  1. Can I still submit my cars to you for later rounds?
  2. What’s your discord? (can’t find it, maybe I’m just not noticinng it)
  3. I tried creating my own automation cards that are quite pretty. Do you want some samples and the template? It’s a Photoshop one.

I can answer one of those questions; their discord was in the first post under “Step 1: Entry.”

  1. Season 2 is on the works right now. For organization sake, car entries will be opened soon, either during the week before the end of season 1, or by the end of season 1.

  2. Sure, I’ll talk to ya in discord.

On that note, once I open entries for cards in season 2 I’ll post a lil template collection. In case people want to take their own pics, etc etc. Plus other templates. that way if people want, they can contribute those bits about the car.