Automation Auto Show Schedule 2020

Welcome to another year of events!

Geneva International Motor Show (90th International Motor Show)
Press Dates: March 3rd, 2020 - March 5th, 2020 :ballot_box_with_check:

Auto China (Beijing International Automotive Exhibition)Postponed
Press Dates: April 21st, 2020 - April 22nd, 2020

North American International Auto Show 2019 (Detroit Auto Show)Cancelled
Press Dates: June 13th, 2020 - June 20th, 2020

Goodwood Festival of SpeedPostponed
Dates: July 9th, 2020 - July 12th, 2020

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Date: August 16th, 2020

New York International Auto Show
Press Dates: August 26th, 2020 - August 28th, 2020

Paris Motor ShowCancelled
Press Dates: September 29th, 2020 - September 30th, 2020

Los Angeles Auto Show
Press Dates: November 20th, 2020 - Novemebr 22nd, 2020

If there are any auto shows or events I have missed, please let me know. I won’t add an auto show if it’s not one which is culturally significant i.e. local auto shows, international auto shows without regular car releases, etc.


You could add the Essen autoshow

I think you meant the Techno Classica Essen - a showcase for classic, prestige and performance cars from a wide variety of makes and eras.

No; I mean the Essen Motor Show:

Just checking up on the state of forum auto shows, and I think I might be missing something here. I know all the irl counterparts are getting postponed or cancelled, but why exactly does that have to mean the forum counterparts get cancelled as well? Not like there’s any real connection here. Heck, I think it would actually make sense; many real life events turn to an online venue to pass the time, F1 for example.

Besides, I think people would even more so appreciate a place to showcase their cars in this situation, with people being cooped up and going online more than ever.


Gonna be honest here, I’m cancelling a bunch of these shows because it allows me to revel in my laziness.

In a more serious note, people shouldn’t have to feel obligated to wait for an auto show to reveal a car, if you’ve got something you want to reveal then you should absolutely do it on your own terms. Don’t wait up for me to make stuff!


Gonna be honest here, I’m asking because I too like to revel in my own laziness of not making my own thread

Though yeah, if I were to make my own thread I’m gonna have about 2 years worth of cars to compile. :upside_down_face:

If anyone was willing to, nothing is stopping you from starting a fictional auto show as well while the real ones are closed. It doesn’t all have to be on titleguy1 (Personally I think doing historical ones would be really cool)

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With Geneva, Paris, Beijing and Detroit all axed, and Goodwood delayed until the fall, it might well be our only option (not counting fictional shows) for the next few months.

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