Associate bodies

why dont add the option to morph 2 bodies in one? like, a front from a 90’ bodie with a middle of 00’ and a rear of 10’, it would add much more “cars”, obviously it need a balancing, but it would be nice

Not how 3d modeling works dude.


noob question:

Because we would have to model each combination and re-figure out the chassis size, max tire size etc… That’s like endless work. The geometry on each of the cars won’t match up in any way that looks good. Also it would lead to more ugly cars than good combos imo.


The cars are designed as separate entities, based on which the calculations are made. That means re create basically the whole car designer. New calculations for the statistics, then figure out the code to actual make them work like that, and so on. And then re-do all the hundreds of bodies already created. It will easily take probably years to a such small development team.

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Automation was not meant to have such feature from the very start of its development. I think games like CrossOut or Kerbal Space Program can fit that bill instead.

Supercar Street Challenge actually did something like that iirc, but it was super limited.