Aside from cars what other machinery do you like?

Aside from cars I am a big vintage railroad fan. Being from Nebraska (birthplace of the Union Pacific) its a great pride of mine to see their steam program run through every year. I am waiting impatiently for them to finish restoring this Big Boy (literally that is the name this class of locomotive). Largest locomotive ever built (arguably with the 2-6-6-6 Allegheny and 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone) and only built for the Union Pacific.

Here is a link to the monsters. 4014 should be in operation within 3-5 years

Planes. At the moment I am building a 1:12 model of the Spirit of St. Louis (By hand, from 8x4, 1x1, and canvas. All for a project which requires just a powerpoint) and I play quite a bit of Warthunder.

Nice! A local guy enters his P51 Mustang in a local air show every year. I would love to get a ride in a B17 or a B29 Superfortress! Those suckers were very reliable. They flew even when tore up by flak. I remember reading sometimes they looked like swiss cheese and still got their crews home, as long as they didn’t catch fire or loose to many engines.

I’ve got interest in most things that drive on the roads :smiley:
I really love my 2004 Yamaha R1.
The power to weight ratio is insane!

I almost bought me a pocket rocket a few years ago, but common sense chimed in. Around here you wouldn’t want to drive a motorcyle half the year because its to cold. So I bought me a supercharged 97 Buick Rivera instead. :slight_smile:

I like the way your logic works. :laughing:

haha. I wanted something with some more balls, after seeing the Riviera with the Eaton supercharger and 3.8 I had to have it, but still my favorates will always be the mid late 50s Buicks and Desotos :slight_smile:

Hmmm… Well, I like computers and phones, TVs, cranes (somewhat still a car in some aspects - like driving them), tractor trucks (still cars), and anything with a good style or design. I’m mostly one for achievements in engineering of any sort - science, automotive, health, etc. I don’t dig into these topics nearly as much as I do cars, but they are my other interests. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone here happen to have WarThunder? It is a free WWI and WWII game which basically is just composed of awesome battles. Still in development, the planes are out, the ground units are soon, and the naval units are soon after. I would like to get some friends on there :slight_smile:

Commercial Aircraft for me. I’ve spent way too many hours on Flight Simulator running virtual airlines :laughing:.

War Thunder is an amazing game. It’s free on Steam too. You can add me if you want. My name is the same as on the forums.

Amusement park rides!

[quote=“sansa93”]Commercial Aircraft for me. I’ve spent way too many hours on Flight Simulator running virtual airlines :laughing:.

LOL, me too. I go to and select random flights to recreate in Flight Simulator 2004. It’s awesome! :mrgreen:

Let’s see… how about rockets (as in space rockets), guns, roller coasters, computers, robots, and a number of other things.

I like roller coasters. If you search on youtube for ‘azz2themax’ you can see an 8-second video ofme playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3! (I was about 9 years old :stuck_out_tongue:)
I also like guns, but I’ve never fired one before.

how about a motorized bicycle? For some reason I was looking at my Schwinn Riverside bike and wondered how much fun it would be to make a moped. Bought the kit 4 days ago, and can’t wait to get up to 35-40 mph! Cant beat the ‘supposed’ 100-150 mpg either!

Guns. I love the way guns are engineered and function. First thing I ever do when I get a new firearm is totally disassemble it and figure out how it works. Though I was a little nervous when I did that with my 1920’s Luger.

Tanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Where the hell is the “LIKE” button for this? :slight_smile:

Marine diesel engine are my job, my favorite is this old school 80’s Detroit diesel on my current boat, 12 liter 2 stroke, twin lobed roots superchargedn mean green machine.

Everything the devs won’t let us have, now in one engine! :stuck_out_tongue: