Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

yes. just give me the pic. i just got informed that i was using the wrong body and i built my car mid engined, not REAR engined.

#Day 1
A six cylinder roar echoed off around the empty expanses of the track as the last of the hardcore, track focused, evolved Beetles was wheeled into the pit boxes. The quiet hum of engineers muttering to one another was interrupted occasionally by the harsh clang of a spanner being dropped. It was time to go see these cars.

First to catch our eyes was this dark faded blue car housed in the box of the Xoury racing team.

This was the Firefly. Like all it’s competitors it housed a twin turbo, dual overhead cam V6. The engineers refused to tell us what kind of power it made, how much it weighed or any detail. All would be revealed tomorrow, they said. There was some odd stuff going on here. First off, there weren’t any tail-lights… something that wasn’t too important here because every car would be on the track alone. The front lights were tiny. It seemed to us like turning them on would be pointless either way, with a weak piss stream of light. An engineer brought us around and opened the rear hatch lifting that almighty wing away. Yep, whatever was in there definitely looked like it would leave a driver with his bladder inside out so “weak piss stream” applied to this car in more than one way.

Unfortunately @AirJordan, neither me nor Frank have the body you’ve used so I collected whatever little data I could before the game shat itself. So I’ve no idea what it looks like. Nomade is the only one that can open your car but he’s become extremely busy - that’s why I’m writing these. I hope you can forgive us for that! :grin:

Moving on, we had Koolkei’s lads from Indonesia bring out their finest boffins to have a go at taking the crown. And this was it, the Sorano. A black, low and wide car with more headlights than Mussolini had dignity, taking shots at puny African countries. At the back there was an even more almighty wing this time, covering three thick holes punched into the rear hatch for cooling. Under that panel sat a very similar looking powerplant.

A few more meters and the grim faced German fellows from Newtonmeter’s camp greeted us, continuing to torque down the wheels unceremoniously. At first sight, it appeared to be rather the uncouth beast with stark ventilation holes chopped out of the wide, wide fenders with what appeared to be an axe. Knowing the Germans though, that was unlikely. A front fascia set upon a strong black rectangle gave it an intimidating appearance, it’s bulbous sealed beam quad headlights leering back at you.

This thing wasn’t messing around. A short stubby rear wing protruded out of the body, perched atop a vast grille of sorts. The rear had indicators, for god’s sake, and yet it made you feel like as if you’d looked Hades straight in the eye. Shuddering, we signaled we’d had enough.

Leading the way to the next pit, we asked the German engineer what the car was called. Geheime Entwicklung WEC Homoligation he said, without missing a beat. Bloody Germans.

This eyeball destroying yellow brute was the last stop for today.

This, fairly accurately was named the Widowmaker. Looked rather bland and tame for what it is, really, but the colour is more offensive than a Holocaust joke around a bonfire at Auschwitz. This one too has a wider track at the back than at the front. It’s quite the wolf in sheep’s clothing, even around the rear there are just two vents and proper tail lights with oval exhaust pipes sticking out of the middle of the lower rear bumper. Proper indicators and tail lights, even. Such a restrained appearance, but so much potential.

#Day 2
The cars had lined up at our rolling road temporarily setup at the end of the pit lane. It was time to play a game of top trumps.

Car Power at the wheels (hp) Weight (kg) Boost (bar) Torque (Nm)
Widowmaker [color=green]700[/color] 1027.0 2.54 [color=green]740[/color]
Geheime Entwicklung WEC Homologation ~580 [color=green]1000.4[/color] [color=green]2.77[/color] 629
Sorano 525 1013.0 1.25 576
Firefly 545 1001.2 2.02 583
Duck RS ~580 NaN 1.93 645
It certainly looked like the Widowmaker was here to impress without so much as a hint of smugness. Of course, there is more to car than just weight and power. There’s the tyre setup and alignment, suspension setup, weight distribution, brake and aero configurations.

The winners would be soon revealed as the cars peeled out of the pits early in the morning for testing. A thick mist had descended upon the track.



