Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

But all this discussion about race parts ban, fuel consumption and e.t.c ?
so i can go crazy on Q slider forget about fuel efficiency?

My driver can’t afford a new car yet so he’s running a tuned version of his old car for the 1972/3 race seasons!

I’m going to get hosed, but I couldn’t find another body I liked (that would go faster), plus this car sounds really tough even though it isn’t, :grin:

Buy better, buy Bogliq!


Catalytic converters can be used in 1972. Are we required to install those on our cars for this season? And how many seats are required?

That’s all up to you.

Your driver could swap out his engine though. DOHC is allowed up to 4.2L now :wink:

I’ve got a DOHC V8 that does 450+ hp, just need to find a new car for it as the one I’ve been building has been banned.

The DFM was hitten hard by the new rules. The most Powerful of engine of 70/71 was vorbidden. Will they fit a new engine on the old car? Or will it become a new one?
We will see.


Team Licorne is currently tuning our inline 18valve 6 and working on a new aero strategy on the Rallye. We wpuld like to break out of the ten position and slowly move up the championship standings


Yeah, he thought about it but the limit on his car is tyre related, not power! I built a 4.2L V8 that made lots more power but, in another body, was slower than this car… I also installed a cat because I read somewhere that they were needed but it isn’t worth the re-tune now I know I don’t need it! :persevere:

I’m just glad that failing in this league doesn’t stop me from entering the APL or else I’d have nothing to do!!! :grin:

ABL = Pure race performance

APL = race plus build quality


Just to clarify, are DOHC V engines and race intakes/exausts allowed now?
edit: and semi-slicks

Any engine configuration that isn’t a V12 is allowed. DOHC is allowed. Semislicks are okay too.


I probably should re-submit… Is that OK? @ramthecowy

Yep. You can re-submit until the deadline.

@litr_sport, if you go to the 1st post there will be the a quote to the rules. And yes, simce there isn’t a rule about fuel efficience, you don’t need it, you only need to stay in budget limit.

…seeing as there are two drag strips in the lineup im starting to be less sure of my front engine car… another thing to ask is if we have a minimum safety requirement

Ok, there should be an “at least advanced safety” rule, but as I went to check, we forgot to put it. I’m talking to @ramthecowy about it, but probably it will be required, so please build your car with this

Can I suggest a 3 day period for rules to b talked about before excepting entries until and ruleset be put i concrete


@lukerules117 @Newtonmeter @szafirowy01 @HighOctaneLove oh dear I have indeed forgotten the advanced safety rule! Please, do change your cars to run on semislicks and to use advanced safety as well as make any changes that you wish to.

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I was redesigning a whole new car from car from scratch anyways so that will be no inconvenience to me, everyone be prepared for “The cheesewedge 2: return of the cheese mozzarella edition”

is it allowed to change the downforce from the undertray?

If the rules don’t statet otherwise, then you can do. So yes, you can change the downforce, but won’t have much effect, since you don’t have lips or wings.

I liked the idea,