Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

Some of these are so rediculously close, like with Laguna Seca being a 0.01s difference

So my try to test only at the Greenhell did work. I really hoped to get a Top 3 place there. And at the other races I feel like the best of the rest.

Damn the best looking car was slightly better than the worst looking car

Congrats Xoury your Jaguar styled car did best


Style has to count for something :wink: and yours doesn’t look THAT bad

And gratz to Xoury, FrankNSTein and AirJordan for the podiumplaces, and thanx to Nomade, Ram and Darkshine for hosting this.


I really hope that the new rules won’t change to much. I really would like to evolve the DFM Sport Concept without a complete rebuild.

Welcome to the ABL: it’s time for round 2! It’s

Here are your rules:

  • Maximum tyre width still 245mm
  • Any undertrays allowed
  • Maximum cost is $17000 at 0% markup
  • Again, they need to run on Regular fuel (91 RON/87 AKI)
  • Advanced safety required

###Banned stuff

  • Negative quality sliders
  • V12s
  • Wings and lips
  • LMP and other endurance style bodies


  • Minimum 25 reliability
  • At least one baffled muffler

###Winners punishment

@Xoury, @AirJordan and @FrankNSTein your cars will need to be minimum 1200kg :smiling_imp:

###Don’t forget to read the OP for the constant rules!
(eg minimum cooling required, headlights+taillights+handles required, etc)


You have until the 24th of December at 23:59CET to enter your cars.
sorry, the deadline is a little bit early this time because I was a day slow in releasing the ruleset as I was very busy
Send in your cars to @Nomade0013. Cars should be named like this:

Model: ABL72/73 - Username
Trim : Brand (optional) - Model - Trim (optional)
Family: ABL72/73 - Username
Trim: Engine Name - Trim (optional)

Scrutineering begins on the 25th and all results will be posted by the 3rd of January! :santa:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, feedback on the ruleset, the presentation, the layout, anything is welcome.

Have fun, and wish you all the best of luck! :grin:


I need to double post to clarify: the quality points system has been dropped. We are going with engine capacity caps.

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That means we can use as much quality as we want as long as we stay within the cost limit?

I’ll see what I can do with a 1200kg car :smiley:


Yep, exactly, we’re trying to make it simple and easier, as a Beginners League should be.

First car!

Under 2:15 on ATT, over 400 hp, 0-100 in under 6s, 100$ under the budget limit :slight_smile:


Are we able to re-use our ABL 70/71 entrant (but tuned to the new ruleset)?

Just to clarify, my car body from the first round is now banned isn’t it?

The LMP body is the one that JohnWaldock and AirJordan used. The supercar body I think isn’t banned. (Is it?)

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Your car body for this round must have been unlocked after 1962 to compete.

Someone nows what car used this body? If there is a road legal version of this body it’s free to be used.

Ford GT40. Not spot-on, but close. I don’t know if the body is inspired by any specific real-life car.

So what now? I’m building a car on that exact body right now :smiley:

Ok, so the rear it looks exactly like a Ferrari P3/4 that was a race-only car, made for LM. But the front don’t quite fit.

So to be fair, I’ll have to ban it, at least until I can figure out exactly what car it is and if it is road legal (it can be a mix of cars, then it’ll stay banned), so for this round it is out.


Dumb question, because i lose myself reading all posts of this thread. What are the full list of rules for current event?
PS instead of Q cap just engineering time limit?

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Here you go, buddy.