Niall got a hell of a lot out of that 2808cc V6 :grimacing:


my new and revised rear engined car is the Sorano II. and it has 580HP+ not 525HP

That’s power at the wheels, measured in the gearbox tab there.

What, i got more boost pressure than @nialloftara and have so low horsepower…I really would like to know where all the Fuel my car consums , is going. :grinning:. At the other hand my car is the lightest , yeah.

My power graph looks similar to the one Newtonmeter put up, but I wind my poor abused Pistons up to 9100 rpms so it can stay in the sweet spot. I just hope my quest for raw power wasn’t overwhelmed by the total lack of driveability it caused me. I think I was able to get the handling somewhat under control, but by the end I was basically​ using the brake discs and sway bars as ballast weight to keep the tires from exploding, though it’s still so touchy that it blows up Everytime you load the car.

Results will be out soon! Stay tuned :sunglasses:


#Day 3: The deciding race!
I’ve finally got to the track, the cars were almost going to the track already, yes, I’m late, I’ve got a ripped belt and didn’t have a spare one, it is, until a beautiful blond showed up, but that’s history for another time, here our aim is to review the last car: Smooth Duck RS!

It’s front looks like a rally car with all that central headlights and the color is a radioactive green. It’s not as wide as the other cars, but I don’t think this will be a big problem. Let’s take a look at the rear:

“Hey! Smooth mechanics! I think you forgot to install the hood. No? It is like that?” They said it is like that… ok, who am I to say they’re wrong? The engine is showing by the rear hood, but it does looks nice like that. Also there is a small spoiler over it, the smallest of the grid, for what I can tell.

The mist and fog cleared up. The cars had pulled back into the pits and the engineers went back to work checking the cars had performed perfectly in track conditions and would do so again. The sun rose and the fog thinned as the first of the cars, the Firefly set out to warm up it’s tyres. Our own safety car was sitting ready at the start line to head out if anything went wrong.

The safety car seen here in action
Sitting at the start line, it’s engine rumbling, the green flag dropped and the Firefly launched itself. Our safety car set out 30 seconds later giving chase to the car in case of emergencies. 7 minutes, 32 seconds and 750 milliseconds later the car came round to cross the start/finish line with a deafening roar.

Not shortly after, the Sorano’s tyres squealed as the rear-engined, rear-wheel drive racecar peeled out of the pits to head off for it’s warm up lap. Sat idling at the line, the muffled scream grew to a crescendo as it set off for it’s final attempt at conquering the ABL throne. The volume of the din decreased as the car hurtled down the twisties of the Nurburgring. A short while later, tyres squealed as it rounded the last corner and gunned it down the short straight. 7:35.750 read the stopwatch. Good, but not good enough sadly.

The Germans had been calmly watching on all along. Now it was their turn. As their orange beast set off to get some heat in it’s tyres and brakes, they went back to tidying up their pit box. Coming to a stop at the line the car set off with huge turbo noises, the crackles and pops from lifting off the throttle for the first corner breaking the eardrums of everyone nearby. The minutes ticked up and finally the orange blur soared past the checkered flag to lay down a seriously impressive time of 7 minutes, 21 seconds and 960 milliseconds. Good showing.

Pulling onto the track, the Widowmaker now weaved it’s way through the corners, heading back to the start line, eager to get a start on taking a stab at top spot. Hold the revs, the rear end squats and the car leaps off the line to fly down the track. Our red V8 safety car gave chase. Furiously pressing on the Widowmaker flew through the track and past the checkered flag to clock in a 7:31.54, just barely squeezing past Xoury to take the position.

Now the mystery car had turned up, the rather amusingly named Smooth Duck RS. The driver didn’t speak a word and we didn’t see a single team member anywhere but the car ambled onto the track. Making quick work of the warm up lap, the Duck waddled to the line and sat expectantly for the green flag. Feathering the throttle, the duck scrambled off the line like as if a farmer was giving chase to turn it into soup. Flying around the turns and straights of the Nurburgring the Duck quacked it’s way to an astonishing second place :sunglasses: with a time of 7:25.690.

As the Duck turned around and entered the pit lane to return to it’s roost, the results were totted up.

Team owner  Car Time Position
Koolkei Sorano 7:35.75 5
Nialloftara Widowmaker 7:31.54
AirJordan Duck RS 7:25.69 2
Newtonmeter WEC Homologation 7:21.96 1
Xoury Firefly  7:32.92 4

Congratulations to @Newtonmeter in 1st place - you are the true king of the ABL! In 2nd, always giving Newtonmeter a run for his money is the crown prince of the ABL @AirJordan! 3rd place is occupied by @Nialloftara, his Widowmaker taking a convincing victory over the others. To have made it on this list itself is a formidable achievement, but defeating your opponents in this battle of giants… that is truly commendable!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank one and all of you for participating in this challenge, it could not have come this far without you. We hope you stick with us as we now enter the 1980s and everyone walks away having learned something.


The ABL team (Ram, Frank and Nomade)


Wow! Congratulations @Newtonmeter 7:21 that’s damn impressive.

As I’d previously mentioned here are the car files for the widowmakers mk I through III available to anyone who wants themWidowmaker MK I - (78.9 KB)

Can’t wait for the next round :slight_smile:


as i already said. just give me the pic

Yeahaaaaaa D F M! D F M! D F M! D F M!

Thanks to @ramthecowy @FrankNSTein @Nomade0013 for this competion. The reviews get better each time!

Honsetly thank you. The reviews are awesome!

I’am not at home but you are allowed to post my car for erveryone.


As for the deal, we’ll hold that up. This post will contain the cars of these 5 lads which you will be able to download, play around with and learn from inspecting. There is one condition which must be met, and that is that you must not reuse this engine or car setup in a future round claiming it to be your own. We will make sure that the round topics will minimize or completely eliminate any chances of this happening, but a certain amount of responsibility falls on your shoulders and we expect honesty and courtesy from you guys. Having said that, here they are! (30.1 KB)
Cool-K - (29.5 KB)
Don´t Stop Walking - (31.3 KB)
nialloftara - ABL (31.9 KB)
Xoury - (30.5 KB)

Well done man! I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews. I’m thinking of making them shorter next time, it doesn’t seem like too many people like having to read pages of reviews. What do you people think?


Daaaaamn Newton that one hell of a lap!!! Nice, you deserve to have a crown!

no dont do it, they are awesome!
Trio that runs ABL, huge kudos to you all, great competition!


I probably should have played with the tires before taking out the 780hp engine,
also, Taillights. Those are things are forgotten about when trying to make a car in 30 minutes


Gratz to all of you guys for making great cars during the season and a big hurrah to @Newtonmeter for the win of wins.

And a big thnx to the ABL-team for giving us the opportunity to throw away hours of our time tuning cars :wink:


@airjordan thank you but your car is 10s faster than the 937 so it is well designed car, too. I think there was some luck to find the sweet spot .
@ram I like the long reviews too . And i never thought that i am able to build something that is faster than alot modern Sportcars.

I have one questoin. Could you guys post a table where the different 0-100 80-120 brake and cornering values are shown? Vor does that need to much work?

[b]Car[/b] [b]0-100 (sec)[/b] [b]80-120 (sec)[/b] [b]Cornering 250m (g)[/b] [b]Cornering 20m (g)[/b] [b]100-0 (m)[/b] [b]Quarter mile (s)[/b] [b]Top speed (km/h)[/b]
Sorano 4.7 1.4 1.13 1.13 28.17 12.06 308.2
Widowmaker 3.6 1.2 [color=green]1.36[/color] 1.17 [color=green]26.10[/color] 10.62 304.2
Firefly [color=green]3.2[/color] 1.2 1.25 1.18 30.58 [color=green]10.50[/color] 303.4
WEC Homologation 3.4 [color=green]1.0[/color] 1.29 [color=green]1.30[/color] 26.72 10.74 302.9
Duck RS 3.8 1.2 1.12 1.15 28.11 10.86 [color=green]309.2[/color]

lowest power and highest top speed??? wut… how high downforce are you guys going?